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  1. I'm a geocacher and I do not play Munzee. What I have noticed recently is a trend of "geocaching events" being held concurrently to Munzee events. I can often tell the precise moment the geocaching event becomes the Munzee event too, as people take out their wallets to pay the host as apparently that is their rule. I have never felt like a muggle at a geocaching event until recently... *sigh*
  2. I really wish I could have opted out. I have compelling reasons for making my caches premium member caches and this stupid promotion defeats the purpose of me putting that protection in place.
  3. Just blocked the recently viewed caches. Thank you to Chrysalides for the instructions!
  4. Since you waited so long before you made the announcement don't be surprised if you get a number of finds. 9:30pm the night before just about everyone has the GPS's loaded and nearly no one is looking at the forums. NOT one person involved in this cache machine contacted me about this. I'm lucky I found out about it at all. Thanks.
  5. I have disabled my cache http://coord.info/GC3233Y as I do not want it to be part of the cache machine, thanks. I've had a bad experience with cache machines and my caches in the past.
  6. Phil, your original post contains a lot of speculation. I'm suggesting we wait for the facts to be known first. Was the current policy rescinded or not? You are aware of many caches in Metro parks including my own awaiting to be published, if it was not rescinded then caches need to be published as per the current policy in place. Caches don't get held up by the reviewer because of something that might happen. (This comes directly from a BC reviewer). Phil
  7. Phil, nothing has been decided as yet. BCGA has definitely given their input to MVP. However as the land managers they get the final say. We remain hopeful they will listen to our suggestions. They do want geocaching in their parks. In fact I am still employed to teach geocaching in MVPs in the Spring.
  8. Thank you! Now that makes sense! I have another cache that is called "Thank you Metro Vancouver Parks" http://coord.info/GC3887N that no one ever asked me to change. It is interesting that the title "Thank you Children's Hospital" was not allowed on its own, irrespective of the cache page contents but the former one is fine. It must have been one imperative statement sullied the title of the cache also.
  9. As was stated above, the reviewers in question are the only ones who can really answer the question. I'd guess it had/has something to do with the actual phrasing involved. With the exception of the last line of the cache description about Joe, there's nothing political there at all, it's all history and information. The last line has a little bit of an agenda in there, but not much of one. It also doesn't ask anyone to do anything. There's not much more answer you can get here unless you're looking for opinions. Opinions probably won't be much in your favor given that you came in here on a small rant without giving the whole story. I'm sorry perhaps I was unclear. I was looking for explanations. You, as well the previous posters have been very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to look over the cache.
  10. Oh I don't want mine reinstated. The reviewer and appeals told me they had to archive it, so there was nothing I could do there. I am just trying to get my head around what seems to be a double standard to me. So far this forum thread has helped me understand some of it, but I am still quite confused.
  11. Thank you for your reply Keystone. I don't mind my cache being archived. I had warning it would be done. I wanted an explanation why the political one is NOT an agenda. So far no one was been able to explain it. Can you explain why this political cache is not an agenda?
  12. Thanks guys for your replies. It is nice to be able to discuss this as I have felt quite frustrated up until now.
  13. Recently, I had a cache published at a public children's' hospital here in BC, Canada. Our medical system is different from that in the US and our hospitals are public, not unlike parks etc. I was asked to change the name of the cache to remove mention of the hospital and a line that read something like "find the cache and say thanks to the health professionals that work nearby". I changed them. Apparently paying tribute to the hospital or medical professionals is considered an agenda and in violation of the cache placement guidelines: Geocaches do not solicit for any purpose. Cache listings perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is intended to be an enjoyable, family-friendly hobby, not a platform for an agenda. Cache pages cannot require, and should not strongly encourage, the placement of new caches. This is considered an agenda and the listing will not be publishable. No problem, I thought. Makes sense. This cache was recently published: http://coord.info/GC3K86Z It is called "Tribute to Joe Trasolini". The cache owner is a high school student. The cache is a tribute to a controversial politician who is by no means universally liked. I was very confused how my cache with one line regarding health professionals was disallowed and yet this cache which is completely political is allowed. Groundspeak won't explain why one is ok and the other is not. Perhaps there is someone here who can explain it to me? How is paying tribute to health professionals an agenda yet paying tribute to a current politician is not? Thanks guys.
  14. I wrote to Groundspeak and got a standard reply. Basically it said if I don't like it, don't do challenges. That would be fine if a challenge was on par with a geocache. They seem like a completely different idea and for so many of them you don't need coords nor a GPSr. and what is worse, it counts towards your statistics. So there will be people with 1000s of "finds" who basically just took pics of themselves with frogs and dogs or something else. This is a different game and should not be lumped in together. Sad that they are refusing to listen also.
  15. Will the stats eventually be changing to match our unit prefs? I only understand metric units.
  16. Seems like someone missed out on the memo explaining that geocaching was meant to be FUN
  17. To me, a non-American, all of your money looks counterfeit. Where is the colour?
  18. Make sure you punch a few breathing holes in *before* you put in the kid.
  19. Awesome! I solved a puzzle after reading your presentation. Nice work.
  20. This cache I found was a plastic bag: http://coord.info/GCJB0H And it was an awesome find!
  21. You are comparing being the first to lift a lamp skirt to winning the Tour De France? Wow. Just Wow. Second to lift the skirt. The cache owner was first.
  22. Nicely said! Now who else wants to join me out in the forest at the crack of dawn in their pyjamas? I got 4 FTFs one morning that way.
  23. My 5 year old wouldn't have the faintest idea if he was FTF or not on a cache. He just likes finding the caches. And he makes sure I give him full credit. I guess once he learns to read, I'll have to actually do that.
  24. I do too. I must say though, that the TFTC TNLN SL logs don't get much of my interest. I like to write a little story. I find reading logs like reading another chapter in the same story.
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