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  1. I don't think you will have much luck with mapping software on the IIIxe. If I'm not mistaken thats an 8meg monochrome palm. I have the same model, I think. I use it for paperless caching. I am going to keep an eye on this thread hoping you get a good response. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  2. Do you mean the unit turns on but has a blank screen? Then you can activate the backlight but still have not data or image on the screen? Does that sound correct? First thing I would try is a hard reset. Link to this page and read it all carefully. http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/secret.htm Otherwise, why can you not return it, did you buy it used? Hope this helps, Lakedawgs
  3. I also have City Select and TOPO maps loaded on my 60C and while the TOPO maps are only at 1:100,000 resolution, as opposed to NG TOPO series which are 1:24,000 maps, Mapsource TOPO does give you decent trail/topo info, it also has many POIs that are not in City Select. Regardless, unless you want to get into making your own maps for the GPSr (which looks like a real pain), Mapsource TOPO is the only choice you got. I also agree with Peter, go to the website and check it out thoroughly. good luck, Lakedawgs
  4. Go to easygps.com and get Easy gps to work your files and transfer to your GPSr or go to gsak.net and get GSAK. This program can manipulate and crunch the pocket querrys from Geocaching.coms site and with the touch of a button you can load the waypoints into your Mapsource City Select program. I have a 60C and it could not be easier than with GSAK. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  5. I agree with Peter. I have a 60C with street level and the topo package. The standard topo maps are 100K and the National Park series maps are 24K. I use National Geographic TOPO for my topo mapping on my PC. Those are 24K. I usually load the 100K Mapsource Topo maps in the GPSr along with street level maps when I go somewhere new, but rarely refer to the topo maps for contour while on the trail due to the lack of detail at 100K. Get Mapsource City Select for street level maps and go check out the map viewer to see if you want the topo package. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  6. There are a ton of special tags. Go check out http://www.gsak.net/help/hs10300.htm at the GSAK website and that should help a lot. There is also a GSAK help thread here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=86237 I learned a ton by just lurking the old GSAK threads. This program is tricky to use with all the filters and such, but once you 'get it', and it took me a while, it is unmatched. Good luck, lakedawgs
  7. I have a 60C and chose it over the 76 series simply by the way it felt in my hand. The 76 series felt like a large remote control. But as someone else mentioned, thats strictly up to your own taste. I can fit street level and topo maps for my entire home state, Indiana on the 60C, which I felt was plenty. Also, we just took a trip to DC for Thanksgiveing and I fit street level mapping for the entire route and also fit topo maps for the DC area. I have felt, after some usage, that the 56 megs has been plenty. I was going to go with the CS and the store I bought from did not have it but the salesman said take the 60C and 'test drive' it, if I wanted to bring it back and get my $ back that was fine. I have NEVER felt like I am missing anything by not having the compass or barometer. I also carry a small compass in my pack that rarely sees the light of day. Good luck, its an agonizing but fun process to choose a GPSr. lakedawgs
  8. NG TOPO, its the only way to go. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  9. Hi Mr. Oliver, Go to http://www.garmin.com/cartography/# select the "Which mapping works with which GPS units? >> Show Me" link and you will be able to see which Mapsource products work with your unit. You can only use Garmin's Mapsource products on a garmin unit. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  10. We are going from Indy to the central Texas Hill country on the 23rd and staying for 10 days. Any travel bugs you would like to go to TX, give us a holler, we would love to help. Lakedawgs
  11. We are heading to the TX Hill country west of Austin on the 23rd and will be there for 10 days. We plan on moving many travel bugs from the Central Indiana area to TX. If this bug is still in the Indy area let us know. We will help any way we can. Lakedawgs
  12. Quote: [Couldn't be happier with my Gillson, except that the antenna jack fits SO TIGHT into the GPSr that I have to pry it out to disconnect. Anyone else having this problem?] My antenna fits my 60C fine, seems just right. But my USB plug fits incredibly tight. I sometimes use the serial cable I made just to avoid the chance of loosening the USB jack on the GPSr. The antenna signals with the external antenna is pretty amazing. Lakedawgs
  13. Mapsource TOPO maps are 100K maps as opposed to NG TOPO maps which are 24K maps. I use both and you are correct, in a fairly flat area the Mapsource TOPO maps are not very useful. But its all you go for the 60C unless you are in or near a national park. The National Park TOPO maps by Mapsource are 24K maps. Lakedawgs
  14. We recently purchased a Garmin 60C. I also purchased an external antenna and used it for the first time this weekend on a trip from Washington D.C. to Indianapolis. The 60C with a windshield mount gets great signal locks but I wanted to try out the external antenna to see if there was any difference. The antenna I bought of eBay was only $18, no name, looks like all the other ones out there. All I can say is WOW. Most of the trip the GPSr was showing a signal from 8-10 satellites and 7 of which were showing full strength signal. Cant say that I needed the external antenna but I can say I got a much better signal than without it. Lakedawgs
  15. I own a 60C. The superior color screen in sunlight was a huge factor for me and I could not be happier. The memory not being removable was a concern but with 56 megs to play with I can fit my whole state with street level and topo maps. We are traveling from Indiana to D.C. for the holiday and I fit street level maps for the whole drive and added topo maps for the Virginia/DC area. So far the memory has not been a concern. I struggled with the decision on C vrs CS. The GPSr acts as a fine compass while you are moving and I had no use for a barometer. I have been happy with the decision to go with the C. I have lately heard about a rebate or price drop the make the CS and C roughly the same price, in light of that I would have gone with the CS. I cannot speak for the Maggie but the Garmin is an awesome device. Here is a review http://gpsinformation.us/gps60c/g60review.html Good luck, Lakedawgs
  16. I just did the same thing for a trip from Indy to D.C. I set up waypoints along the route to make straight 'legs' of my trip. I then saved as a .GPX in Mapsource and opened it in GSAK. I selected my saved 'leg' points and ran the filter. No problem. I did not know you could use a route from Mapsource to act as your arc filter points. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  17. I agree with JohnnyVegas. I have NG TOPO and it rocks. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  18. As far as basemap coverage goes, I think both units use the exact same basemap. But I could be wrong. If you are going to get Mapsource, thats irrelevant anyway. Lakedawgs
  19. As far as software goes, only Mapsource products will work on the GPSr. The City Select is a great package. The TOPO package is ok with its biggest limitation being the maps are 100K and not 24K. The only 24K maps are in the National Parks Program maps by Mapsource. If you are near or in National parks a lot the you are fine. I use NG TOPO for PC mapping (at 24K), so the Mapsource TOPO was a little dissapointing. Go to http://www.garmin.com/cartography/# at Garmin's site and you can get the lowdown on all the software and see map viewers for coverage of the different packages. I chose the 60C over the 76C mainly on the way if felt in my hand. Personally I felt the 76 was a little clunkier. And after some research felt the memory on the 60C was plenty my use. I figure if I can fit my entire home state, street level and topo on the 60, that was plenty. I also chose not to go with the CS after talking to many people who say the compass and barometer were of little use, but thats obviously up to your needs. I did not feel I needed $650+ worth of GPS (after all the software and accessories), but it sure has been a fun purchase. I bought the car power adapter, must have if you travel. The magnetic antenna mount, have not used yet, but will for a trip next week. The best accessory so far is a RAM windsheild mount. It was $40+ but I have heard slightly sketchy reports about the Garmin windshield mount and figured what the heck, spend the money. Cound not be happier with the RAM mount. Again, if you have not played with both units, get to a store that has them and get them in your hands. Its a lot of coin, get what you really want if its in your price range. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  20. I keep a 'saved' set of maps for my home state. I can load my entire home state with street level and topo maps (Indiana). If I ever am out of my home state I load a new set of maps for my destination and when I get home I reload my saved 'home' maps and am good to go. Not a big deal but it saves a bit of time when I want to reload my home area after a trip. Lakedawgs
  21. I just went through the same thing. I bought the 60C because I liked the feel of it better. The memory is plenty for me also. I can load street level maps and topo maps for my entire home state, Indiana. Go to a store that has both and play with them in your hands, thats what I did and could not be happier with the 60 series. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  22. The only real difference is the patch or quad helix antennae. For example, the Garmin eTrex series uses the patch and the 60C/S and 76C/S series' use the quad helix antennae. Both have advantages but most people seem to like the quad helix better. I have owned an eTrex Yellow and now own a 60C and personally like the 60C better. Many more features and the antennae seems to hold a lock in tree cover better. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  23. My 60C holds 1000 also. I have a waypoint file that has locations of family, friends, businesses I use etc. I load this file to the GPSr then load my waypoint file containing the caches for the area next. Lakedawgs
  24. I do this all the time. Go get GPSBabel at http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net/ You can use this to convert downloaded pocket queries from GC to NG TOPO fomat. This program can convert .loc and .gpx files to NG TOPO format, as well as MANY others. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  25. The RAM windsheild mount I have holds the 60C pretty tightly, but I feel thats good. At first I was uncomfortable with how tight it was but after a day or two I can pop it in and out with no strain on the mount. I figured it was better to be a little tight than loose at all. The RAM mounts are a little beefy, but thats what I wanted to hold my $400 GPSr safely. Least thats how I rationalized it. Good luck, Lakedawgs
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