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  1. Not in my experience, no. We have used PB jars for a few hides and after washing, we soak them in a bleach/water solution for several hours, then wash again. This method seems to work. We've left them in heavily wooded areas with no issues from the local animal population, so we take that as a sign that our method works well.
  2. Doggone it! Why is it on a Friday?! OK, yeah, so the MWGB'ers can attend on their way up north. We'd love to attend the event, but have to work. Maybe we'll head over on Saturday instead. Thanks for the link.
  3. Tell me about it... we just hit 312 this morning (I was almost late for work getting two before heading to the office!). It's an addiction, I tell ya, an addiction!!
  4. I'm 37 (38 next month), hubby is 41 and son is 5. We've been to a few events and the age range really is all over the place. At our last meet, we had everything from pregnant moms and toddlers to retired seniors with great-grandkids. It was a nice mix.
  5. I really like the gold-on-gold (or nickel-on-nickel). It's much less "busy" and has a cleaner look. Thanks for your work on this DougSmiley... the coin renderings look great so far. I'd love to pick up a couple before the fall meet up. Any chance of cranking them out that quickly? What's the ETA at this point?
  6. We're not able to do 5/5's yet (we have a 5-yr-old in tow). But if you're ever up in Minnesota, maybe you could pick up our travel bug, Jack Frost, that's been sitting in this 5/5 (GCKTMH) since September '05! Frustrating because two people have been there since then, but left our little guy to roost.
  7. Cool. We actually did something very similar with a TB. We named it "Milo's Message" (Milo is our son). It was a small coinpurse, inside was a film canister (to keep it weather-resistant). Then we put a message in the canister and it's mission was to travel from our home in Indiana, to near my sister's home in Texas. Once it got there, she was supposed to put a note back in the canister and send it back our way... or to another cacher, her choice. The experiment almost worked. The TB made it to her area, within just a few miles of her house. Unfortunately the TB was lost over a year ago, before she could lay hands on it.
  8. You're most certainly not being a jerk. But I would suggest that you just ignore hides from this particular cacher if you're not interested in their type of hide. Some people (a lot of them), who are in it for the numbers, will probably appreciate a whole lot of easy grab-n-go's within close proximity to each other. I, for example, tend to stay away from multi-caches if I'm out with my 5-yr-old because he just doesn't get the thrill of the multi-staged hunt. He wants instant gratification! In Dallas, around the Bachman Lake area, there was a series of caches placed specifically to boost numbers (GCJFMJ). They were very popular, until a large number of the series were shut down for various reasons... like nesting ducks.
  9. I love this idea! My biggest problem is that I don't ever take any info with me, I just hunt caches loaded into our GPSr randomly. So I'd have to remember to jot down the number from each cache. But then again, if I noticed something specific (like a number written on/in a container) I'd probably make note of it, knowing it would be of some importance. OK, now I'm rambling... but the gist is that I love this idea!
  10. We were lucky enough to buy a house VERY close to this cache (no, not on purpose) and our 5-year-old loves to walk down and visit it every now and then to trade out trinkets. I also swap out BookCrossing selections - it's a terrific cache.
  11. Lakedawgs will be at site 41.
  12. Purchased City Select NA version 6 a year or more ago and loaded it on my PC, 866mhz, 384Meg RAM, Windows XP Pro. Just got a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop to replace this machine, 1.7mhz, 1Gig RAM, Windows XP Media Edition. I have loaded many programs to this new laptop no problem. When I put the City Select Disk 1of2 in the AutoPlay does not start the program. I click the Setup.exe file and get a message telling me to "Please start this data CD install from the Setup CD". I installed the Waypoint manager software that came with my GPSMAP 60C with no problem. I do not know what to do. I made a copy of the original CD when I purchased them they give me the same message and also do not start with AutoPlay either. Anyone have any ideas? thanks, Lakedawgs
  13. Thats it!, thats what I will mention to him on Monday, that should clear things up. If he still persists I will tell him to crawl back under his rock! Thanks much for the informative information. Lakedawgs
  14. I agree with you absolutely. I would like to find some documentation for this to shut up my left wing nut friend. Lakedawgs
  15. I have a Garmin GPSMap 60C. Talking to someone at work they said, You can be tracked if you are using your GPS. I said no, the GPS does not send a signal, it only recieves a signal. This person told me I was wrong. Can someone resolve this argument? Thanks, Lakedawgs
  16. Jeremy, I'm sure you've been told that you rock... and you do. I look forward to the update!
  17. I have many friends at Geocaching.com and I'd love to be able to keep track of them... actually to make sure they aren't catching up to our numbers! LOL I realize I can search them individually (I keep a notebook with everyone's ID next to the computer), but it would be soooo much nicer to have a "my friends" list associated with my profile or account page so I can just click on a friend's link and end up on their profile page. Would something like this be possible in the future?
  18. I have a 60C I love, never had any problems with it. Decided not to go with the CS because I have a nice compass that I NEVER use and can tell the weather by looking up. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  19. Lt. Sniper, Wow, very cool plugin. I know little or nothing about coding, but would it be possible, with a keyword or something, to get to the forums main page. Or search the forums? As is I think I am going to love this Firefox plugin. THanks much, Lakedawgs
  20. GSAK and Garmin custom icons. I have a couple of custom icons I would like to use, how can I tell GSAK to use one of the custom icons created with Ximage (a Garmin utility) when I transfer to Mapsouce or directly to the GPSr? Is this possible? thanks, lakedawgs
  21. Thanks for the reply. I realized after playing around with the html that the dates are indeed there. Just thought it would be nice if I could have that last found date co-opted to the hint field in the GPSr. Thanks, Lakedawgs
  22. HI, I just started using BMGPX to convert .dat files downloaded from the NGS, to .gpx files. When I open these gpx files in GSAK they are great. I can even dbl click on an entry to get the full datasheet about the benchmark. What I would like to know is there a way to create a column that will contain the last found date in the History section of the datasheet? OR is there a way to get this History date in the html file I create to put in my palm device? This would be great to import into the GPSr in the notes field with the waypoint. THanks much, Lakedawgs
  23. Found this with a quick search, DO NOT KNOW IF IT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, but I hope so. http://www.freewarepalm.com/travel/geoviewmobile.shtml Good Luck, Lakedawgs
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