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  1. Hey Heather! Our 9th anniversary is on Sept 4th, so we can all have a big ol' celebration! Although our pride & joy (SpiderMilo) will definitely be in attendance. Just found out that DrGoby's wedding anniversary is that weekend also. Man, this is gonna be quite a party!
  2. Congratulations 501_Gang. Bryan is just adorable.... and his arms are just the perfect size to squish into those smaller tree holes to hunt caches!
  3. lakedawgs

    ISQ Finds

    2 more this weekend... lakedawgs is up to 69! Have to say that we really enjoyed finding #404 yesterday, near Brookville. It was a beautiful place.
  4. lakedawgs

    ISQ Finds

    Lakedawgs is up to 67 ISQ finds... still haven't hit 100, but we're on our way!
  5. Hey Heather! Our 9th anniversary is on Sept 4th, so we can all have a big ol' celebration! Although our pride & joy (SpiderMilo) will definitely be in attendance.
  6. Hiya Mark! Indianapolis is a FABULOUS place for events... we have 'em all the time. Definitely check out 2qwerqE's link as your trip approaches. And downtown is just crawlin' with caches. Have a great trip & enjoy our city! Oh, and if you see a "GiG (Girls in Geocaching)" event, don't be shy... heck, last month we probably had more men show up than women! LOL Alicia (of lakedawgs)
  7. Here are a few of our memorable shots... Our fourth find and still one of my favorites, Monet's Montage (GC6BFB). Found January 1, 2004. Mommy's little Geocacher... Milo was only two in this shot (he just turned six a few weeks ago). Our first Earthcache, Hanging Rock - Madison (GCPM48). Found February 2008. Girls in Geocaching on their first ISQ run (57 caches in one day!). This pic was taken near ISQ #1 (GCHRFJ). A great virtual in Newport, KY - the World Peace Bell (GC653C).
  8. Welcome timcr810! It's a beautiful obsession we all share. Enjoy! Alicia (of lakedawgs)
  9. JPlus14, that was a beautiful thought. Thank you for sharing it with us. Although we're no where near your ISQ numbers, we've enjoyed the 65 that we've been able to capture so far (50+ of them were caught on a single-day multi-county trip with a crew of lovely geo-ladies).
  10. Congrats on the notariety, Torry. And hey! That's my hairdresser at the top of the page (Kim)!
  11. I might have a couple, need to check once I'm home from the office. And hopefully 2qwerkE will check in - she's the queen of geocaching photo ops!
  12. Hi there redd_i! We look forward to meeting you and the family. There are always TONS of kids at these things (including our 6 yr old), so I'm sure yours will have a blast.
  13. Congrats to ProfessorZoom on hitting 1000!!!
  14. Um... up to YOUR knees, Patrick, or ours?
  15. Looks like only 65 for us so far. We're such slackers.
  16. I think (hope) the OP meant milestones, like when you move your 100th trackable.
  17. We've taken our Garmin on probably half a dozen flights with no problem. We keep in our carry-on (either my purse or the Mr's laptop case). We always pull it out with the laptop for scanning and have never been questioned.
  18. Our first log... December 30, 2003 by lakedawgs (527 found) Our first cache find! Note: remember to bring a pen/pencil or you'll have to borrow... but it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for a fun one.
  19. Whoo-hoo!! Congratulations DS!
  20. Hey there AndrewRJ! As Team Shydog mentioned, you (and the Mrs.) would be most welcome at our GiG event on the 10th. It's on the NW side of town, but if you're up for the trip, we'd love to have you there. And yes, men are definitely invited... just ask those who have attended (Deermark, Doobies, SuperStutz... to name a few of the more memorable initiations ). But seriously... or not, we do have a great time at our get-togethers. Join us if you can! I also noticed folks listing various restaurants on the southside. GT South's, on Emerson Road just south of 465 in Beech Grove (SE side), has some terrific BBQ. They also have a room available (free!) if you wanted to reserve it for a larger group. Just let 'em know you're coming! We held a GiG event there in January and they treated us VERY well. Have a nice visit! Alicia (of lakedawgs)
  21. Early congrats, Deermark. I'm happy to hear you're feeling at least 60%. Hope you'll be at 100% really soon and can get back out on the trails. So Daggy, I must ask.... how's Mark as a patient?
  22. BIG Congrats, Daggy. Enjoy your victory. Alicia (of lakedawgs)
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