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  1. We spent the weekend at Brown County State Park with Anabel, BrazilIndy and 4Rushkateers. We fully expected rain all weekend and kept checking out the radar... we saw the rains coming, but they never hit. We couldn't have wished for better weather. Knocked out a few caches, of course (#1000 for both us and BrazilIndy!!) and enjoyed the scenery and great company.


    Looking forward to the Spring Picnic in a month!!

  2. We live in the Indianapolis area and are quite partial to the Indiana State Park System. We did Brown County SP just this weekend and have camped in quite a few others, none of them a disappointment. Brown County may be the most "impressive" simply due to the fact that there is soooo much to do there and it's the biggest SP in Indiana, but there are quite a few others that we enjoy as well - McCormick's Creek, Leiber SRA, Raccoon Lake, and Summit Lake to name a few.


    We're looking forward this year to trying out a few we haven't been to before - we're hitting Mississinewa in late May and hopefully Clifty Falls and Hardin Ridge (which is actually a National Park) later in the summer.


    So in other words, if it's an Indiana State Park, it gets our vote! LOL



  3. Welcome to your new obsession, Rob... second only to the kids (and some days, not even they will keep you from caching! :o ).


    Alicia (of 'lakedawgs' in Indiana)

  4. I went ahead and deleted and re-uploaded the doc-web.kml file to my webspace. Below is a link to the doc-web.kml file and a link to a jpg in the same directory. I have also confirmed the kml file on the web is the same size as the one on my computer.





    My computer shows a kml file as a google earth file, not a google maps file. I assume that is not big deal.


    I'm sure I am missing something here, just have not caught it yet!



  5. OK, I realized my mistake last night and you are right EScout. I made the foolish mistake of putting in -5UTC as opposed to -4UTC. We were -5UTC here in Indiana until we switched time zones last year.


    GPicSync is working fine only problem I am having is I cannot seem to get the mapping to show up in Google Maps. I have confirmed that the pics and the kml file are in the right folder on the web, I just keep getting a 'file not found error by Google Maps when I paste the url into the search box.


    Here is one of my test pics to confirm I have the address correct.



    Any GPicSync users have this problem before. I have tried a couple of different syncs with the same results. Everything works fine in Flickr, but we want to use Google Maps for a Route 66 caching trip this summer.



    Thanks to all,


  6. Hello,

    I am trying to learn how to Geocode photos for a trip we are about to take. I am working with GPicSync.

    Using my NUVI 750 or my 60C I will download the tracks to Mapsource (ver. 6.15.3) I can see the tracks and verify the time the track was recorded is correct. I then save the tracks as a GPX file for use with GPicSync and the time on the track points is off a few hours. I have verified this by looking at the GPX file in Notepad. I have also used EasyGPS to download and save my tracks and same thing.


    What am I missing. My computer, GPS and camera are all synced to the same time. Time zone and DST are correct. It is not a problem with GPicSync because I have proved the error is there once I save the tracks to a GPX file, have not even used GPicSync yet (of course when I do I get a time error between the photo and the tracks)


    Any help is appreciated.

    Matt Anderson

    Mr. Lakedawgs

  7. The next cacher has had to explain to a muggle just exactly what they're doing scratching around in the bushes -- more than once.


    TRUE!! And I'm getting much more creative in my explainations. :laughing:


    The next cacher has a Travel Bug sticker on their vehicle.

  8. oblongil, sorry to hear of your poor experience... there were tables right up front where you could sign in and get raffle tix. It may have also been a bit confusing because evidently a biker rally was also using the same spot for a meet of their own.


    I have found the caching community to be a really great group o' folks. If you ever find yourself in the Indianapolis area when a GiG ("Girls in Geocaching") event is going on, please join us. We love having new folks! And no, it's not just for women-folk... we have tons of men at our events too. :laughing:


    Actually the entire Indianapolis area is really event-friendly. You can find stuff going on all the time. Hope to get the chance to meet you sometime.


    Alicia (of lakedawgs)

  9. If anyone is interested we still have 2008 Picnic Shirts left over. We have the following sizes:


    White 1 - 4XL 1 - 3XL 4 - 2XL 1 - XL $ 13.00.


    Let me know.




    I also ended up with one extra size Medium. If anyone is interested, let me know!


    Alicia (of lakedawgs)

  10. As long as nobody objects, Team Shydog would like to host the 2009 Indiana Geocaching Spring Picnic.


    Sounds great, Chris. It looks like France Park is first come/first served for camping. Any chance we can ask them to bend that rule for our group? Maybe set aside a certain number for cachers with a deadline for reservations?


    Let us know how we can help out! Sounds like a brilliant way to spend my Mother's Day weekend!!


    Alicia (of lakedawgs)

  11. Hello Indianapolis and Westside Cachers!


    Earlier this year I held a CITO event at a westside park in Avon. They are wanting to host another caching event a week from Saturday, August 23rd, and are looking for some help from experienced cachers for doing the event. I know this is short notice and have their contact information if anyone is interested.


    Unfortunately I have a brother with terminal cancer and we are in our last days. I had to decline their request for help since my time is being spent with him and family. But I told them I would see about contacting some fellow cachers and see if anyone wanted to help them out.


    Please contact me through my profile for the park's contact information and event details. I may not make it back on here to get PMs. Sorry for the short notice but my head has been pretty cloudy all this going on with the family.






    We're sorry to hear about your brother and will keep your family in our thoughts. I've posted your message to our local email group (GiG) so the info gets out to a few others that may not see it here.



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