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  1. I live in Indy, Eagle Creek Park has 4 or 5 caches (park has a $4.00 entrance fee) It is a nice BIG park. There are also many caches around the area.

    I will look into some more areas when I get home.

    What part of town will you be in or near?

    I will think about the sports bar and get back with you, Indy is not a big hockey town.


  2. Got a Garmin eTrex for the holidays and have been learning to use it. Have been out caching a couple of times and love it, so does my wife luckily.

    My question is, I have downloaded some maps but do not know how to read them. The file formats are .dbf, .sbn, .shp, .shx

    I would like to download some good maps and be able to add waypoints to and from my GPS. I know the eTrex does not have mapping capabilites, but this would help plan trips and locate waypoints I have collected out in the field.

    I am very new to GPSing and short on expendable cash... baby, house, etc., etc.

    What I really would like is a freeware, shareware program and a way to find some online maps.

    I hope I am not missing something too fundamental.

    Thanks in advance,

    Matt Anderson

    maxdog46268@yahoo.com ;)

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