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  1. As far as the knob for the belt clip goes you might put a tiny bit of thread lock (Locktite for example) on the threads to hold it on. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  2. I also just upgraded from an eTrex to a 60C. Got the unit, City Select 6.0, TOPO, an external antenna, auto power cord, and a RAM suction mount for the car and could not be happier. The unit is great and the software is impressive. The only real decision I had to make was the mount. I decided on the RAM windshield mount so I could easily move between the 2 cars. If the Auto Nav kit's mount would work for you, that would be a good choice. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  3. Interesting stuff from GPSinformation.net http://www.gpsinformation.net/gpsclouds.htm Good thread, Lakedawgs
  4. Thanks PDOP's, I thought it was a little more than just enabling it. Thank you, Lakedawgs
  5. Sorry to post this, I know it has come up before but I cannot find it via the search function. How do I initially get WAAS up and running on a Garmin 60C. I do not think it is enabled from the factory. thanks, Lakedawgs
  6. Fuldraw, I had the same problem when I upgraded from an eTrex Yellow to a 60C. Go download the newest version of EasyGPS. Under the PREFS window you will see an ENABLE USB checkbox. Hope that helps, Lakedawgs
  7. Brad, It comes with a pretty decent belt clip and 'button' style attachment to the GPSr. I also purchased the case for it. I think its more referenced for the 76 series, but it is perfect for the 60 series. It is padded and loops onto your belt. Nicer than I expected for $10-12. I use a RAM suction mount on the windshield of my car. $42, a little steep, but an awesome product. The Garmin suction mount is $30+ and have heard good and bad about it, but the RAM mounts are superb. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  8. I figured this could not be done. Kenneth, you menion maybe transferring waypoints to a handheld. Does anyone have any info on connectability with Garmin units to a palm device? thanks, Lakedawgs Jamie, you are correct, the SD card in the Magellen units is very cool. If the 60C had that option, it would be untouchable.
  9. Using two serial cables and a serial gender changer in between, can you transfer waypoints between 2 Garmin 60 series GPSr? The wiring is easy, I just do not know how to initiate the transfer, if at all possible. Thanks, Lakedawgs
  10. Centex Trekker I had the same problem and discovered it was my big fingers... Its a 'touch' thing, you will get more comfortable with it. I can fly entering letters, usually with no probs. Good luck, Lakedawgs
  11. Thanks for the reply, A shortcut for the map switching would be nice, but no big deal. I agree all maps can not be layered at the same time, it would be chaos. I was just hoping there was a way to view all POIs while driving. Cemetaries are a good example because we are in to geneology. Still no big deal, when I map out a route for a trip I can waypoint POIs we might want to see that would not show up on the City Select side. Thanks, Lakedawgs
  12. HI, Is there a quick way to switch between City Select and TOPO mapping in the 60C? I am currently going into Setup and Maps to make the switch, seems like there would be a faster way. Also, it seems like, when I am on TOPO only in the GPSr, I see detail that does not show up when I select, Show All Maps. I am mainly talking about points of interest. Am I missing something? I just want to be able to see all POI when I am driving. Thanks, Lakedawgs
  13. The 60C and 60CS are the same unit as far as accuracy goes, as far as I know. I agree, my 60C blows away my old eTrex Yellow. The Yellow is a great starter unit, but pales in comparison to the 60C Lakedawgs
  14. I went ahead and returned the unit for another one and it seems much more accurate. Great GPSr. Thanks, Lakedawgs
  15. This is a good question. I just got my 60C also and am waiting for the software and a Ram mount to arrive. From my initial observations, I have only used a screen or two for each event ie, autorouting, caching, hiking, etc. So I would be interested if others are doing anything special with this unit. I like the stock configuration on the trip computer screen, but again, have not had it long enough to really say. I upgraded from an eTrex Yellow, the 60C is an amazing unit. Lakedawgs
  16. HI, I just upgraded from an eTrex Yellow to a 60C. Love the 60C, great unit, but the accuracy does not seem to be any better than my old Yellow. In fact I don't think its as good, and I have not even made it to the woods yet. Seems to be 50-500' away from know waypoints. Have had the unit for a couple of weeks, used it a lot. Initially I set it outside in the clear for about 30 minutes to get a strong signal lock. Anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to delete the basemap info and let it reaquire, I think Magellans can do this. Thanks, Lakedawgs
  17. Just got a 60C and cannot figure out how to lock a waypoint to avoid accidental deletion. Thanks, Matt Anderson
  18. HI, Just got a 60C, woo hoo. Where is the best place to buy City Select V6? I found TOPO for about $90, that does not seem too bad, but am waiting to purchase. All the local stores want to sell me Metroguide, been kinda hard explaining to sales people it won't work on the 60C. Thanks, Matt Anderson Team Lakedawgs
  19. Just upgraded from an eTrex yellow to a 60C. I previously used EasyGPS to transfer downloaded pocket querry waypoints to my eTrex. My new 60C is connected to the PC via a USB connection and EasyGPS does not seem to support USB. How can I get downloaded waypoints to the GPSr? The waypoint manager software from Garmin that came with the unit does not seem to do this. Man theres cachin' to be done Sunday so I could use some help. Thanks, Matt Anderson
  20. The 76C series has 115MB of memory and the 60C, roughly half that. I am upgrading from an eTrex yellow to a 60CS or 76CS. Besides the looks and handling of the 2 units, the only real difference is the memory. Is that correct? From what I am reading they seem to be the same inside, please clarify if this is incorrect. How much mapping can I put into the 60CS compared to the 76CS, I have no idea how big the mapping files are. We mostly hike and cache, but do car travel a bit. thanks, Matt Anderson Team Lakawgs
  21. I have cleared all data and reinitialized the GPSr. Left the unit ON on my porch, (clear sky view) for an hour. Never seemed to get any satellite info. Any suggestions appreciated, lakedawgs
  22. Thanks for the info. I had it on on the dash of my car on the way home yesterday for about 15 minutes. I will leave it on tonight at home on the porch for a while after clearing out existing data. My Etrex aquires lock in about 1 minute usually, I will try ya'lls suggestions. Thanks much, lakedawgs
  23. I have a freind with a Magellan SporTrak Map GPSr. When you turn it on it seems to 'boot' fine. But it never seems to get any satellite signals. I don't get a single bar on the 'reading satellites screen'. I own a Garmin so I do not know much about Magellan. This person is a GeoMuggle, but I would like to help her anyway. Thanks in advance. Lakedawgs
  24. Since you have no wheels, I would enter your coordinates into the Hide and Seek a cache page and just hit the downtown caches. I don't know if you can rent a bike downtown here or not. Good luck, lakedawgs
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