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  1. On 7/9/2017 at 10:40 PM, res2100 said:


    I notice that on the 2017 event https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6KBPQ_2017-indiana-spring-picnic it says that it is their 15th year, which would mean it started in 2003. It could be that the organizers of the 2003-2017 picnics aren't counting the 2002 event as part of their series.


    I cannot believe I never saw your reply! I am so sorry. But actually *we* have been the Spring Picnic hosts since 2010. We did not find out the existence of the 2002 Picnic until after the 2017 event. So it wasn't that the original event was deliberately not recognized... we just didn't know about it! [:)] The 2018 event (GC7EYYH) has been corrected as the 17th annual Indiana Spring Picnic event... we just skipped year 16. LOL

  2. I've been having this issue for a few days, but am now worried it may just be me since I buzzed over here for some advice only to find that no one else has posted about this problem... any time I attempt to access one of my saved lists, I get a "500 Server Error." Otherwise I am able to browse the site just fine. Is anyone else having this issue?

  3. Update: Uploading KML file saved from Google maps does create a valid route, so this would seem to be a valid workaround for those who have access to the full Google maps (as opposed to iOS / Android apps).


    Sotonians, THANK YOU for this work-around... I'd never tried this method before, but it worked great. Definitely more time consuming, but not by much... and I was getting desperate (leaving town tomorrow! LOL). I really appreciate you chiming in with this advice while the Lackey crew works on the main problem. :grin:

  4. Since the newsletter update (a year or two ago??), my "nearby events" are completely ridiculous... most are 100+ miles away, and rarely do any local ones show up. I just rec'd my newsletter today -- I am hosting an event tonight only a couple of miles from my home coords, yet the closest event listed is 100.19 miles away(??!!). Over this past weekend, I spoke to another cacher who lives in a different state... he is having the same issues, and has discontinued receiving the newsletter because it's pretty much useless otherwise. We agreed that he articles are nice, but the event listings are (were!) awesome and extremely handy. And honestly, I had better turn-out at my events when the newsletter listed them properly... now I rely more on Facebook to spread the word than Groundspeak.


    I really miss the previous format where the events were listed with proximity to your location in mind, not what seems to be just random events based on the state I live in (I guess this is the new method?? I really have no idea what algorithm they're using these days.).


    Just venting a little, thanks for listening... now I'm headed over to turn off my newsletter. It just clutters up my mailbox. But would someone tag me if they fix it, so I can turn it back on? LOL



  5. I understand the frustration this has caused to many but to give up caching over the DNR rules is only slapping yourself in the face. Get out and explore. That's what geocaching is about. Move on and enjoy life.


    Agreed, jtb... I have hidden and hunted caches on DNR property since the revised rules have been published, and other than one simple misunderstanding regarding Nature Preserves (partially my fault, partially the fault of the Property Manager), I haven't had *ANY* issues. But then again, the caches I owned before the rule revisions made last year, were already permitted with the DNR and on file with Groundspeak per the DNR's previous set of rules published in 2004/05. Then they all fell within the new guidelines, so re-permitting them was easy peasy. And I've placed a few more on other DNR properties since (with plans to put out more!).


    If you're mad at the DNR, don't hunt/hide on their property. Done. There is plenty of other non-DNR land in Indiana. But I, for one, will continue using a resource that our family has enjoyed for many years prior to our introduction to Geocaching in 2003. I guess I will just never understand why people would throw away a perfectly good hobby over this whole thing.

  6. I second the suggestions of the White River Canal area and Crown Hill Cemetery, both are fantastic areas to explore. Another to add to the list is the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Not only is the museum itself pretty darn amazing, but the grounds are lovely and sprawling, with lots of outdoor artwork and caches to be found.


    Welcome to Geocaching, and welcome to Indianapolis! We're event junkies in this area, so hopefully we'll get a chance to meet you at a future geo-event. :)

  7. I agree with stijnhommes... INDNR has had published Geocaching rules (which were available online) in place since roughly 2004. Granted, some parks (and cachers!) didn't follow the rules, which is what I believe prompted this revision. If you were following the originally stated rules, then there are very few differences in this new model. Just a bit of clarification in some areas.

  8. Wish we could make it this year, Spring Mill is a great park. But unfortunately (fortunately for us) we will be in Alaska for the first 2 weeks of September. At least we get to add another state to our list.


    Thanks for all the Adventurers


    Sorry, G&MA... can't feel sorry for you one bit. LOL

  9. Is anyone (*ahem* 501_Gang! LOL) creating a campground map for this year's picnic? I've had a few folks ask me where everyone is camping, but other than a couple noted on this forum thread, I have no idea!

  10. After GeoWoodstock in July, we're heading up through Niagara, then across to Chatham before heading back home to Indianapolis. We're curious about recommended caches along our route between Niagara and Chatham and would appreciate any tips from the locals. Thanks!



  11. Whew! Glad I'm not the only one. I have been sweating for the past hour wondering what to do... we're in Texas on vacay, planning to do a 100+ cache run tomorrow and I can't retrieve *any* PQ's!! This could be a HUGE problem, but first I'm going to try running it in two 499 cache PQs instead of one 1000 cache file. Hopefully that will work. Thanks for the tip, folks!

  12. Big Monkey is correct... the INDNR reservation system is open for the Spring Picnic weekend!


    And the event itself has been published -- see GC2JAW9. We're looking forward to seeing everyone in a few months. Enjoy your winter! :)

  13. Is this location wheelchair accessible? I use a motorized wheelchair and find so many caches hard to find.


    I can honestly say I do not recall if there is a ramp from the parking lot to the sidewalk, but there is a sidewalk from the parking lot to the shelter where the event will be held. And sidewalks connect the shelter to the playground and modern restroom facilities. The event will be held in the Coneflower Shelter, and per the INDNR's website, this shelter is ADA accessible. I hope this is helpful. We would love to have you atttend our event!

  14. Thanks for the reminder, Deermark! (drumroll please) The 2011 Indiana Spring Picnic is going to be held at Prophetstown State Park in Battle Ground, IN (near Lafayette) on Saturday, May 14. Tentative time is 10am until 2pm. Hope to see lots and lots of you there!


    We already have three other events in the works:


    Friday night meet & greet (Jenischmeni)

    Saturday night campfire event (Tank Hounds & Team Shydog)

    Sunday morning breakfast event (FourRushkateers)


    There are still plenty of opportunities for other events if anyone is interested in hosting (CITO, Flash Mob, tag/coin swap, etc.). Just let us know and we'll add you to the list, so we don't accidentally end up with overlaps.


    Enjoy your Fall/Winter... see you in the Spring!!

  15. I'm pretty sure Anabel & BrazilIndy are in Site 121... they've booked a site for sure, but we were all sitting around the campfire while they made the res, so I can't be positive of the site.

  16. Who is the judge of whether or not we complete the requirements for the special icon??? Can you provide a link to an existing cache page, so we can get an idea/s? Is there clip art of the logo for these events we can copy and paste? How many events have been published so far?




    I don't see where the original poster mentioned a unique icon for these events. Only that they wanted to create a network of like events celebrating/promoting various wetlands areas on 10/10/10.

  17. It's too bad you JUST missed the Indiana Fall Picnic! It was held this past weekend at Boondocks Farms in Knightstown. There were lots and lots of folks there that would have been more than happy to help out.


    Be on the lookout for more local events -- there are a lot of them (we're event junkies around here! LOL). This is probably the best way to meet some local cachers.

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