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  1. THX, hopefully leaders will accept the offer of new officers pool
  2. LEED buildings: Waymark posted on March 30, 2020. No reactions. Leader last logged on Macrh 17, other two officers last logged in 2017 and 2018 :). So, what will be the next step? PS: similar situation is in Holocaust
  3. Please add aslo Bib Gourmand restaurants...
  4. Last months, during the WMs approval process, I notice the sharply decreasing quality of the sent waymarks. Sad is that many of them are from experienced long-time colleagues. Quality means: horrible unsharp and underexposed phone-taken photos, poor listings without pinch of effort inform us about the topic etc. Guys, please, try to work better - or we will follow fate of geocaches: millions of WMs without real value (really we are doing it only for numbers ? :)).
  5. After 8 years with Waymarking I'm more and more unhappy from common problem in many categories, where date (birth, death, construction... et cetera) is one of input data fields. Category leaders used date field in fixed m/d/yyyy format, predominantly as required field. This fixed system is absolutely annoying in many and many cases - for example in Grave of a Famous Person category you can not input date lower than 1000 AD. So I was recently in deep s***s with person with Date of birth / Date of death in period 400-500 AD. And that fields were both REQUIRED, without complete of them you can not send waymark for approval. Similar date problem is in dozens other categories... So, I'm appealing to officers and leaders of categoreies where is this system used, change it to free text fields, without ordered and fixed date format... I'm using this free format in my categories without any problems and it offers more freedom in date publishing (e.g. ca 1300, 300 BC, beginning of the 9th century - which is common situation in subjects from medieval/ancient periods, where the exact date of the event is mostly unknown and we are under four digit year 1000 AD barrier). IMHO I think, that majority of these categories was taylored only for US users, where known event horizon begins in ca 1650... ). But Waymarking is global and Old World has really longer history. Mike, Dorcadion Team
  6. Thanks for valuable, interesting and well written category, guys! It became one of my preferred immediately after its approving and publishing... Mike
  7. I have very poor meaning about OBLIGATORY web links, because majority of weblinks is unstable - it means that they are changing URL every several months (exception is for example Wiki). But photo of the element is needful, link not-obligatory is OK.
  8. Yes, and perhaps also point out the Gothic-era modifications. Why were the modifications made? For most of these buildings, which will be historical and therefore studied, that information should be available, we would think. YES, preserved Romanesque elements (windows, portals, crypts etc.) qualify structures into Romanesque architecture category. NEO-ROMANESQUE (pseudo-R or also R-revival) - NO, I think that we can prepare special revival category for VALUABLE neo-romanesque, neo-gothic, neo-renaissance and neo-baroque architecture. Problem is with MANY of these buildings in downtowns of European cities. For example in Prague we can find hundreds and hundreds of nice neo-Renaissance residential houses from the end of the XIXth century. So, it needs discussion about the category limitations - e.g. only for public buildings (theatres, museums, churches, concert halls, reilway stations, town halls, hospitals et cetera)....
  9. Sorry for delay, but my e-mail account was stucked by badly set spam filter and also I did not check this forum during last 3 months (summer season is summer season ). So, we can finish the work on the R.A. category listing together... Mike
  10. Congratulations!!!! "Processing" my London' visit during last days, I'm discovering an incredible amount of your interesting waymarks. It's really hard to find some "gap" for the placemnet of my own WMs... . Great work, Charles, and many thanks for all WMs! Mike
  11. well written and really interesting proposal for a new category! Count with me
  12. ...several days without possibility to approve waymarks waiting for approving An Error Has Occurred...
  13. Following categories, where I am leader or officer, were checked and provinces to all NL waymarks were added... Art Deco - Art Nouveau, Baroque Architecture, Bells, Bismarck Towers, Botanical Gardens, Cathedrals, Churchyard Crosses, City and Town Halls, Coats of Arms, Coin-Op Binoculars, Concert Halls, Doorways of the World, Exceptional Trees, Ferries and Ferry Landings, Frieze Art, Gothic Architecture, Independent Diners, KFC Restaurants, La Famille Bonaparte, Libraries, Literary Sites, Medieval Churches, Military Ground Equipment Displays, Orthodox Churches, Outdoor Stairways, Relief Art Sculptures, Renaissance Architecture, Research Institutes, Roman Catholic Churches, Scenic at Night, Skyscrapers, Sokol Centers, Statues of Historic Figures, Statues of Religious Figures, Stone Church Artefacts, Sundials, Synagogues, Tearooms and Teahouses, This Old Church, Unique Weathervanes, War and Military Museums, Whispering Galleries, World War I Memorials and Monuments. Mike
  14. Quite common in our Central European cultural space, I think that Outdoor Altars fits well...
  15. ...last months I'm slightly sad from one phenomenon: after sending of my waymarks I'm waiting for approving for 2,3,4...7 days and nothing (2-3 days are absolutely OK, no problem for me...). But picant is, that responsible category officers are present daily on Waymarking site and some of them are sending own waymarks for approving. For me it is strange, because the first my activity after logging in Waymarking.com is approving of WMS in my categories Mike
  16. I'm preparing several architectural style categories - one of them is the Romanesque architecture, the second will be devoted to the Revival styles (neo-Romanesque, neo-Gothic, neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque) and the last to Classicism, Neo-Classicism ane Empire (these styles are slightly differently defined in Anglo-American and continental Europe cultural areas, but generally spoken we can put them all into one bigger category with subcategories).
  17. Dear Torgut, I added Cubism into Art-Nouveau/Art-Deco architecture category as a subcategory couple months ago - so You can post your waymarks there. Cubist architecture is really rare - nice examples are in our country, especially in Prague and Hradec Králové. Here are the most notable examples: WMM0H8 WMM0H0 WMKXW2 WMKXVX WMKXV5 WMKXV2 WMKXV9
  18. HA! Andreas, I love you, man! You have THE BEST attitude In your honor, today I will take out my camera and find a new icon to capture when the website returns to functionality. Lwt me look at my list (I have an Excel spreadsheet for my WMs) HAVE A GREAT DAY THX Thanks! We have a great day, it's my birthday. ...so we are two here born in the same day 28.VIII. Then Happy birthday to y'all too, DT
  19. HA! Andreas, I love you, man! You have THE BEST attitude In your honor, today I will take out my camera and find a new icon to capture when the website returns to functionality. Lwt me look at my list (I have an Excel spreadsheet for my WMs) HAVE A GREAT DAY Thanks! We have a great day, it's my birthday. ...so we are two here born in the same day 28.VIII.
  20. An error occured in the File Upload Service. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. From 14:00 CET (so minimaly last 6 hours) I'm not able upload any photo... But it's not the first day when that problem appeared. Last two months it is "normal" behavior of the site. And VERY frustrating....
  21. Great idea, these nativity scenes are very popular in our country and also in Slovakia, Austria and also in another countries od Middle Europe cultural space...
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