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  1. Nick,


    Do you have to be a Costco member to order? I have been contemplating the 500LE at Costco. Based on the value of the package, I guess I could live without the electronic compass.


    I will be using a friend's Explorist 400 this weekend for my first cache hunts. Hopefully this will tell me all I need to know about whether to continue pursuit (although I am such a tech geek I think it is already a given).



    Yes, you have to be a Costco member.



  2. I odered a Megellan 500LE, included will be US 3D Topo map.


    My question, will the topo map include restaurants, gas stations, parks etc. like MapSend Direct Route?


    Anything I should know about Topo?


    My only experience has been with MapSend Direct Route I use on my Megellan Gold.


    Thanks for any advice or comments.



  3. Coke, Pepsi, Ford, Chevy... Knowone knows for sure. It's just what you have growen up with.


    I grew up on Magellan, so that's what I like.


    If you go with Magellan take a look at Costco on line, WWW.Costco.Com


    They have the new Magellan Expl. 500LE, plus MapSend Topo Map, shipping and handling for $179.99.



    No, I don't work for Costco or Magellan, just passing along the information.





  4. We are from NJ and are visiting the Sedona area for a few days . We are looking for recommendations on caches, hikes and even more importantly......... "FOOD"....... Good Tex Mex would be fine by us. Casual would be great after a day of caching but being that it's our 20'th wedding anniversary (w/o the kids) :laughing: something nicer would also be okay! Staying about 4 days. Thanks in advance! :P



    We are in Sedona NOW. Iam logging caches we have found.


    Check my profile: Grnzoom.


    There you will find our logged cached in and around Sedona for the next few days.



  5. I have been using GASK, & Cachemate on my desk top for a couple of years, so somewhat understand how to use it.


    I loaded GASK & Cachemate on my lap top.


    I can export info. to my Palm with GASK.



    Now here is the problem:


    When I export to a SD card for my Magellan every thing looks good. The widow comes up indicating the cache info. was exported to the SD card.


    When I try open the cache file on the SD card using my Magellan, the cache files don't appear.



    I checked the card using my desktop, it's fine.



    Some how, the info. from GASK isn't getting transferred to the SD card, but it looks like it is. :(


    Any ideas why ??





  6. Check out this one for $18.50! Collapsable, rubber tip covers a carbide tip for winter, snow basket, camera mount, even a compass and thermometer.

    Lee Valley has been selling great gardening and woodworking tools for years.




    Check you local Target store.

    I found some for $15.00.

    Collapsable, rubber tip cover & carbide tip, snow basket. No camera mount or compass tho.

    Trial tested, they are fine.



  7. .




    Actually, Team Geogeeks made the banner....I took the pic with DaMoores in it. :D That was our first weekend out there at Skillet's place in the wild wacky weather CITO event! Yeah....where were they last night??

    Gecko dad may recognize the fox pic and itrax took the pic of the container and the group pic for the event. I don't know who took the CITO pic. I think it was Passing Wind and then there's me signing the log in Hawaii. (I didn't take that pic.) :ph34r:


    Actually... didn't John of JD Built make the banner :anicute:

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