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  1. test.. didn't work last time
  2. So, for traveling I will need MapSend direct route. Bummer.... Nick
  3. Yes, you have to be a Costco member. Nick
  4. Street route.. Like it won't show me how to get to my house to a Starbucks? Sorry for not understanding... Nick
  5. I odered a Megellan 500LE, included will be US 3D Topo map. My question, will the topo map include restaurants, gas stations, parks etc. like MapSend Direct Route? Anything I should know about Topo? My only experience has been with MapSend Direct Route I use on my Megellan Gold. Thanks for any advice or comments. Nick
  6. Kyle.. Go to: www.costco.com Searach: GPS There you will find the Magellan Expl 500LS, plus US MpSend Topo map, shipping and handling all for $179.99. I ordered one yesterday. Nick
  7. Coke, Pepsi, Ford, Chevy... Knowone knows for sure. It's just what you have growen up with. I grew up on Magellan, so that's what I like. If you go with Magellan take a look at Costco on line, WWW.Costco.Com They have the new Magellan Expl. 500LE, plus MapSend Topo Map, shipping and handling for $179.99. No, I don't work for Costco or Magellan, just passing along the information. Nick
  8. Check Costco web site, WWW.Costco.Com They have the Magellan Expl. 500LE with US MapSend 3D Topo, shipping and handling for $179.99. Looks like a sweet deal. Nick
  9. Costco is selling the new Magellan Exp. 500LE for $179.00. Included: US MapSend 3D Topo map, shipping and handling. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?...browse=&s=1 No, I haven't started working for Costco or Magellan Sounds like a good deal?? Nick
  10. Great clips... but did you find the cache??? Nick
  11. Congrats to the Simpson Clan ! They bagged their 100th - GCP4CB In just over a month of caching. TeamGrnZoom
  12. We are in Sedona NOW. Iam logging caches we have found. Check my profile: Grnzoom. There you will find our logged cached in and around Sedona for the next few days. Nick
  13. We picked up number 1200 on our way to AZ to visit our son and spend a week in Sedona. Nick & Sharon Team GrnZoom
  14. I have been using GASK, & Cachemate on my desk top for a couple of years, so somewhat understand how to use it. I loaded GASK & Cachemate on my lap top. I can export info. to my Palm with GASK. Now here is the problem: When I export to a SD card for my Magellan every thing looks good. The widow comes up indicating the cache info. was exported to the SD card. When I try open the cache file on the SD card using my Magellan, the cache files don't appear. I checked the card using my desktop, it's fine. Some how, the info. from GASK isn't getting transferred to the SD card, but it looks like it is. Any ideas why ?? Thanks... Nick
  15. Check you local Target store. I found some for $15.00. Collapsable, rubber tip cover & carbide tip, snow basket. No camera mount or compass tho. Trial tested, they are fine. Nick
  16. I have a walking stick (2), but I found a golf club is a great took to move rocks, bushes, ect. And... you can use it as a club if needed... Nick
  17. I got a Palm VIIx off EBay for $25.00. Works great! Save yourself $75.00
  18. . Actually, Team Geogeeks made the banner....I took the pic with DaMoores in it. That was our first weekend out there at Skillet's place in the wild wacky weather CITO event! Yeah....where were they last night?? Gecko dad may recognize the fox pic and itrax took the pic of the container and the group pic for the event. I don't know who took the CITO pic. I think it was Passing Wind and then there's me signing the log in Hawaii. (I didn't take that pic.) Actually... didn't John of JD Built make the banner
  19. One of our TB's (RedZoom) was dropped at an cache event. IE Cachers Cache Bash II GCTC9E http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...9b-57909bd32841 Not a San Diego cache event, but close. Nick
  20. The official greeter for Tinfoil-HatHead's Beef jerky? Ostrich GCTX5A
  21. Watch out.. you never know what may be looking over your shoulder when your picking up a cache. TB Porta-A-Potty GCTX5C
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