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  1. Is there a way to put a arrow or some pointer to show NORTH on the screen when using MapSource V-8 or looking for a cache? Thanks... Nick
  2. I went over to the GASK - Help- forum and ask for help, and got it. There was another guy with the same problem. Seems I lost my USB drivers or never had them. I went to Garmin's site, downloaded the drivers, did an install. It worked, just d/l some caches from GASK. This also worked for the other guy who was having probems. Nick
  3. When I try to d/l from GASK I get an error message that says: SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces: No more info. I have a Garmin 60csx (new) Ver. 3.0 & GPS SW Ver. 2.90 I downloaded USB drivers from Garmin and have the box checked indicating I am using USB. Once I was able to d/l the info. from GASK, but not anymore. Again... I need your help!! Thanks !!!! Nick
  4. I would check to see if you both have the same firmware. Go ~ (menu->setup->system->Menu->Software Version), to check what you're running. You should/could see Software Version 3.00 and GPS SW Version 2.90. If not, keep reading. As Garmin continues to improve its firmware, they are really good about offering updates. Use the Web Updater - http://www.garmin.com/products/webupdater/. This will load an app that will keep you current with any updates. Hope this helps. Thanks-a-lot !!! V 3.00 was already installed. I now have 2.90. Is this a great forum or what... Nick
  5. My bro-in-law and I both have Garmin 60csx's that were purchased a shot time ago. His is more accurate than mine. I will be 20+ feet from a cache and he will be within a couple of feet. The Garmin's black arrow will bounce around while his holds steady while standing or walking. Could there be something wrong with my Garmin? Before I call Garmin support, I though you folks a crack at my problem. Thanks... Nick
  6. How do I enter the coords. for a cache into the Geocache file on my 60csx?.... manually, not using the computer. When I try, the coords. end up in the Waypoint file. Thanks.. this is driving me nuts.. Nick
  7. WOW.... That's great! Thanks for that information. Nick
  8. Thanks... I'll go with CN. Now to search for the best price....
  9. What is the difference between City Nav. and Metro Guide. The discriptions read about the same. Which one would you buy? I just jumped ship from Magellan MariGold to Garmin 60CSx, still driving on the learning curve. Thanks... Nick
  10. I found MapSourse City Nav. v.7 for $79.00. The newer V.8 is still around $100.00. Is V.8 worth the extra money?? Thanks.. Nick
  11. I picked up Garman 60CSx today. I had one heck of a time putting the batteries in. The battery (as you look at the unit) on the left slid right in. The battery on the left fits sooo tight, and it sticks up a hair or two higher then that battery on the left. I had to press down hard on the cover to get it closed. Looking at the U's were the battires lay, the U on the right has a thin hard rubber shim along the right side of the U. My bro-in-law has a 60CSx and both the right and left U's are smooth...no shim. Any idea why the shim is there and is it needed.? Thanks... Nick
  12. This dragonfly was not found on Jurassic Park, but in Guajome Park. There is a great cache series in Guajomeland. GCY48Q.
  13. Too funny Barbados. As fer me, I put small boodie for PDA on EBay.... awwwwww good anchorage here. I haven't scratched me eyes with me hook yet, so ye got 2 good eyes. I found a Palm VIIx, it's not a fancy color but for little quid while anchored in EBay
  14. A decent trekking poles makes an excellent addition for anyone going caching in rural areas. About 6 mos. ago I found some treakking poles at my local Target store. They have held up very will and do the job. I looked at some at REI for 89+$... the ones at Target were $15.00. I am sure the REI poles are stronger, but..89 bux??? Nick
  15. If you call going back in time 5 years swimmingly. Sorry Tom - No Mac fan here but glad to hear it is working out for you anyway. RM What's next, are you going to get a Magellan? Nick
  16. In today's North County Times there is an articial about RG's walk. http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2006/11/05...1_2311_4_06.txt The Spashes are mentioned being at his send off. If interested, here is a link to follow RG's adventure. www.wtetw.com I was wondering... if you start walking in Kanas would it be - A walk across 1/2 America? GrnZoom
  17. That could be a winner. Hope they keep the price resonable. Nick
  18. On the way to the Coins or Treats event we grabbed our 1300th, with the Simpson Clan. TeamGrnZoom
  19. WOW... $100.00 for geobuddy.. too $$$ for me. Nick
  20. Costco's price is $179.99 free shipping and handling. I bought one but I am going to return it to Costco. Other then a nice color screen, I like my "old" MariGold better. When my MG poops out, I will be looking at the Garmin 60 series for several reasons that have been stated on this fourm. Nick
  21. I may have given up too soon, but I couldn't get the 500 to D/L waypoints for GASK. I got instructions from here on the forum, but still no go. Plus, I didn't care for the battery clip, hard to remove to get to the SD card. Because the unit is small, the buttons are small and the screen is smaller than my MariGold. So.. I am going to return the unit to Costco, wait untill my MariGold poops out and go shopping then. I'll be looking at the Garmin unit for lots of reasons stated on the forum. Nick
  22. I ordered a Magellan 500LS from Costco. It arrived today. It has the battery clip for three AAA batteries, but no LiI-ION battery, but the power charging was in the box. It was advertised included was topo 3D map. You get a top map in a CD with other stuff. On the box there is a sticker "Special Offer MapSend Topo 3D for $9.99." I don't like the way the battery clip fits over the SD card holder. It's real tight and looks like it won't hold up after a few in and outs. I fooled around the a couple of hours trying to load waypoint from GASK to the 500. It can't be that hard, but I can't do it. ... any ideas? I'll call Magellan support tomorrow and see if the service is as horrible as folks have been reporting. If it is, and I can't get waypoint loaded, back it goes to Costco. Nick
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