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  1. Keep us posted on Garmins response... after they stop laughing at ya... Nick
  2. I have a Magellan. We still use it, good unit. When it came time to upgrade I went with the Garmin 60csx. Why...number 2 on my list was customer service. If you read around on this forum we will discover Garmin's customer service is excellent while Magellan's is almost non existent. Not that I expect any problems from the Garmin, but it's nice to know it's there. Nick
  3. We just grabbed our 1400th which was also a FTF Thanks to the Splashes for placing Hankey (GC106ED) Made our day !! TeamGrnZoom Nick & Sharon
  4. Thanks... again... I'll use the cable with the "can" for my Canon, Palm, Garmin and card reader. Nick
  5. I search for a 1 GB for my 60csx and found this. CompUSA : Sandisk micro. $34.99 after $15.00 instant rebate, and $10.00 mail in. Thanks for asking the question, it answered my question, so I won't have to ask the question. Nick
  6. Thanks... I figured out how to use the Page Sequence, I'll do that. Now I understand the blue circle mystery. Thanks again... Nick
  7. Not to highjack.. but if a mini USB will fist several devices, ie: Palm, Camera, GPS, card reader. Is it safe to use the same cable on all devices? Some USB cables have a "can" like thingie near the end. Are they safer to use.. what is it? Thanks.. Nick
  8. When I go to from GO TO to MAP on my Garmin 60csx there will be a blue circle around the cache location and the back arrow..... sometimes.. not always. Why is this?? And.. can I switch from GO TO to MAP with out going to FIND - GEOCACHE ect. Thanks.. Nick
  9. I have a Magellan MariGold which is working fine. I just wanted to upgrade and decided to get a Garmin 60csx and Mapsource V8. I went with the Garmin based on all the positive comments posted here. I like the Garmin, tho there was a learning curve to follow. I think the thing that sold me on the Garmin was the auto routings, new map, color, menu set up and customer support if needed. So far, all the questions I had about using the Garmin have been answered here. If you have the $$$ I would go Garmin. Nick
  11. Yeah.. micro.... mini.... a little mixup Thanks.. Nick
  12. Which is the preferred way to load up a mini SD card with MapSource for a 60csx. Use a card reader or use the GPS? Or does it made any difference. Thanks... Nick
  13. What does the hotsync log show? It should tell you what conduits blew up. Here is the rest of the log.. "An application on the PC failed to respond to the Hot Sync operation initialization notification. this application may need to be restarted." Nick
  14. I have a new Palm Z22. When I try to d/l from GASK I get this error message. "HotSync operation was terminated, Some of your data was NOT backed up. etc.ect" I looked at Palm support on line, no help there that I could find. A couple of guys on the GASK forum made some suggestions, but they didn't seem to work. Now it your turn.. Thanks.. Nick
  15. Last night I ordered vent mount for my 60csx from Mountguys.com. This morning I received a email indicating the mount has been shipped. I'll write a report on the vent mount when I get it, both in my Merc. Mt'eer and Miata. Nick I received the vent mount from Mountguys a few days ago. The first thing I noticed was that the mount didn't hold my 60csx very tight. I was thinking at the first bump or hard turn it would fall out of holder. The problem is, the little arms that hold the GPS dosen't close tight againt the GPS because the 60 is thin. I fixed the problem by adding two small strips of rubber foam to the arms that clam and hold the GPS. Now the GPS is tight and snug. When not in uses, the holder can be removed from the two "hooks" that go into the vent. Removing the "hooks" for the vent isn't that easy, but they can be slipped out by bending the vent louvers. So far and after a couple of field tests, I like it. Nick
  16. Team GrnZoom will ZOOM over from Escondido (SD). Sounds like a great event! Nick & Sharon
  17. I was in my local CircuitCity store and picked up a screen protector kit called Screen Guard by Pelican. Apparently it is designed to protect a Sony PSP screens. There are two in a pack along with a cleaning cloth and a card to smooth down the protective film and remove air bubbles. You have to cut to fit but that was easy enough. The film is a little thicker the film made by Follows that I was used in the past. Because it's thicker it was easy to put on and threre no air bubbles. Oh yeah... it was $5.00 for the two sheet kit. Just another idea to protect your GPSr, camera, Palm and other devices. Nick
  18. I got a Z22 for my geo-wife today at ComUSA for $89.00. Tell the kid behind the counter you saw it for $10.00 off on their web site. He/she will check and bingo, it's there. Nick
  19. I had the same problem with a 500LE I had. Never could get it to work. I am sure there is a way, but not for me. I returned the 500 and got a Garmin 60csx and never looked back. Sorry I wasn't more help. Nick
  20. This just might help. Check of you have the drivers installed on your PC. I had a problem like this with my new 60scx. I downloaded the drivers for Garmin, no more problems. Nick
  21. Not to HighJack the thread, but I have 3 or 4 USB cables from cameras and other gear. Are all USB cables the same? In other words, can I use the same one for my Garmin 60csx, Canon camera and Palm? I noticed the Garmin is thicker then the others. Thanks... Nick
  22. I sent my rebate request in about a week ago. Yesterday I received a email indicating it was receved. Should get it any day now....LOL Nick
  23. I looked on line. The best price (couple of weeks ago) was $119.00 I ended up getting the DVD at REI for $130.00 in the store. I guess I could have saved 10 bux, but there was no shipping or waiting. Nick
  24. Let us know how the vent mount works out. So far, it seems like my original homemade configuration (two suction cups, drawstrings and drawstring adjusters) still offers a lot of positives for me. It is very small for packing and extremely adaptable to any car. Remember, this topic is for a handheld GPS, so the mounts that are needed for a navagation unit, i.e. beanbag or dash mount, are not as necessary for a handheld. I still would like to hear more about real-world experiences on the vent mounts. When I go Jeeping my homemade mount causes the GPS to jump around too much. A beanbag would end up outside the Jeep. A suction cup mount might work. But the vent mount looks like an possibility. I just don't know how adaptable they are to different vent designs and how likely it would be that you break vent louvers on a rental vehicle. I'll write a report on the vent mount when I get it, both in my Merc. Mt'eer and Miata. Nick
  25. Last night I ordered vent mount for my 60csx from Mountguys.com. This morning I received a email indicating the mount has been shipped. I hope it works and doesn't end up in my useless gadget box. Nick
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