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  1. I have used GoogleEarth KML for a couple of years.


    Now it doesn't want to work :wub:



    I tried to delete the file and reinstall, Still no go.


    I get this error message: Invalid Menu Handle.



    Any suggestions on how to fix this??





  2. We are going to Maui next month.


    I have checked on Google Earth for caches, found some and contacted the owners asking for advice.


    I have had great response, try that.




    I'm in Maui right now. I did a few caches yesterday and hope to do a few more today. There was an awesome road we traveled to get to a cache called 12 mile.


    Honolulu caching was easy right in Waikiki.



    Great.. I'll check you profile for the caches you got in Maui.






    Dave from SD

  3. There's new firmware releases for Garmin 60 GPS units and for Palm PDAs. These releases include a change for handling redefined dates for Daylight Saving Time.



    I went to the Garman site... didn't see the D.L.S.T. link to D/L.


    Where is it?


    Got the one for the Palm.. it worked...



  4. In regards to the upcoming event in Yuma on the 11th of Feb., I know there was a certain contingent from SD headed out. (Flagman, PW, Trailgators, the Splashes and $kimmer). I just was curious if those who were coming out were planning on just making it a day trip or were going to come in the day before and bashing about Yuma and Mittry Lake? I was planning on coming out Saturday before, bashing about Yuma on Sat and staying over for the event on Sunday. Perhaps the SD crew might want to meet up before event? Anyone else besides the aformentioned folk coming out? Just a thought.




    TeamGrnZoom will be there. Thurs & Friday we will be in Phoenix checking in with our son.


    We should be in Yuma before noon Sat.


    If you need a nice hotel for about about $75.00 a night check here: http://www.yumacabana.com/


    Someone have a suggestion where the SD crew could hook up before the event.. as TT suggested??



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