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  1. I have used GoogleEarth KML for a couple of years. Now it doesn't want to work I tried to delete the file and reinstall, Still no go. I get this error message: Invalid Menu Handle. Any suggestions on how to fix this?? Thanks!! Nick
  2. Things are back to normal. No problems downloading to my cache file. Wonder what the problem was.. Nick
  3. I have AOL and that's where I am having problems. Now it's hit and miss. I used Internet Explorer browser and there were no problems. Maybe it's an AOL thing that cropped up. Nick
  4. It started yesterday. I can't download GPX file into my cache file. I click, and notlhing happends the file won't transfer. I also tried using my laptop, same thing. What's going on? Thanks.. NIck
  5. I am having this problem too.. When I click "GPX Exchange file" to send to my Cache File, it doesn't work. Started yesterday. Wonder if it's being worked on?? Nick
  6. I'm in Maui right now. I did a few caches yesterday and hope to do a few more today. There was an awesome road we traveled to get to a cache called 12 mile. Honolulu caching was easy right in Waikiki. Great.. I'll check you profile for the caches you got in Maui. Nick Escondido Dave from SD
  7. We are going to Maui next month. I have checked on Google Earth for caches, found some and contacted the owners asking for advice. I have had great response, try that. Nick
  8. We got our 2,000th cache yesterday. When will it end??? Nick & Sharon TeamGrnzoom
  9. Congrats to The Simpson Clan. They grabbed number 1,000 yesterday!
  10. I was a Magellan Man used MariGold for 1000+ caches. I decided to go with the Garmin 60csx when I wanted to up grade. Two big reasons. #1 There must be a reason why the 60csx is so popular. #2 Customer service We still use the MariGold. It's nice to have two GPSers in the field. Nick
  11. Zoomed down to Balboa Park and Old Town for some caching with the Simpson Clan today. Oh yeah.... grabbed our 1800th.
  12. Is it possible to check on my Garmin 60csx the maps (states) I downloaded from City Navigator V-8? An inventory of the states that have been D/L'ed on the SD card. Thanks! Nick
  13. Interesting. I might mess around with that idea. I am sure we all have old travel coffee mugs around. Don't need them anymore. You get a new one every time you go to Starbucks Nick
  14. We picked up our 1700th, Guano House (GC10408) on a Tri-State caching trip, CA, AZ & NV. Maybe 2000 by years end??? Nick
  15. I have had a MariGold for 3 years, it's fine, no problems. When I decided to up grade I went with the Garmin 60csx. Why: I hated the stories I heard about Magellan's customer service I love the stories of Garmin's. I don't think it the product, it's the customer service. Nick
  16. What setting/color do you set you Z22 for outside use? I am one who stands in the shade. Thanks... Nick
  17. One important fact not to be over looked is customer service..just in case... Look around here and you will find that Garmin's c/s is outstanding and Magellan's c/s.... well.... sucks...to be blunt. Nick
  18. I went to the Garman site... didn't see the D.L.S.T. link to D/L. Where is it? Got the one for the Palm.. it worked... Nick
  19. I got a vent mount from there: www.mountguys.com It was for my Garmin 60csx, but I am sure it would work for you. Nick
  20. TeamGrnZoom grabbed #1500 yesterday... There is no end to the addiction...
  21. I have two chargers for the batteries I use in my 60csx. One take hours to charge... the other one take just a hour or so. Is one better than the other? or does it matter? Thanks... Nick
  22. I though I was downloading, CA, NV, & AZ to the 1 GB card in my 60csx. When I went to "Region" I found AZ, CA, ID, NV, NM, OR, & UT. How did this happen? Not complaining, just wondering. To check, I entered a cache in New Mexico and it worked. Thanks... Nick
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