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  1. I have been thinking updating my Garmin Map Source City Nav. I have read reviews and most say it's not worth it. Plus you can only install the updage on one Garmin GPS. What your thoughts?? Thanks.. Nick
  2. Congrats to the SIMPSON CLAN ! They just got their 3,400th in just a little over two years of caching!
  3. I never heard of that before. If it were me, I would call tech. support. Nick
  4. I just put my 60CSx, between my legs on the set. Works for me... Nick
  5. WOW...... 10 grand is alot.... Congrats to you guys.. GrnZoom nick & sharon
  6. Big congrats.. Nancy... Sharon and I will buy you a beer at our next NCC event. Nick & Sharon Grnzoom
  7. HI... The MariGold is a great GPS. That was our first one, then I decided I need a color screen. My MariGold is about 4 years old and still works great. I added the street navation and we used it on lots of trips, never got lost. I have read on other fourm that the MariGold is the best GPS Magellan ever made. You made a good decision, but as you get more experience may want to move up to a color screen ect. A good friend with 1,000's of finds used the MariGold and won't give it up. Nick
  8. This may have been mentioned. Not posting parking coords. with a cache. Sure, the guy who placed the cache knows where the trail head is... but few other might not. How hard is to post parking coords. with a cache when needed. Nick
  9. We came to Maui for our 3,300th find. GC19C76 Nick & Sharon
  10. We went out with the Simpson Clan today and watched them snag their 2,300th. Congrats... Nick & Sharon
  11. I did not see them but i was in the northern part of MTRP yesterday and found some very large tracks. One was almost 4" wide. The other much smaller but surely a cat. Be careful out there. The mountain lions were down graded to bob cats today. There arn't enough deer and other large animals to support mountin lions in KC Park. Plenty of rabbits for bob cats tho. Nick
  12. We went to Laughlin for our 41st anniversary, yep 41 years together. While there we picked up our 3,000 cache. Don't know which event was the most exciting. Nick & Sharon
  13. Congrats to the Simpson Clan 1,900 finds yesterday. Oh Yeah... We got our 2,700 yesterday too. TeamGrnzoom
  14. If you still have a problem, call Garmins tech. support. I had a problem, called and the guy walked me through. Good support! Nick
  15. Maybe this issue should be taken to the county board of supervisors. There is enough brain power here to make an impressive case to the supervisors the geocaching is a good thing and that geocachers are not a bunch of idiots running around distroying the environment. Nick
  16. We took a break from shopping and went caching today. When Sharon was logging the caches she realized we had found our .....2,500th cache.... Nick & Sharon
  17. Yes, it true, you can drive through! We went to Las Vegas/Henderson with the Simpson Clan to do a little caching. This one was great. GCQ596 A Special Memory. We waited for the happy couple to fill out the paper work and say the "I do's". What a way to get married. No girlie stuff like flowers, candles, cake, bridesmaids, best men and all the other stuff. Just drive up and get it done. You don't even have to unhook your seat belts like this couple. It only takes about 20 mins. Then back to work or where every. This is a must do cache in Las Vegas. Nick
  18. CONGRATULATIONS to my bride. She solved her 100th puzzle GOOD JOB SHARON !! Nick
  19. CONGRATULATIONS to my bride. She solved her 100th puzzle GOOD JOB SHARON !! Nick
  20. Google Earth Tweaker sounds like a neat program. http://www.soft32.com/download_129958.html It willindicates the caches you found on GE, so you can avoid downloading them. Anyone use it? Comments? Thanks! Nick
  21. Are you using GoogleEarth Tweaker? Google Earth Tweaker download No, I am not a Twealer 'er using GE Tweaker. Wonder if this would help my situation with the error. Nick
  22. Need some help with Google Earth KML. I can't access G.E. KML. This is the error message: C:\Documents and Settings\Nick Ponce\My Documents\GeocachingnetworkKML.kml Invalid menu handle I tried everything I know to do. Cleaned out temp. internet files, re set cache, cleaned disk. deleted G.E. and reinstalled, same error message. Now it time to ask the "experts". Thanks.. Nick
  23. Congrats to the Simpson Clan 1500 finds in just 13 months!
  24. Live local TV for those of you that would like to watch, because some of the websites are not updated as quickly. http://www.kusi.com/ I sent this link to out of state friends. Nick
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