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  1. O.K. it didn't work the way I had hoped but OH WELL! I just wanted to quote a portion of what I had read and not the posts of 2 people.
  2. I can certainly understand that view and I don't even completely disagree with it. In some ways, it's really no different than participating in a find on a cache that one person in the group has solved or getting the answer from someone at an event cache. At the same time, though, I tend to feel that not everything in life was meant to be quite so easy. Some caches are deliberately designed to be a challenge (whether that be a TT puzzle or a DAK Girls storm drain or a monumental hike into the Anza-Borrego). Somehow, having the answer freely available on the Internet feels too easy. I am curious (and I'll probably ask them) whether these folks would respect the wishes of a cache owner who writes to them and asks not to have his or her cache listed. By the way, if anyone wants help on any of my puzzles, you don't have to go to "Spoilers.Com". I'll help you through it at any level that it takes for you to be successful. I hope the way I'm doing this quote comes out correctly or else it will seem pretty stupid. I remember just being in the right place, with the right people, at the right time to sign the log for a cache that I would have never found in my life but fate was on my side. I didn't have to solve anything and I wouldn't have been able to if I had wanted to attempt it. We all weren't born Mensa members. Some of us sat in the corner with dunce caps on but we still enjoy geocaching.
  3. Congratulations to Miragee on 1000 but I'll just bet that Idiosyncratic helped you with some of those. Gosh I miss her.
  4. That sounds like a bad habit to get over. . . . Yes . . . I know. Maybe I'll remember to post here again when I go out on my solo adventures . . . It's not a good idea to post your where-a-bouts when you have a stalker.
  5. Yep.... Yukon Cache: 0 PW&Dr.B: 1 Time for the folks that were bad mouthing this cache to post their apologies.
  6. Congratulations to TT. A childs first picture should contain a WJTB. I wonder if he realizes how hard these are to come by?
  7. I always make sure my waypoint names start with the GC code minus the GC (%drop2) - that way you can cross reference them anywhere you use them If you do it this way you can't use the Express Logger. As Toby already stated the Express Logger needs the actual GC**** to lookup the caches! Hey, maybe someone should ask Boulter to add some logic to Express Logger so it can hangle the smart names (drop 2, add GC and throw away everything after the number). Anyone want to shoot him an e-mail to ask? Dave I just did! Let's see what he says! He would have to drop the first 2 characters and then append the next 4 characters to "GC". This would get rid of the terrain rating that we also add to the end of our smart names. I got the answer back: "The problem is that you can change the format of smartnames in GSAK. I have no idea what the names are coming out as and I can't guess based on a bunch of random numbers and letters. Jeff" Yeah, but the most common (in my opinion) manipulation of the waypoint names is to change the first two GC characters, include the standard GC number after that, follow with a space and then follow with what ever other stuff anyone wants to add. So, all Boulter needs to do is change the first two characters to GC and then dump the first space and everything after it. In the old days when I used to program with BASIC, this would be a piece of cake with string commands. RM Maybe you should try emailing him too! Maybe is he hears it from others besides me, he might add an option to do it! Geez you guys are all smart. I write a few things on a slip of paper and I'm out the door. If I had to figure all this out then I would have to give up geocaching.
  8. I don't know what I'm doing but in response to Splashmans post about caches not being approved. I submitted one on 10/18 and I have had no response from the WESTCOASTADMIN. I checked and he or she hasn't logged on since 10/20. Any idea when caches will start being approved? Don't know how to do quotes so forgive me.
  9. The Yeshua Girls with their large number of hides compute out to 2.05 and are pretty high on the list as far as I can figure. Math is not my strong suit.
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