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  1. Is there a way to read the reviews a player is invited to post at the end of the adventure lab? Can I do this on a pc or phone?
  2. I loaded this cartridge onto a Monterra and the distances on the gameboard seem whacky. Instead of the 145ft square, the far corner on the diagonal is about .35mi away. There must be some conversion issue using the android app when going to locations in the game. I installed the whereyougo program and used the pocketpc cartridge as recommended. I also tried the oregon cart but got the same distance issue. I wonder if someone has any suggestions? I have not tried any other games yet and I can play this on my oregon so it is not a show stopper for me but perhaps it would be good to know for the long run.
  3. I hope this makes sense: suppose that there are two or more cachers that want to go out and find caches together as a group. However, everyone has a different amount of found caches in an area. It may not be fun to tag along to refind a cache but another in the group has not yet found it, so is it possible to create a list of caches that no one in the group has found? If each cacher made a pocket query of the same search area, how can you filter/merge all the PQ's to only show only the unfound caches that are mutual to each cacher. I sure hope someone has invented this wheel already.
  4. I have discovered that you can return to the cache description page and then swipe to the right and you will get a new map screen with the straight line to the cache and you will see the distance to destination but that appears as an overlay rather than one of the fields you select.
  5. I am wondering if you can make the unit behave like an Oregon (i.e. the line on the map is direct to the destination)when I look for a cache or waypoint the Monterra sends me on a route like a car gps so I might be 80ft from the destination but the device says something like half a mile because it wants to go to a road. This makes it like a glorified car gps rather than what I want to use it for. Am I missing a setting?
  6. I'm imagining the scale factor relates to a 1:2500 scale map. But all the other factors make me think this is exploiting a bug in the Garmin GPS 12MAP type units.
  7. Yes my Oregon can enter latitudes. In order to get close to the original cache coordinates I had to adjust the latitude down to South 45 deg. I presume the default is to start at the equator but you should be able to set a different origin as I stated earlier. If you never worked with the user grid settings before it should have been blank but mine seems to remember the settings even if I swing back to normal use and back to user grid settings. I did notice that when I enter the user grid coordinates and check the temporary waypoint, it is not accurate. I am in close proximity but the device gives me a "random" location. I can then set the the right waypoint by zooming in on the screen and pinpointing the exact coordinates and watching the UTM numbers appear. I can then set that as a waypoint and note the deg lat/long numbers. I am still hunting for a 12MAP to confirm the differences between my assumptions and what the old device actually does. If it does give coordinates to the cache, so be it. I can probably create an updated version of the cache with new parameters that work for current gpsr's. This discussion sure has enlightened me on some aspects of user grids. It seems to be an art unto itself.
  8. a latitude of S 45 deg and a false northing of 4330000m looks more realistic on my unit as it puts me near the 49th parallel. Now to find a longitude origin. The northing coordinates is approximately a quarter of the radius of the globe, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  9. I hope someone with a 12MAP sees this message and can try inputting this
  10. This relates to an archived cache. It may be that geo-trash is still out there. Feel free to PM me. I have attempted to contact some owners 12MAP's directly but sadly they didn't respond. These are 13 year old vintage units so you will have a hard time finding them so my plea is to any owner of one to dust off their 12MAP and let it have one last hurrah.
  11. I own a Garmin Oregon and if I enter the parameters in the user grid it puts me way off, thousands of miles off. I think it may have been the coding in those old units which allowed for a particular conversion. I am just curious if it really works. Here are the parameters for anyone who can do this and send me the coordinates. SET USER GRID AS FOLLOWS: LONGITUDE EAST 019 DEGREES SCALE +0.9996000 FALSE EASTING +20000.0 FALSE NORTHING +30000.0 SET USER DATUM AS FOLLOWS: DX +99999 meters DY +99999 meters DZ +99999 meters DA +99999 meters DF +9.9999999 meters THIS CACHE IS LOCATED AT: USER GRID 1725951 9980984
  12. Does anyone own a funtioning Garmin GPS 12MAP or perhaps GPS IIIPLUS which I think is equivalent and is willing to commit a few minutes to convert user grid coordinates to lat/long? It is for an interesting old puzzle cache.
  13. We appreciate the effort of Wiz in getting this worked out. yeah, the emotions are running high over this one. I can even see the concept of cache maintenance by community. But in the end, I thing we all want to see a positive solution.
  14. there are threads in multiple forums and while true that the CO did archive, maybe that was the unintended course of action.
  15. these caches need to be resurrected! not removed.
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