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  1. There is also a way to do this in MacCaching.
  2. If you have an iPod and a Mac, use MacCaching. It's free and it's been a lot of help. The only thing is if you don't have a premium membership, you have to copy/paste the cache description, hint, and logs (if you want the logs!).
  3. Ammo cans work great! I would suggest doing a dunk test of the ammo can initially because some of the cans we've found/hidden have had bad seals. If the seal is fine initially, it will probably last a long time.
  4. I recently got into my possession a (somewhat old) GPS V. I was thinking about using this for geocaching, but it's a pain to manually type in cache coordinates so I wanted to buy a interface cable. (The cable it uses is the same as some of the older GPSMAP units, the 4 prongs in a square) The only problem is my Macbook (caching computer) doesn't have a Serial Port. So, I was going to buy the GPS to Serial cord, then a Serial to USB converter. I found an $8 GPS to Serial cord, so that's fine. But for the Serial to USB that works with OS 10 and the GPS V, I found the Garmin compatible one, but stubborn, penny pincher me wanted to find one for cheaper. (Like <$15) Is there such a cord? Thanks in advance. I've looked at amazon, but wanted to ask here to make sure the one I end up buying actually works.
  5. Once I get that feeling, I have to take 3 showers before that feeling even begins to diminish!
  6. Thanks! We live in the evergreen state (WA) so I'll probably keep it green, but that's a good thing to keep in mind.
  7. I bought my first ammo box to place as a cache recently. It has those military markings on it and I know I should get those off before I place my cache, but I'm not sure which direction I should approach that from. Should spray paint off just those marking areas of the box, should I spray paint (and cammo) the whole box, or should just packing tape the "Official Geocaching.com" paper over them? Thanks for the help, I want to solve all my problems before they become problems!
  8. If you take the situation of the first post and flip it around, that's what has happened to me. I found (and logged) a cache when it wasn't PMO. Then it became PMO. My log still counts doesn't it?
  9. Unless the cache is too big to test, I usually dunk test all the caches I put out.
  10. I'm a bit of a noob, but I usually mention a NM in my found it log if the cache needs just a simple maintenance: new log/logbook (if I didn't bring one). But if the cache is falling apart, and needs a new container I post a Needs Maintenance log along with my found it log. I agree with StarBrand, I like all the info I can get on my cache!
  11. I have found that my dog makes me invisible anywhere near a trail or park.
  12. That's an interesting idea. You could have the coordinates go to some random park in the general area of the cache, then to find the actual cache location, post the offset in the cache description. (Or make geocachers find it somehow...)
  13. I've bought mine at coinsandpins.com Good selection, cheap prices, and fast shopping.
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