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  1. I'd be happy to add a few goodies - let me know when you have an address...
  2. Sorry to hear of your difficulties. I, and I'm sure others, completely understand that things happen...
  3. What do you mean non-commercial? Would one of the Big Bean series count?
  4. My name comes from my car - the PT Moozr (http://donaldlaird.com/ptmoozr.jpg). Since folks in car clubs know me as Moozer, it seemed only natural
  5. Did you catch the typo on the second one? 'Paintied cup'
  6. Dream today Do tomorrow Holding up a flyer for the dance class you're always meaning to take
  7. Today yes Tomorrow no with a reminder of a doctor's appointment this afternoon!
  8. No need to dream Do today Holding up tickets to your dream vacation
  9. Sutter: E-Mail Sent: August 1 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Recieved:
  10. Way cool idea! Can't wait to volunteer
  11. Since the pattern reminded someone of tire treads, why not run with it? Imagine this: the back has a definite tire tread going diagonally across it, with one of the following sayings: - Keep your eyes open for the wildlife, as well as the caches! - FTF isn't *that* important - FTF doesn't mean 'First to Flatten!' - Armadillos don't obey traffic signs, so you need to
  12. Moozer looks fine. Any chance of adding our kids (Mr.Moo and MissKatie)? Thanks!
  13. We have some glittery bears (gold with light purple glitter) that say 'Moo Crew' on them. We have a few available for trade, if anyone is interested. I also have some of the micro GW VI non-trackable bears (black on one side, white on the other, with 'Moozer' on them) if anyone wants to trade for them...
  14. Name of Mystery Geocoin:Creepy Crawly Cachers Method Obtained:Midnight run 60 miles to get it
  15. Great coin, and a fun story - congrats! My son, Mr.Moo, kept his backback half open during GW6, just hoping that a mystery coin would fall into it. No such luck, but he actually enjoyed being bumped into in the crowded areas, just in case!
  16. As a teacher at a large college, I applaud you for your show of knowledge. I know it's hard to work and to wait, but this weekend, you'll finally graduate. Then you'll have a diploma to call your own. But Monday it's job search time, To pay off that student loan! Congrats!
  17. Looking forward to the event and meeting some of you fine folks - and maybe even some of the not-so-fine Look for the Moo Crew - I'll be the one in the cow-spotted jacket!
  18. From reading the postings in this thread, I know that I may be opening myself to some grief, but I thought I'd post why I release coin proxies, and how I try to make it better than a 'paper copy': - I do release a number of 'real' coins, but have lost quite a number and can't afford to subsidize some coin thieves' collections. - When I release a proxy, I make sure that the word 'proxy' is part of the coin title. - I take a high-quality photo of the coin and try to enhance the tracking number to make it easier for those with less-than-perfect eyesight to read. - I print each proxy on a high-quality printer and place the printouts inside of Air-Tite capsules (used by coin collectors to store their collectible coins) These holders cost me about a buck each, but that's still less than the cost of a coin. Several cachers have told me that my proxies are some of the nicest ones they've found, which I appreciate. Moozer
  19. How about another Elton John classic - "Daniel" - Imagine: Daniel the Spaniel
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