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  1. Hey San Diego folks!


    Anyone in the mood to help a fellow cacher out? In addition to caching, I'm into California history - I've been working for over 13 years in trying to visit every single California State Historical Landmark in the state (over 1100 in total - I've visited 1043 so far - many posted at California Landmarks). The largest block of landmarks I haven't visited yet is in Anza-Borrego, some of which are supposedly on 4wd-only roads, and my little car just isn't up to the task. Although I live in northern Cal, I'll be visiting down south a couple of times this spring (once in late March, and one other time TBA). Anyone feel like helping me get out to the hard-to-reach places? The one that is supposedly the hardest to reach is at a place called Santa Catarina Springs, if you know where that is. I'd be happy to share the locations of the others if desired.


    Thanks for considering it!


    Donald (Moozer)

  2. I'm starting to work on this year's major Moozer geoevent - the 2009 Sonoma County GeoRally. It'll start in Santa Rosa, and travel along Sonoma County's scenic backroads.


    Mark you calendars for Saturday, May 2nd. I've already reserved a huge picnic area in a local park for the post-rally potluck, and am busily working on coming up with enough devious questions to keep you guessing the whole day.


    To sweeten the deal, this is also the day of the WWFM V (World-Wide Flash Mob 5), and Mr.Moo is setting up a flash mob event to take place just before the rally - you get a two-fer this way!


    I know it's a long way off, but I wanted to make sure you keep the date free. I'm expecting somewhere over 100 people at the event, so it should be oodles of fun!


    Moozer (Donald)

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