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  1. Come on up to Sonoma County, California for our 4th annual GeoRally and 10 years of caching combined event on Saturday, May 1st, 2010. Join over 100 other cachers who will be spending the day driving through some of the most scenic backroads of the wine country while caching and having fun. The combined event will also end with the traditional Moozer enormous raffle and prize presentation. See the cache listing for GC24663 for more info...

  2. I have a TB (TB2ARD6) that's for my son's 6th grade class to follow. They just finished studying the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, so I though it would be fun for it to start its travels there, in modern-day Iraq. Are any cachers there who would let me mail it to them and who would start it off?




    Donald (Moozer)

  3. Here's our cat Mr. Smee. He's a big fellow - he topped out at about 22 pounds, was about 18 when this pic was taken, and now, after a 7-year diet, is down to a manageable 15 pounds!


  4. I'm been trying to come up with a date for my big georally event in northern California - 5/1 sounds like it would be great. I get around 120 cachers each year, but might be able to aim for more this time around :P

  5. Speaking from my own perspective, there are several factors at work:


    - The general economy. I have to watch my discretional spending a lot more carefully these days.


    - The cost of geocoins. I know I'll sound like an oldster here, but it seems like I remember being able to purchase coins for well under $10 each a while back. I know that most of today's coins are worlds fancier than they used to be, but unfortunately the cost for each has grown considerably.


    - The cost of shipping. Even for those coins that aren't too expensive each, paying $2-3 shipping for a coin often moves it out of my price range.


    - Sellouts. Some of the coins I have been able to budget have sold out within minutes, or went on sale at times when I can't be near my computer to even try to get. I know that it's a difficult issue, though - what's the right balance point between keeping the value up by selling limited editions, vs. selling more common issues, but perhaps lowering demand...


    - The cost of making coins. I would very much love to have my own personal coins made, but there's no way in the world I can possibly front the $1k-2k it would take to have them made, even if I was sure I could sell a bunch of them. I have had pathtags made, though, because I can usually scrape up $100 for a batch.


    Donald (Moozer)

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