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  1. State bug is a tick? A tick? What, is the state flower Poison Ivy? B)


    I know - Minnesotans think their state has too many tourists, so they formed the 'State Visitor Unwelcoming Committee' to name the bug.


    Hope one of these coins makes its way out to California so I can see one in person...

  2. I can't completely match up the cows I have with the list - some folks have different wording on theirs. Here's my list:

    - NOSNOW

    - 911turbos

    - TeamEccs21

    - mum beanz

    - lil beanz

    - goaliegirl38

    - Eat Mor Ckn


    - FluteFace

    - Suzyfishn

    - Shadow'sFrnd

    - MrsB


    and, of course, Moozer :)


    I would love to trade with anyone else to get the complete set...


    Donald (Moozer)

  3. When I look at my list of trackables, it takes 14 pages to display. I'd love to be able to have a simple way to download the full list to put into a spreadsheet to easily keep track of them all - think PQ for trackables. Anyone have any idea of how to do this, or if it's even possible?





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