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  1. I don't live near Area 51, but my four-year-old does love Heinz 57 ketchup on everything - does that count?
  2. I got home from a trip to a trade show to find official confirmation of my loonatickiness. Needless to say, my wife wasn't very surprised Thanks so much!!!
  3. State bug is a tick? A tick? What, is the state flower Poison Ivy? I know - Minnesotans think their state has too many tourists, so they formed the 'State Visitor Unwelcoming Committee' to name the bug. Hope one of these coins makes its way out to California so I can see one in person...
  4. You might also try to see if you can spot a dumpster or the sort near the scene - it's possible the thief just tossed them, not knowing what they were...
  5. Moozer

    Clay TikiCoins!

    My box was impressively squished, but the coin arrived in the correct number of pieces
  6. I'd be thrilled to attend and bring as much of the Moo Crew as would be willing, but it would all depend on the overall costs. Funny how expenses are more of an issue these days...
  7. I can't completely match up the cows I have with the list - some folks have different wording on theirs. Here's my list: - NOSNOW - 911turbos - TeamEccs21 - mum beanz - lil beanz - goaliegirl38 - Eat Mor Ckn - FAIRYHONEY - FluteFace - Suzyfishn - Shadow'sFrnd - MrsB and, of course, Moozer I would love to trade with anyone else to get the complete set... Donald (Moozer)
  8. I'd be interested in trading with anyone I didn't catch up to at the various events
  9. Got my cows tonight, and couldn't be happier! Thanks for all the hard work to make this happen
  10. When I look at my list of trackables, it takes 14 pages to display. I'd love to be able to have a simple way to download the full list to put into a spreadsheet to easily keep track of them all - think PQ for trackables. Anyone have any idea of how to do this, or if it's even possible? Thanks! Moozer
  11. Can you add me to the list of those wanting a cheat sheet?
  12. Add me to the list of happy Mardi Gras recipients
  13. I didn't order a custom coin (too late to get in), but did get a bunch of the Roulette model. Any way I can get my hooves on one of the Mardi Gras coins?
  14. Third vote from wife's iPad as a dog
  15. Second vote from my phone as a tiger...
  16. Made my first vote as a fish - thanks for letting us know about this chance to help...
  17. Here are a couple of quick pictures of the coins that came today for my "10 Years of Caching & 4th Annual Georally" event in northern California (GC24663):
  18. I never received a shipping notice, but the coins arrived at my home in California today...
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