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  1. The package arrived in California, and I will post info and get it out this weekend
  2. Also looking forward to the next one - I think I know how to do it properly now
  3. Got my last envelope in the mail - thanks to all for the great trades!
  4. I just posted a challenge (http://www.geocaching.com/challenges/view.aspx?cx=CX1A9) that I hope is in the spirit of the original virtual caches. I had wanted to list it as a virtual, but didn't get it submitted before they were shut down. I do agree, though, that many (most?) of the challenges so far are completely ridiculous!
  5. Very cool. My son portrayed Hannibal for a school project. I hope some of these will be available for trade or purchase after the event
  6. Still waiting for last package from Sheltiedogshowlover. Should be here soon
  7. Very cool! I hope they will be available for those not able to be at the event...
  8. Thanks, and congrats. Apply as appropriate.
  9. Last ones waiting to receive: = Sheltiedogshowlover Last ones waiting for confirmation of received: = MoonCat & KDT = Sheltiedogshowlover
  10. Here's my submission for #1, 2, and 7: Fill in the Blanks (GC114T1). It's only been found 19 times since 2/2007. Just checked on it, and it's waiting patiently for the next finder...
  11. Received my package from yanagi today - yay!
  12. Two more packages today, from wilg and where'smymarbles - thanks!
  13. Package from Team Amaroo arrived today - thanks!
  14. Another arrival today - this time from steben6.
  15. Received package from drneal - thanks!
  16. All my packages went out today too!
  17. Since I managed to foul up my grouping, and ended up with way too few trades, feel free to let me know if you're interested in any of my coins that didn't trade. I'm away from email today, but will answer any offers tonight. So, when's trade #8 starting?
  18. Okay, looks like I missed out on several trade opportunities because I didn't catch the '1 trade kills the big group' concept. Oh well - perhaps next time I'll get it right
  19. Down to only 3 cows left in the event - here's to hoping they take flight soon
  20. I've sent out a couple of reminders for folks to retrieve the remaining five cows that are listed in the event. Unfortunately, they haven't yet. Hopefully people will remember to do so soon. Sorry about this...
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