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  1. I would be more than happy to send a coin or 2, even though I've already had my turn at the pass . In fact, I think I was the one that sent the package to her. Think - If I'd been more flaky and not followed the directions, we might still have the package ;)


    Donald (Moozer)

  2. Okay, the official tally was nine cows that made it home to this year's GeoRally:

    - Vivianna del Vaca Valiente (TB476F0)

    - Jigs (TB476H8)

    - Sillys Cow (TB476FM)

    - Udderly fabMOOlous (TB476FE)

    - Baby Cow Racer (TB476GQ)

    - Stella Heifer. No relation to Hugh (TB476GC)

    - Moozilla - Heifer Int’l Travel Tag (TB476G3)

    - Heifer Int’l Travel Tag- SORELLA! (TB476EQ)

    - Heifer Int’l Travel Tag - Poti II (TB476EK)



  3. Received a wonderful package today from grodan & fiabus - wow, what goodies! The family gathered around while Amoolia gleefully handed me each little package, wondering which ones she could open :)


    Thanks for all the wonderful presents - some lovely coins, Christmas ornaments, tasty tidbits, and cow critters. Also thanks for remembering my little (and not so little) ones :)

  4. Okay, I must be getting old. I puzzled longer than I'll admit over why and when I had sent something to myself. Finally decided to open it, then got it. Duh. Thanks so much for the entertainment and the cool coin!!

  5. Got the package in the mail today - it's winging across the country now :)


    Tracking number is USPS 420 14424 9505 9000 1337 1323 0001 60


    Here are a few pics:


    What goodies the previous owner included for me - thanks!



    Coins I took in trade:



    Coins I put into the trade envelope:



    Thanks for letting me participate!

  6. Signed up: Nov 11, 2011 - Moozer

    Name Received: Nov 13

    Package Sent: Nov 19

    Package Received:


    Signed up: Nov 11, 2011 - Amoolia (5-year-old smallcacher)

    Name Received: Nov 13

    Package Sent:

    Package Received:

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