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  1. Anyone wanna have a cow? I just created my wooden nickels and would like to trade anyone who's interested to build my 9-year-old son's beginning collection. Here's the design on mine: moozercoin.gif

    It's printed on a clear label applied to the wooden blank.




    Moozer (Donald)

  2. Hi there. Just wanted to let everyone know about an event cache I'm holding in April. GC10K2V is the Sonoma County Cachevenger Hunt - a cross between a caching day and scavenger hunt. We're in the middle of California's wine country - beautful scenery, a fun event, and lots of caches!


    Hope to see you there!


    Donald (Moozer)

  3. Was out in the desert visiting California landmarks (www.calandmarks.com) when my Meridian Gold got blown off a monument by a surprise gust of wind. Turns out the unit will turn on, and I can get the backlight to work, but the display won't work. It'll flash for a split-second when I turn the unit on, but that's it.

    Anyone have an idea of how I might fix this? It's out of warranty, of course.




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