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  1. No luck here, way out west - nearest item is 350+ miles away
  2. ...still waiting for the ones I ordered to arrive
  3. Here's an official-type happy birthday moo!
  4. I think the red looks great with the dark coin...
  5. I was hoping that hosting a geocoin event (GC13Q51) would attract a wandering Agent, but alas, no luck. There's always hope that placing a real-live ammo can travel bug hotel right on a major highway (GC14F4N) might help...
  6. I had half with squished eyes as well
  7. Mine came today as well Still have a set available for trade...
  8. I also was lucky enough to get a set of them for trade. Please contact me with any trade offers, and I will choose the one(s) I want once the coins arrive. Thanks
  9. When looking at the list of icons in my 'trackables' page, it would be cool to be able to tell which coins I've discovered from those I've moved. Perhaps a count like "3m 2d" to denote 3 moved coins of that type and 2 discovered...
  10. Anyone got an extra bike mount for an eXplorist laying around? My son would love to buy one fairly inexpensively... Thanks! Moozer
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