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  1. My turn When I was a kid, we had a very large Saint Bernard dog for a pet. The first Christmas we had him, we learned that 200-pound dogs and Christmas trees don't mix. No, not what you're thinking! He got close to the tree and wagged his tail. Yep - managed to knock over a 6-foot tree with one wag. This happened multiple times that year. So the next year, we try something different - we got a 3-foot tree and set it on a table. What happened? One good wag and the table (and tree) toppled right over!
  2. Thanks for the cointest, and for showing me the artwork. Will send address in email.
  3. Sent via email to not give the answers away...
  4. Cook your signature dish for a family potluck
  5. Give a loved one yet another tie as a present?
  6. Wrap any coal 'cause your kids were good for once
  7. Pretend that you like your aunt's fruitcake
  8. 1. Participating: Yes! 2. Received Name - Yes! 3. Mission Complete - Yes! 4. Santa Arrived - Not Yet
  9. If you decide to do a round 2, I have a couple of geocoin kids of my own who would love to be involved: - Sutter (aka Mr.Moo) is my main caching buddy. He's the typical kid who may complain about leaving the house to run errands, but will be the first one to run up a hill to get to a cache! He now has his own small collection of coins and is always looking for ways to earn some cash to buy more. In fact, a coin was one of his favorite b-day presents - he just turned 10 today! (www.sutterlaird.com) - Amelia (aka Amoolia) is just over 14 months old and enjoys going out caching, especially those where she gets a good ride in the stroller. Of course, now that she's walking, her favorites are those that she gets to toddle to! (www.amelialaird.com)
  10. A few years ago, I took my mom and son for a 5-hour drive to the mountains to get to play in the snow for a few hours. After the long drive home, we fell into bed. Of course, that night we had the first snow to fall in our area in *years* - even enough to stick around for a while. Figures!
  11. I got one of these in a trade, without the activation number. Did you ever find out where to get it?
  12. Any booby prize for consistency - posting 2nd each time?
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