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  1. Can you check that you do not have checked the "press enter to send" box at the bottom of the messaging window?
  2. Good catch! I will pass this along, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  3. Unfortunately, we don't currently offer a way to customize trackables. We hope to offer custom tracking codes in the future, but we just aren't there yet. However, you can: Purchase any regular trackable and activate it on Geocaching.com Use the tracking number for your item — this simply "releases" your item as the actual trackable Do not release the original trackable into the game — only one tracking code per item, please :-)
  4. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, should be fixed soon, keep an eye on our Twitter channel (@GoGeocaching) EDIT: Site is back up and running, everything should work again.
  5. Are you using IE by any chance? If so, please try using a different browser. If that doesn't help please send us an email via Help Center.
  6. Hi, can you please contact us through Help Center so we can look into it.
  7. Hey, I assume you tried this on an iOS device. There is currently an issue with entering credit card details on iOS, please try a Mac or PC.
  8. Hey, can you please contact us through Help Center if you keep having trouble renewing your subscription? Cheers, Martin
  9. Hey, could you please contact us via Help Center so that we can look into it? Cheers, Martin
  10. Hey SapperGB, could you please mail us via the Helpcenter so we can look into it? Cheers!
  11. Hey, could you please send us a mail via Helpcenter, so that we can investigate this? Cheers, Martin
  12. Hey Kirsti, Couold you please send us an email via Helpcenter, so that we can properly investigate this? Thanks!
  13. Hey all,just want to give you an update on this. Our engineers fixed this bug yesterday. All new field notes will display correct times now. Field notes that were created before the fix will still display incorrectly due to how they were saved in the database.
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