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  1. That alone is an ALR. Correct. A finder, like the OP, can bring this matter to the attention of the local reviewer and you will see the "Rules" disappear from the cache page. So u are saying any "rules" on the cache page is an "ALR" even it isnt a logging requirement rule? I'm jumping into this halfway, and haven't read the remainder of the thread, but I felt compelled to reply to this one. Any ALR that is not directly geocaching related is going against the new cache regulations. There is a little "wiggle room" that is left for interpretation, there, but it's pretty straight forward.
  2. _____ YOU ROCK!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! _____
  3. I have a Coinswag geocion I puchased from a 3rd party, and am having trouble getting my hands on an activation code. I have tried the website (which, according to Firefox and MSN Explorer doesn't exist), and any attempts at e-mail to the 'contact' e-mail is returned as undeliverable. The coin itself is an AC Asian inspired theme, front side had Japanese pagoda, top of coin 'BRoKeN W', bottom has -CACHIN' IN YOUR DREAMS- Back of coin has Japanese Kanji (track # next to it). Top has 'DREAM', bottom is 'trackable at GC.com' Anybody have any ideas on how I can activate this one? It's the only one of it's kind I've been privy to seeing...
  4. I have a suggestion for GS and Garmin: For the Garmin Oregon and Colorado (or other gps'r units where possible), could a script be written to include the date hidden of a cache in the gpx file? Not exactly a "need to have" item, but it is a bit of info that would be cool to have in the field...
  5. Eight years in the US Marine Corps ('97-'05) Wouldn't trade it for a thing. The good definitely outweighs the bad. I have had a few interactions with anti-war demonstrators, and have found that one quote pretty much sums it up: 'You criticize your government and say that war never solves anything. We have seen the innocent tortured and killed by their own people, and remember why we are fighting. For those that have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.'
  6. Being that I am little new to the 'biz' myself, I have to say that it is a little of both. You have to think of this as exactly what it is: a game. The more players you are with, the more entertaining the game is going to become. It's not always about just plugging a coordinate into a gps and finding a cache either, though. The biggest reason I started getting into caching is that it takes you to places that you may not ever visit otherwise...
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