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  1. I am so sorry to hear of Keith's passing. Windy Rock & MWGB will not be the same without his presence. I will post on the GEOCKY forums as there are still a few old geocaching souls in this neck of the woods that know & remember Keith.
  2. Congratulations Wayne!!!! I want to hear about the whole trip at the next event I see you at!
  3. Hi Omega, Neat idea. I checked the KY geocoin database and we had only 3 coins with both KY and TN in the code and they have all been sold to geocachers! Sorry!
  4. Definitely sounds like stinging nettles, I had never encountered them in 6 years of caching until this summer. Bud and I walked across an area full of them, like the picture above in order to find a cache. By the time we reached the cache it felt like my legs were on FIRE. I had never had such an intense itching sensation on my legs ever! Luckily we had some Buji stowed in the truck once we walked the trail back trying desperately not to scratch. The Buji worked well to calm the itch. Thanks for the heads up on the "jewelweed" Robespierre, I had seen some of those plants this past weekend while caching and wondered what they were. Biggest lesson learned was wear long pants, even when caching in the hottest part of summer.
  5. There are so many event caches in Kentucky over the next 2 months that it makes me dizzy!
  6. I might be able to have my friend from Massachusetts meet me here before heading down to Kentucky for the month of October. Sounds like fun - it is officially penciled in.
  7. Be nice to this little old lady! Been around since August 2001 - don't post much - I'm too busy caching!
  8. Kentucky Geocachers! Visit us at www.geocky.org What is GEOCKY? GEOCKY (pronounced "Jockey") was formed in 2003 to promote safe and responsible GeoCaching in Kentucky. Our organization has four major goals. **First, to promote GeoCaching as a sport to the local community. We enjoy our hobby and want other interested people to join in. **Second, to work to build a better understanding between Geocachers and those responsible for maintaining the land on which we Geocache. This means working with land management authorities and fellow Geocachers to make sure our hobby does not break any land use rules or upset property owners. The GEOCKY website holds lists of contacts for local parks to keep lines of communication between land owners and Geocachers open. **Third, we want build a community of Geocachers who get together, swap stories, and have some fun. After all, fun is what Geocaching is all about. **Finally, to make a positive contribution to Kentucky. We plan "Cache-in Trash-out" events at parks that need a good cleanup and other community-oriented activities to show Geocaching in a positive light.
  9. I am so excited - I will be there..... Too Many Caches? What is this strange linguistic puzzle you speak?
  10. Dooley Noted my dear friend 'neko River Hill Park has a trifecta of fun caches that I have used to convert letterboxers over to being geocachers! I was remiss not to mention it. I fully expect to be given The Bird the next time you see me. If they want to be tortured they could try Diocese Throne but I was trying to be nice to the visitors!
  11. Lexington Caches Thread I have answered this before, but also have a few suggestions if you like woodsy hiking - There aren't many wooded areas in this county - it was nearly all farm country prior to being developed, most of our land that was set aside to be parks is grassy meadowland. However, If you go east of town I suggest this group for a nice variety of types of caches and a nice walk: Weather or Not (webcam) Greetings From Belgium (puzzle - solve it ahead of time) Bison & Brahmas (regular sized container, P&G) Junk from Work (ammo can, hike in the woods) One Hot Dog (ammo can, hike through undeveloped meadow park land & woods) If you have time to drive south of Nicholasville, I would suggest this grouping, this area is near historic Camp Nelson: Happy Trails to You (ammo can - fun hike) Until We Meet Again (ammo can - fun but tougher hike) Who Cares About the Clouds When Were Together (ammo can - fun hike) Sing a Song and Bring the Sunny Weather (micro in parking area - easy bonus) All four of these make a great hiking loop Also nearby are: You Landed on Waterworks On Freedom's Trail Let me know if these are what you were thinking about or not!
  12. Hey Kentucky Cachers! Good idea to have our own slice of the forum fun. Hope to see lots of cachers in April at the Lake Cumberland/Dale Hollow event. Are you planning on doing any sandals hiking this weekend emurock? I was impressed you made it through the day at the trailmix in those. Cache on!
  13. Well, I'm not local, but will drop you an e-mail next time I will be caching in/near Bowling Green. Thanks, we met at an event up north of here, didn't we? Would love to hook up down here in the BG area and try to grab a few. I would, of course, have my younger daughter caching with me, think you met her too.... Yep, the Kentucky Trail Mix, I think we came across you and your daughter after you straight-line bushwhacked up the ridgeline! True 5 - * cache team style - awesome. I'll definitely let you know when I'm in the neighborhood - and of course your daughter should come along - geocaching needs more girls!!!! And if memory serves correctly, she was a pretty good hunter.
  14. I'm really surprised no one has mentioned Abraham Lincoln! He was a land surveyor and you know he would have been a natural FTF hound and awesome hider! This thought actually came to me when doing the Knob Creek Virtual here in KY - he lived his first 7 or so years there.
  15. I would like to say that I was thinking about Geocaching as an institution in the Sociological sense. See this definition: Institution WIKI The thread topic made me think of the institution of religion and I enjoyed some analogous free-association between geocaching and religion. We all agree that Geocaching must some rules attached to keep it civilized. The actual interpretation of the rules and the factions on one side or the other are essentially the same in their basic idealogy but they love to get into large schisms splitting hairs over what is right. Kinda like the church splitting into different sects fighting over whether to say A-men or Aaaah-men. The basic beliefs are the same, but we as humans are going to get wrapped up in having to be right and someone else having to be wrong. I think that Geocaching is evolving just fine. Since its' creation we have seen the advent of Waymarking, CITO, & I've heard a little bit about the new game Seattle has in the works that has been alluded to on this thread. We have seen locationless come & go, virtuals changed to waymarks and pocket caches nixed. I have hidden good and not-so-good caches, I have found both types as well. I have seen newbies learn from the ground up what a GPSr is and how to use it for geocaching. I have hosted some geocaching events at my home and hidden temporary caches -with coordinates- on my property for cachers to find. I did this in an effort to teach people how to use the GPSr correctly and how to search for some different types of containers in a smaller, more controlled environment. These are very kid and newbie friendly - so if it helps to get more people interested in caching, why do some people want to scream and point and say LIARS! CHEATERS! when cachers log their multiple event finds? If it really isn't about the numbers, why do people get so crazy over them? If allowing one log per geocache listing would end some of the ANGST then so be it, let TPTB do it and lets get back to finding some caches! I think the important thing to remember is that we are fortunate have the ability to play the game that we want to - if I want to spend a day doing a 5 mile hike to find one special cache, attending an event, or doing urban park & grabs, that is my choice. Just because someone tells me that my way is less superior doesn't make me up and quit or make me want to sit and argue on the forums about it. Is it spring yet? I'm ready to cache. Thanks for the thread Snoog, it has been funny. There is caching to be done and we are burning daylight with this crazy detailed dissection.
  16. Well, I'm not local, but will drop you an e-mail next time I will be caching in/near Bowling Green.
  17. It is a little bit far, but Bud or I may be able to help on one of the upcoming weekends.
  18. Huge congrats to Team GPS Saxophone! Welcome to the world, Cameron.
  19. You gol'danged sweet potato fundamentalist! You pusillanimous polecat! I am gonna forward your self-incriminating email (above) to the FBI's Sweet Potato Fundamentalist Enforcement Unit! Meanwhile, till the men in black suits come to visit, may your danged sweet potatoes develop blight! Disclaimer: I actually love sweet potatoes, and the above was written in jest. No sweet potatoes were harmed in the creation of this message. MMMMmmm! Sweet potatoes. Happy non-dogma'ed Thanksgiving Everyone! FTIW, I take all the religious pamphlets out of caches, I figure that is what the hider wanted, to spread their word to the next finder, which would be me!
  20. Sorry, I don't frequent this board that often. Our local club is GEOCKY - Geocachers of Kentucky at: www.geocky.org We are having 3 events within the next 2 weeks, you are welcome to attend. We are anticipating our 4th Anniversary celebration event in mid-December. The caches here are varied. There are many micros but a nice amount of regular sized caches as well. We have one web-cam, lots of virtuals, and lots of events. See you when you make it to town!
  21. Sounds cool, Bud and I can plan ahead to camp for the weekend.
  22. The Lexington Tool Cache is a classic, I have not done it yet but all who do never stop talking about it. You will have to check out www.geocky.org for the local caching group. Thanks for the Geocky link Turtle! Welcome ratacrats, hope to see you at an event soon. Oh yeah, and try out Bison and Brahmas, Longhorns and Llamas; it is easy, in a scenic area and most everyone likes it. It is very close to the Weather or Not Webcam on the East side of town
  23. Hey old timer! I often talk about the early days of caching fondly as well. Remember when there were only a dozen caches in town? Remember how my nearest cache page took me 50 miles out? Remember when micros were a "novelty"? But of course, we put on those rose-colored glasses when we look back. I also remember some of the not-so great stuff, how crappy some of my early hides were, how slow the website got when GC.com got popular, when the founds disappeared from the maps, when the coordinates were not so accurate due to poor GPSr antenna reception; when we would circle around a cache trying desperately to find the right roads to get to it. Geocaching.com is always evolving, I like some of the changes that have happened over the years. I usually avoid the forums, then tend to make me get jaded. Hmmm, the GeocachingPro.com idea is interesting, but man, talk about getting flack for being elitist! My husband gets his .gpx files and excludes all the micros. I filter the multis. There are still enough ways to do custom quality hunts. Ignoring the numbers is the best way to ensure a good geocaching day. I would have to counter that we have many more tools available on the website as well as fancier GPSr's with routing software and paperless caching, making caching definitely easier and more comprehensive. That being said, we had recently talked about going Geocaching "old school" with the yellow etrex and printouts in an effort to grab some of that old "fun" back. Recently a Geocaching friend told me that it wasn't usually the caches that made caching so great for him, it was being out on the hunt, enjoying hikes with good friends and the experiences that he had along the way. I tend to agree. This friend has returned to geocaching after a nearly one-year total hiatus from the sport. I'm glad to have him back. My suggestions: find someone new to cache with, take a one-month break from caching, plan a geocaching event or CITO, explore an entirely new area of the country you have never cached in. Somewhere along the way, it will come back to you. See you on the trail.
  24. Ditto on Reflections, it is one of my favorites in Louisville. There are plenty of others in the area that are fun as well. On the same trip that we found Reflections we also found Chimes of Freedom and Cacher at the Bat. All within walking distance. Have a great visit.
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