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  1. My first question to you would be if you would help any or all of the travel bugs and coins you collected with their mission. Most travel bugs and coins have specific missions and if you're not helping them along w/ that, there is no sense at all in doing what you're trying to do. Also as other already said, getting tons of logs on 1 day for a travel bug is not what most travel bug owners expect. We're happy if we get 1 log a week letting us know our travel bug is at least still traveling, but getting 20-30 on a day for a travel bug traveling w/ someone else to visit 20-30 caches is not what a large majority of travel bug owners are waiting for. There are of course exceptions to this rule and if you would have a travel bug whose mission it is to simply visit as many caches as possible, then that might be a good candidate for what you're trying to do, but most travel bugs/coins won't have such a mission.
  2. No I didn't. There was not enough room for a larger ammo can without making it more visible, if there would have been we'd have hidden a larger one. Point is too that you just don't mess w/ someone else's cache, certainly not w/o first asking/contacting the owner.
  3. We just had a group come through and hit one of our caches claiming they did 459 caches in 24 hours.
  4. Back to your original question: We believe this references to those cachers that places 100s and 100s of caches and then don't maintain them. We have 2 cachers here in our area that are apparently in some kind of "who can hide the most caches and give them names that are nothing more then going through a list of names of "x" because they can't come up w/ a clever name that has either something to do w/ the cache/the location/being original/etc." competition. This has resulted in caches that carry the names of : all the US states (a string of all US State capitals to match from cacher #2), all Canadian provinces, all former US presidents (and a string of vice-presidents from the other person), etc, etc, etc. (oh and let's not forget Silo View #1 - #89 ) Unfortunately most of them are lightpole caches on about every lightpost in the area that's not within 500 feet of an already existing cache. Few of the caches are maintained as it's simply undoable for them to maintain them all having hidden 400-500+ caches each. So pretty much all they have resulted in is having 35mm film canisters littered around the area that simply just leave trash in the end. Hence the name trashcaches. To be fair, some of the caches the above referenced cachers have hidden are quality caches, but somehow they've gone a little much overboard in their quests for cache hide achievements.
  5. We have placed several caches in Shanghai, China during the time we were traveling there at least once every 3 months. Unfortunately 3 of them got muggled and we decided not to replace them, but one of them has survived and has now kinda been adopted by a local business owner who loves the international traffic it brings to his restaurant located near the cache. The restaurant staff even helps GeoCachers w/ hints and the tool needed for some to be able to reach the cache. We meanwhile had to change jobs (not voluntarily) so are not traveling to Shanghai anymore, but we left the cache active as we know it is in good hands. Should at one point we need to maintain or archive the cache we do have friends living in Shanghai that would be able to do this/pickup the cache container for us. So we would say that if you do have backup plans in place to deal w/ maintenane and/or removal of the cache and clearly explain this to the reviewer in the reviewer note you should be able to place caches away from home. Some reviewers are more strict then others. At the time we placed our caches in Shanghai there were only about 15 within the whole city which gave some leniency from the reviewer at the time. This might not be the case for your area.
  6. As topic title already says... Wait? What? Who would think it's a good idea to replace someone else's cache container with something else without first checking with the owner? Especially if there's nothing wrong with the container. We can see replacing a leaky container that's in danger of having its contents destroyed by the weather without first checking, but even then...
  7. You can attach a photo to the log, first write the log (or if you already did that edit it), then there's an "attach picture" option.
  8. One of our Travel Bugs that was in the hands of someone since August last year got placed today Woohoo.
  9. No problem. Unfortunately we don't have time at the moment to go out there to go find them, but I'm sure there are other helpfull Colorado cachers around that might be closer/have more time.
  10. It might be oe of these cache. They are the only ones on the Mary Jane run in Winter Park that mention being an ammo can. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f8-12d862ac10a5 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...67-08891f155dc9 There is also this cache, but it has no container description: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...62-c7e6574cc81c
  11. I would post this in the forum for The Netherlands as well. Maybe someone that visits there knows MissGreetje.
  12. Great to hear that these things happen. It just keeps up our hopes for the 10-12 missing travellers we have out there, 4 of them GeoCoins.
  13. We have two Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx and compared them to other Garmins GPSs, like the Colorado and others and have found that the 60CSx is about the most accurate you can get. When using them side by side to the Colorado for example the 60CSx gets you to the caches more accurately and quicker. The Colorado was often 20-30ft further off then the 60CSx.
  14. Get a real GPS. The iPhone is not accurate enough.
  15. It totally depends on where we are going. If we're going into the woods we have a backpack w/ the following: - Water bladder w/ water - Flashlight - Swag - Travel bugs/coins/etc - Bug spray - Various tools, tweezers, magnetic telescope thingy, mirror, etc - First AID kit - Snake bit kit (well we should have one, but we don't, are planning on getting on though) - More water - Snacks, granola bars and the like - Extra batteries - all kinds of different sizes ziploc bags - all sizes of extra log sheets We're also of course carrying a GPS (60CSx) each and a cell phone.
  16. We regularly (once a month or so) check our own travelers to see what has happened to them and if they haven't moved we check the cache logs of the caches they are in to try to figure out what's going on. If they are held by a cacher and they had in their possession > 4 weeks we write that cacher to put it back in a cache. (Unfortunately we get very little responses in the latter case, but sometimes we do). We have stopped sending out GeoCoins though as the ones we did send out all went missing, except 1, which saddens us greatly that fellow cachers steal our possessions from a cache to put in their own collection. All of our coins had a mission statement, etc included w/ them so it was pretty clear that they were activated coins w/ a mission, but apparently people still can't help themselves to steal our possessions.
  17. Less then 2 hours to go before sales are closing. Just to remind you all this is the FIRST trackable regular size Idaho coin ever made. Get them now while you can. I already ordered mine a week or so ago.
  18. While they're at it they should also do something about the situation in Idaho/Montana. For the last 4 days we've had a Canada reviewer and a reviewer from Florida approve caches. This after I'd send several emails to Groundspeak telling them that caches had been sitting in the queue for 7-10 days. I offered to help, but was told "Your area is fully staffed"
  19. I didn't say something was wrong. I was just wondering why it only gave 20 find logs. I'm sure there is a reason for it and that's all I was trying to get. Apparently there is a workaround already to get all logs for a cache and since that works I'm happy. It is still strange to me that when I go to a cache and view all logs that when I download the GPX file from that same page I only see the last 20 logs + all my own logs. This just doesn't make sense to me. It would make more sense that the GPX file would actually contain what you're currently viewing.
  20. This is a known issue. Been this way since they introduced Friends
  21. Thanks, but that wasn't really what I was looking for. I needed to have all the logs on my own caches for the new FindStatGen3 that also gives stats for the caches you hid. Thanks for the answer though.
  22. When downloading a GPX file from Geocaching.com, why is there a maximum of only 20 find logs in the GPS file? I'd like to be able to download the GPX file with all finds for my caches. I have several caches with over 200 finds, so 20 isn't really cutting it. Anyway that I can get all the logs for my caches in a GPX file?
  23. Wow.. This is really really really really bad news. It will probably cause gc.com a LOT of suscribers, one of them will be me as the main reason for me to subscribe was the eBook format you got with Pocket Queries. Without this functionality I would have no clue how to do paperless caching. Unless anybody has any other ways of doing paperless caching with a Windows Mobile PDA ? If you do, please help.
  24. So aren't bowling balls waaaaay to big & too heavy to stick in about 99% of the caches out there?
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