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  1. I like the coin and would like to trade for one of both gold and silver.

    I have my personal coins in bronze and silver LE or check out my list at cointracking.com


    Team LegGoes


    PS keep your eyes open for The Mil-Vets Geocoin coming out soon These will be available for trade from club members.

  2. Caught a cache with my brother tonight while in our Cammo Kilts This pic along with a couple others are on Terra caching .com under Kaching in Kilts (LC9I) Also in the picture above in the tie-dyed shirts are Old Hippy, Leggoes, Lil Devil, & 1/2 the BootyBuddies. Old hippy & Granny and My self would like one of tour coins each.



    Team Leggoes

  3. I like the idea. I have a cache at one now in honer of our Vets this is a two stage muilti that every one seams to enjoy. I also just did a vertial in CO. that i really like it also was a locationless for the flag so ended up a two-fer. I think all vet memorials should be included Some of the majors Like the Wall, Tomb of unknowen Solders and such can be a sub category. Just my two cents form an old vet.

  4. I just got back from a cruise and found several of the gold and silver coins for sale at a lot less price Granted they didn't have the same back but I feel the mint ihas seen you coming. Your paying for a standerd die they use and one you have already payed for and all they are doing is putting gold leaf over the Moose. Sorry the price is to step for me. Loved the country hopefully be back soon.

  5. I'm glad for all the comments on this subject. The problem I seen was a cache hidden in a tree, hung like a x-mas ornament and branches have been broken and bent to the point that a clear area has been exposed. This is damage that should not have happened and was below the actual hiding plase of the cache, I am maintaining this cache for the owner and the damage occured with in the first 5 finders. that is why I sent the origenal notice.


    Thanks and happy caching :rolleyes:

  6. I have noted that in some places where caches are hidden, some of the ground-cover and surrounding foliage is being damaged. :blink: This is happening in parks and on trails when searching for a cache. Some of this is I believe is being done by the younger cachers that are either not supervised or not shown how to handle the live foliage in the area. I feel we should all strive to protect our environment and keep it clean during our searches. If we can get this massage out to most cachers; just being aware may help us from being kicked out of areas because of misuse that might cause damage.


    Thanks for hearing me out and happy caching to all. :D

    LegGoes & Dr. Angel

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