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  1. Why did they change the send to -> Garmin gps??? I have a perfectly good Magellan that was awesome to geocache with, now its just another electronic laying around.

    I have downloaded EasyGPS and to no avail no luck. This has ruined geocaching for my friends and family. I dont know why they had to change something that was easy and fast to work with.

    I have the geocaching app on my phone and that too lags. Very disappointed.

  2. I'm sure you have more Magellan customs than you think. It wouldn't be hard to create a platform for Magellan as well as Garmin. 

    This is so difficult now, to the point my kids and I lost interest. 

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  3. When I first started Geocaching I downloaded my caches to my Megellan Explorist, which was a GPS especially for geocaching. 

    Now your website only supports Garmin??? Why???? Why can't they support Megllan?

    The geocaching app for cellphone is terrible, not to mention dies down your battery. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, lil Shmoo said:

    My compass disappeared off my android phone, so I can't use it for navigating to a cache.  I don't know why/how it disappeared.  It used to be there, and now I just get a message that says my device has no compass.



    Did you try deleting the geocache app and reinstalling it?

  5. How do I sync this with geocaching.com?? They deleted it!

    I've been a member for at least 7 years, and wanted to get back into it. its a little different these days.

    I dont want to use my cellphone as it uses up my battery.

    Thank you!

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