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  1. Sometimes change is good. Once I found a standard LPH with a terrain rating of 3.5 and another time after several attempts I found a cache hidden on the side of a cliff (scary climb required) with a terrain rating of 1.0. The CO's changing those made me happy.
  2. If one of my caches can't be found please leave a DNF or NM note or email me. If found and it needs service it's ok with me to make repairs or replace logs but please let me know via email or your logs. Once somebody did throw down their on container about 3 feet from the hide and logged a find with no mention of that fact. I found out later when others started reporting two containers. I don't like this idea of others changing my hides without first checking with me. When it comes to caches I'll take the republican route (More government and rules not desired).
  3. Witches circle, crack pipe a few miles into the wilderness where lots of bushwhacking was required, iphone - which I was able to return to the owner, 1920 penny in the middle of the woods, sex toys, kangaroo mouse, and much more. I always have fun on my hiking cache runs.
  4. I only log DNF's when I think I've searched the area well. A muggle showing up 5 minutes into my search won't count as a DNF. As of today I have 558 DNF logs.
  5. I have no problem with closer dates. I have a few hides in an area that is closed to the public during hunting and fire season. Another cacher has a hide near me that is shut down during the marijuana harvest (don't want cachers to be shot). There's a lot of reasons a cacher may shut down a hide for a spell.
  6. Wow. It's hard to believe that somebody left a geocache that looked like a pipe bomb near a school. I hope there's more to this story than it seems. But this does support my theory that a child can find a Difficult 5 level cache faster than experience cachers can find a level 1.
  7. Sounds like the CO decided "special equipment" was needed (a car), so 5* terrain. I think that is boggus. A car is not special equipment. Not to mention that the whole 5* terrain for special equipment required is kind of boggus in itself. Try one like this if you want a true 5* terrian http://coord.info/GC2AWKV. I don't see the "5"? Were ropes required to reach the summit? To me just a long, hard, steep climb without special gear is still a 4 or 4 1/2.
  8. If somebody ever stickers one of my hides and muggles the container, I'll replace the container with a new hint - "Behind the sticker".
  9. Actually, a weather sticky tape with "GEOCACHING.COM" would be nice. Just peel off what you need and apply to your container. It should be cheaper than stickers.
  10. Sometimes things work in reverse: Log In this case a geocacher (me) scared a muggle (lone female in the woods).
  11. Let's see - An active Witches circle in the woods (just had to place a cache near it), many dead land animals, gross things including adult items, drugs, crack pipe in the middle of the wilderness, dead seal, dead whale, and yesterday I found an I-phone on a trail (and returned it to the owner).
  12. Sounds like a good idea to me. My first thought was a Wherigo cache or even an Earthcache. But whatever you come up with to get them there would work for me.
  13. Most commercial lighting is 277volts. Many times that skirt could allow contact with the wiring if something were shoved under the mounting plate. MOST of the time the wire is installated so no shocks. However, I once found a cache which was a bison shoved into an electrical LB at a light pole. The end of the metal bison was a fraction of an inch from a BARE LIVE 277v line (I'm an electrician and I checked). The cache owner thought best to archive that hide. The owner of the lamp post had to make repairs (I didn't get the job).
  14. No. Just because you are bothered by poison plants doesn't mean the next cacher is. I eat peanut butter, eat shell fish, drink milk, and wade through PO but none of that affects me in a negative matter (except perhaps putting the pounds on). As long as that hide has the poison attribute I see no problems at all with the so-called danger. You've been warned.
  15. My last two FIND PQ's are listed with a small icon in front - a red circle with an "X" in it. Both PQ's won't load properly into GSAK. Of course I still have to wait 7 days before trying again. I've never had problems in the past and as far as I know nothing has changed on my computer. The regular PQ's are fine. Does anybody have any ideas what I might do to correct the problem?
  16. I'm often surprised where I find evidence of people in the wilderness. Once I crossed a chest high creek, bushwhacked a couple of miles (but with a few animal trails here and there) and fought my way through head high bush and scrubs where I sat down to rest on at a small bare ground area. I looked down and spotted a crack pipe - WHAT? Who in the world would hike out here through that stuff to smoke crack. I have only two possible answers - they were very, very high. Or the pipe was dropped from an aircraft.
  17. I usually avoid stealth. I get a lot less questions from those around me and get stopped a lot less by the police. I'd just walk up, act like I know what I'm doing and (hopefully) make the grab. It's a good time to explain to others the game of geocaching if caught and questioned. I've had the police help me search. I had muggles join in and make the find before I do. After 4000 searches I've never had a bad experience with muggles. This is a fun activity to be shared. I don't know of any cache which went missing after I did a non-stealth search.
  18. We found MINGO a few years ago. I've been waiting for somebody to place an older cache every since and I'm still waiting.
  19. Look at the ratings and start with the easy ones first then work your way up to the harder puzzles. Keep trying and good luck.
  20. Hides in front of secrity cameras. Private property - Even if the owners approve it is the neighbors who call the police. OP's "No traffic - ok to park in road" when it's a very bad idea in almost every case. Most ivy and bush hides - give it a few weeks and the place will be torn up. Pull outs with "NO Parking or Emergency Parking Only signs" Any location where there isn't a "reason" to place a cache (drop and run). Please find some point of interest in your hide location!
  21. From my DNF's one can conclude that some listed geocaches must be myths! I'll be looking forward to 10-10-10. Geocaching is fun for the whole family. You can't say that about many things.
  22. If I didn't draw blood on my caching hikes then I didn't have any fun. My DNA is all over the mountains and hills around here. I'm beginning to think that "bloodletting" has something to it!
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