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  1. Thanks for the pages with the reviews. They really don't tell me what I want to know (how are the views on the screen of my palm) but they give me lots of new software to check out on the web. I tried going to the Quo Vadis link but for some reason it isn't connecting at this time. I don't mind paying $50 or more for the software as long as it does a decent job of displaying itself on the PDA - giving useful information. Thanks for the helpful hints.
  2. I have a basic etrek GPS and a Tungsten E PDA and want to map cache locations. At BEST BUY the clerk said that Handmark's StreetFinder was the best mapping software for the Palm that they carried so I purchased it. However, I find that it is almost useless from lack of map details (zoom out - only major highways and zoom in - very few street names). I can manually input points but then the ID labels are so large that they block much of the map. I use GSAK but have yet to figure out how to import data into StreetFinder. My questions: Can I make what I have work better? Or better yet: What's a better mapping program for the Tungsten E where I can view details and import the cache locations?
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