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  1. Yes you can, see FAQ and scroll down to #7.. Disregard the "Watch the memory usage figure on the bottom left, and don't go over the limit for your GPSr (56MB for the 60, 115MB for the 76).
  2. You can get it here at Amazon.com for $64.99
  3. Yes, and every time you change batteries
  4. If Garmin replaced your old GPS, then you can call them and have them remove the old one you registered
  5. The NT version of MapSource City Navigator v8 always downloads routing information to your GPSr. As a result, that box is always grayed out when you're using these maps. --Larry Does that hold true for City Select NT v7, because if I shift to City Select NT v7 it's also grayed out?
  6. I second GSAK, I would download Version 7 Beta, it works great
  7. Mine is also grayed out and I'm using NT v8, I don't have Topo Maps, my GPSr is a 60Csx
  8. Thanks, for the Japan Map link, and yes it has Okinawa in the maps
  9. You think it's bad now, wait until Christmas day when all those new GPSr are opened up Merry Christmas
  10. I would imagen your Explorist 600 will be obsolete by the time the Galileo system is functional Galileo
  11. The next 11-year solar storm cycle should be significantly stronger than the current one, which may mean big problems for power grids and GPS systems and other satellite-enabled technology, scientists announced today. Full Story
  12. Team GCHound, or anyone else, if you would like to subscribe to the email notification here's the Link
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    I accept your apology. Didn't know I apologized for anything Old running joke. Appropriate in this case. Feel free to PM me and I can change your topic title. Any moderator for that particular forum can. Keystone and I can change any topic name in any forum. Sorry, I didn't know it was a "Old running joke" in that case I apologize
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    I accept your apology. Didn't know I apologized for anything
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    That's strange, this is the first forum I've seen that will let you edit the text, but not the title
  16. Team GCHound, I used to be on a mailing list, but I found it to be to slow, it ways a couple days behind, so now I just check the site every morning at GPS Active NANU List
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    Is there a way to edit the topic title of a post?
  18. New Satellite launched 11/17/06 has been made usable on 12/13/06 @ 03:07 UT 2006161-------------------------- NOTICE ADVISORY TO NAVSTAR USERS (NANU) 2006161 SUBJ: SVN58 (PRN12) USABLE JDAY 347/0307 1. NANU Type: USABINIT NANU NUMBER: 2006161 NANU DTG: 130309Z DEC 2006 REFERENCE NANU: N/A REF NANU DTG: N/A SVN: 58 PRN: 12 START JDAY: 347 START TIME ZULU: 0307 START CALENDAR DATE: 13 DEC 2006 STOP JDAY: N/A STOP TIME ZULU: N/A STOP CALENDAR DATE: N/A 2. CONDITION: GPS SATELLITE SVN58 (PRN12) WAS USABLE AS OF JDAY 347 (13 DEC 2006) BEGINNING 0307 ZULU.
  19. Garmin wants $150 to fix it, it's not worth it, I told him to take the $150 and put it toward a new GPS
  20. Thanks Prime Suspect, A friend of mine was trying to do a software update on his GPS lll Plus, and it didn't take, now he has a blank screen that says No Data, so thought maybe a hard reset may work, do you have any advise on a fix?? <Edit> BTW, I bookmarked the site, Thanks again
  21. Does anyone know how to do a hard reset on a Garmin GPS lll Plus?? Thanks Jim W
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