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  1. I'm able to open the maps which is great, but tracks aren't working. Are you seeing that as well? JT
  2. Looks like Expert GPS is PC only and GPS Babel only converts data (not maps). Any other suggestions? Are TOPO! State Series Maps still being sold in stores? Must be PC only now?
  3. Why toss the software in the trash? It still works, and for the most part things won't change, so it is still useable. I've been using the same Topo Colorado for 9 years and it works perfectly for me. IMHO.... as long as a program does what it is supposed to do I'll continue to use it until something better comes along. In the case of the state Topo series.... nothing has (yet). But the newest version of TOPO! doesn't run on new Macs with Mountain Lion?
  4. Looks like National Geographic has discontinued the TOPO! State Series program. Looks like Mountain Lion is not compatible with the current version of TOPO!. Any other program read the maps? Is everyone just tossing their State Series Maps into the trash? Thanks, JT
  5. Well, that was easy! 1 - Used Garmin MapConverter to convert the TOPO USA 1000K maps from PC to Mac. 2 - Transferred the maps to my Mac. 3 - Used Garmin MapManager to install the maps on the Mac. 4 - Opened BaseCamp and there they were! Now, the only problem is they are really old There is a third bridge in my small town that does not even show up in the maps. Oh well, at least most of the stuff should be good. JT
  6. Are there issues with older versions of the 1000K series? I have TOPO USA 1000K but it is version 2. When converted to the older maps work in BaseCamp or do you need RoadTrip? What is the difference with them? Looks like BaseCamp is updated more often. JT
  7. Well, the only GPS I have owned (sold it) was the original eTrex. It was a nice unit to start with but I eventually decided I wanted map capabilities. I will definitely start geocaching again, but mostly want it for backpacking. I was just backpacking last weekend in the Jefferson Wilderness and ran into a lot of snow (couldn't find trail) and low visibility. The map and compass just weren't doing it for me in that situation. Realized just how much I miss my GPS. Good thing my fiend had one! His didn't have maps as well, and it would have made a big difference. In addition, I used the eTrex on my bike and will get a bike mount for it as well. So, it needs to be small, good visibility on a bike, and capable of mapping. I'm looking at the eTrex 30 or Dakota 20 (started another thread about this). I've used the National Geographic TOPO! State products for years (synced waypoints with the eTrex) and in an ideal world I would be able to transfer those maps. However, looks like that is not going to happen (another thread). The upside is that on the National Geographic thread there have been some great alternatives mentioned. I have used (and own) an old copy of MapSource 1000K (version 2) but never really liked it (why I purchased National Geographic TOPO!) Although, it looks like it might be better then the basemaps that come with the Garmins? I'm on a Mac now so I guess I have to use a program to convert them for the Mac - I'll have to look into that. Although I did take a look at the new Garmin 24K series and that may be the simplest answer to all of this. JT
  8. I would love to hear what you decide to use - looks like a lot of options! JT
  9. Several years ago I biked a good portion of the Oregon coast with the original eTrex mounted on my handlebars. It actually worked rather well. It was obviously monochrome, so that probably helped. Not much sun on the Oregon coast that trip so that probably helped as well JT
  10. I was originally hoping it would (thought it might be a deal breaker), but it looks like there are many other options available for maps outside of Garmin that would work fine. How often do you think most users make custom maps? JT
  11. So to my original question, I could use the National Geographic TOPO! maps (as custom maps) if I printed them as .jpg file and georeferenced them? I see that would be more trouble then it's probably worth. Thanks for the additional info, I will look into these different options when I get my GPS Unit. JT No thats not correct. "Custom Maps" does not refer to non-Garmin maps, it refers to a way of loading a georeferenced picture as an overlay. Any of the non-garmin produced maps listed here will show up as if it was an officially produced Garmin map, and can be loaded to any Garmin that accepts maps(even Nuvi's etc). More details here---> http://www.garmin.co...rail/custommaps Even though the Etrex 30 doesn't list custom maps, it hasn't even been released yet, so I wouldnt hold to those specs. I wouldnt worry too much about them as they have little value anyway as there are much better ways to display custom raster imagery.
  12. Yes, I'm thinking you might be correct - the Dakota might be the way to go. I was about to get it, but then started reading more about the screen. Seems the Dakota can be a little hard to read in bright light? It looks like it's not a problem when holding it as you can adjust your angle for best viewing, but I wonder about putting it on a bike handlebar? I don't think the Dakota is going up in price, and I don't really need the unit until September, so I'm thinking of at least waiting until the eTrex 30 comes out to see if the screen is improved. I'm seeing August 16th, that's not too long a wait ;-) I just hope the reviews start soon after! Thanks, JT
  13. Dave, Thanks for posting those shots. The Garmin BirdsEye looks amazing! 20 years ago the Garmin 1000K was the best I could do - things have come a LONG way! Are those worth it on a small screen like the eTrex or Dakota? JT
  14. Thanks for all this info - VERY helpful! Just so I understand correctly, if I go with the Dakota 20 (allows custom maps) I can use all the different maps/services listed. However, if I go with the new eTrex 30 (looks like no custom maps) then my only real option is the Garmin 24K series maps. ( I want these maps for hiking and backpacking.) Is that correct? JT
  15. Wow, the Dakota 20 for 210.00! That seems like an amazing deal! JT
  16. Thanks for the info! "So what model DO you have?" I"m looking to purchase one soon. Looking at the eTrex 30 or Dakota 20. Looks like the Dakota could take user maps, but the eTrex has some conflicting info. JT
  17. Hello, I'm in the market for a new lightweight GPS unit I can use for backpacking and geocaching. I owned the original eTrex and it was great, but I wanted something that I could use maps with - sold it. I've had good luck with Garmin, so I will probably stick with them. The Colorado and Oregon models like nice, but more weight then I want to carry. I wold like the barometer and electronic compass. The Dakota 20 looks great, but it also looks like the eTrex 30 should be out soon. The price of the eTrex looks to be 299.00 and the price of the Dakota 20 is 295.00 on Amazon. I know the 30 isn't out yet os no one has played with it, but on paper is there any reason to choose one over the other. Size, weight, and price look close. Thanks for any help! JT
  18. Interesting that the spec page says no custom maps? Garmin's custom map page lists the eTrex 20 & 30 as compatible? https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId=%7B7aca6c60-ac37-11e0-d01c-000000000000%7D JT
  19. Well, I"ve been using TOPO! for years on my computer and it works great. Is there a better solution? Are the Garmin 24K series better? What are these free maps you speak of? Are they good quality? What do you do? Thanks! JT
  20. Can the National Geographic TOPO! State Series maps be used as custom maps for Garmin GPS units that support custom maps? If so, anyone done that and have the steps to complete it? Thanks, JT
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