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  1. who is ron? hah!!! Ron is one osf the foremost geocachers in our area. he basically brought geocaching here from what I've heard. He is also one of the most prestigious hiders of the cache with well over 100. He has some great caches to find and is almost at 1000 found. His caches are well thought out and tricky. Anyway...someone else want to chime in?! We 2 that! Some of are best finds have been of Rons. Just wished he had more time now to hide some more! When I want to hide a cache I some times think....well what would Ron do or a few others out there... It looks like we got to meet Ron just as he was starting to slow down a bit....For all you new cacher's out there you will enjoy looking for and finding his caches... If Geocaching had or will ever have a Hall of Fame .. We vote him in!
  2. It would be interesting to learn what features put Cachemate over the top for you. What does it have that the others do not, and what do the others have that Cachemate lacks? As a brand new user of Plucker I am not yet wedded to anything. Since you have done all the research, can we pick your brain? Well here's my side of the deal, After trying them out On the Plucker side I didnot like going to the GPX spinner and then to plucker and then to pda ect. With the gsak once the file(s) is in gsak you hit the cachemate button and its in there, my pda screen comes up and there on there way, was a very fast thing for me. Just seems so easier to use them and that way, I hope thats makes sense?? Also in the gsak I really like how its laid out and what you can do in there ect...still learning the ropes there but we seem to like it over the rest. On plucker the lay out like the website was great, but it dont seem you can do much there like in cachemate. In cachemate being able to log it and then it moving it into a file that shows you that you fond it was the bottom line for me. After doing an all day cache run, and doing it with zero paper, we had to beable to see what was found and not. 20 to 30 caches in a day...well My memory is not that good. Also being able to track tbs on it and took/left notes was that deal for us. But then again this is all in the last two days for us and we will see what the next day brings. Will be doing about 15 caches in Sac. on 9-1- useing both programs so stay stuned for more info. on that. One last note when downlading waypoints from gsak to gpsr was very smooth and just seem to fit me better. Hope this helps out? may not make any sense to anyone or it mite?
  3. Thanks to all that responded to my question... We went with a palmone zire 72. Down loaded all the support programs and tried them. Liked a few things about them all!!!!! Looks like the winners are GSAK with cachemate for now. Now if someone can just take a little of this and that and make a program with it all...lol....ok maybe iam dreaming now...But looks like this will get the job done. Thanks for all the feed back.. Also just a note: updated to a Meridian Color and WOW!!! How nice of a change that was!Love it and has been A+ so far!
  4. Hey all !!!!!! Thanks for the info so far!!! A big to all of you. Looks like my biggest thing so far is going to be what program to use, cachemate / spinner&plucker and the list goes on and on. Again thanks for the feed back! Happy Caching...
  5. This is for all the paperless cacher's out there. We are looking in to it and it seems to be the way to go now? So any feed back would be great...what plam u use, ect ect..... Thanks so much BKS
  6. Hey Bill maybe we need to gang up and get that thing back home!!!!
  7. So do we get FTF....LOL...Its not our BAD....Also #2 needs a little work. Please Be carefull on that one if you go before Ryan looks at it!
  8. Got to stop #3 on Tek's new Indiana Jones today and well??? you may find out or not? Its up to Tek now? So far it's a pretty cool cache
  9. Just placed out first multi...we hope it wont take long to get approved, so be on the look out for it!
  10. Keep waiting Tek....Ive got some way ahead of you and still have not got the green light.... So time will tell.....
  11. I was just kidding. Same as my offer to help (which would have been cheating big time). I doubt step 4 is missing though. Thanks Bill Thats what Ryan said So back to the drawing board as they say
  12. You can't beg for clues... cheater! LOL We dont need no stinkin clues......4th stop on mag. tour appears to me mia! just want to know? Just want tek to check out
  13. QUOTE (Green Achers @ Aug 22 2004, 08:38 PM) Hey Stocktonians! What's going on with your patrism? Why have only two of us completed the 4th of July Series Caches? Humm??? Make that four of us please!! Got this one today! Took 1hour and 55 mins. to complete. Got to #4 on magnetic tour today and well we will email tek!
  14. U can allways cach in other places or go to Mammoth like we did this weekend and guess what! ROCKS LOTS OF ROCKS and no bushes lol....just had to say that!
  15. Going caching in Mammoth Lake area this weekend, anyone got any good cach's they have been too that we need to add to our list!
  16. Also any one know where to buy this unit around here? If we go with that unit? thanks a bunch
  17. Looking to buy a GPSMAP76CS what can any one tell me? Are they worth the $450.00 any feed back is great! Have a etrex vista now looking to update thanks all Looks like we got to try that magnetic tour!!!! So where's Ron these days!!!!
  18. Looking for Jeep TB...any one help us out, Been away from caching for to long now and now we are ready to get back at it!
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