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  1. We like what one of our CVC cachers did over the last weekend! Now thats the ticket...Good job Sanruft and family. Maybe its time for TeamTek to do some thing like that, then maybe you will get that mad dash to the North... After all the North side has more places like this than we do down here! We just did a caching trip this weekend down highway 395 and was great!!! There was also SUN!!!!
  2. I like to think that I am a little smarter than the average bear, but I don't know where to start with this thing! My sentiments exactly, Ted. I'm totally confused and frustrated! I guess we will just have to meet tomorrow at 10:00am and have a mini Event Cache. -Laura Been to this place a few times over the years! We think it used to be open one day during the week but only Sat. now But we know what Bill is thinking Too bad we are leaving tonight to get out of this CVC area for a few days... this weather has us
  3. So who plans on going this year any one??? Any CVC Cachers?
  4. Can any one help us out with a clue to Blooming Cache (GCKFK6) Thanks.....
  5. That looks like a lot of fun!!!! @%$% I think I have a race that weekend So did any one from the CVC go in 2004? If so how was it? and what can you say about it.
  6. Can we have that email address to where you sent that??? I think we all need to email them with a letter some thing like that so they get our side of it and to voice our minds also.
  7. Crap... I'm on your side. THAT'S A BUNCH OF, sorry cant say that here!!!! If that is true MPD will get a letter from us to state our minds. Monday iam making a few calls to my law buddies to to see what the facts are here.
  8. Sorry to see that Sanruft has archived his caches!
  9. So now what? Is the MPD going after Camel? thats what iam sitting here wanting to know? Do they know who placed it ect? We are behind our fellow cachers 100% hang in there Camel. I still think the MPD jumped the gun on this one. I just hope this all works out for everyone. I dont think we need to go around and take our caches back and archive them, that would just be giving in too them and doing what they want us to do. Maybe the ones on school grounds, close to police stations ect. owners may want to remove them? Yes we do need to move on and this will/ maybe something we all can learn from. Hang in there Camel!!!
  10. All I have to say is if that cache was marked www.geocaching.com and the MPD did not take 5 mins. to go look that up them %%@# on them. There @ a school and had internet right there, iam sure they got wireless with all our tax $$$. Sorry this makes me so mad that they have to take such a little thing and make it a big deal and to BLOW up a rubber maid or something close to that container. Ok i had to vent some here........ but come on MPD..shows how #%$%# they are some times.
  11. We see how the Stockton cachers are!!!! Ok not ALL just a few......
  12. $ATM$ requested a moment of silence while we pay our respects to the lost Travel Bugs. I told her it didn't have any bugs so she's fine with things. OMG! I'm sorry to read about this happening Camel. I hope Modesto will be more considerate in the future. Maybe an educational email to the trigger happy force is in order!?! But you said ''they KNEW what it was.'' Did they really? THATS MPD FOR YOU!!!! Good old tax $$$ at its finest Sorry to see ur cache is up in smoke camel
  13. A Ripon Multi & TB Hotel is up and running again. Left two tb's and a new CA coin. Happy Caching!
  14. Por favor, no mangullar l'Espanol. Che prosimmo, Italiano? Ash'ta Nihongo? Yes, I'm disappointed that very few have found my two newest caches. Perhaps it's because they are too hard? I guess I'll go back to placing boring old regulars or micros with bad coords........ Laura Outrageous Maybe when all this rain STOPS!!! we can go out again!!! Keep them HARD!!!
  15. Found this today, Kinda got a big out of it. link: http://www.shadowedillusions.com/forums/im...612_Posting.swf make sure your sound is on!
  16. Welcome!!!! More Ripon Cacher's!!!!!! Try Best Buy, We have bought a few gps'rs from there. Also try the Ripon Caches close to home!!!
  17. First off use cachemate, with GSAK and you will be home free. Its so easy. Forgot how to use plucker, and we dont want to go there!!! Get cachemate and then we can talk.
  18. I tested this on my own cell phone and was able to enter a log. check it out at http://wap.geocaching.com This will be the permanent location for the WAP interface. You can also log caches with a web browser if you want to bypass all the web pages on geocaching.com Let me know if your phone doesn't work with it. We tried it with a multitude of mobile phone simulators, but I'm sure we missed a couple. Found this on the site, some may want to try it!
  19. HELP!!!!! Ok Ive ran pocket queries many many times and allways got my email back soon with the down load. Have ran it tonight like 4 times and been like over 2 hours and NO EMAIL??? Any one got any suggestions? Or had this happen before?
  20. Hey Outrageous Fortunes email is on the way If we make it GRB Bandit said she would bring our kettle with plenty of nice HOT TAR!!! Hope u all can stand the smell
  21. WOW!!!!! U guys are up to it this week!!!
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