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  1. Also it is probably a better thing that you are doing it this weekend raqther than the weekend before due to that I am sure most places that have water will be full the weekend before. Due to the opening day of Trout season.


    ??? trout season is open year round in lakes last time i checked??? could be wrong...seson opens for streams on that weekend..however....tobad it looks like the pass will be closed with all this snow and bridgeport fishing will have to wait! :)

  2. Is that an invite?


    well I do work on 2 race teams that will run some races at 99 and other tracks this year! have to see what we can do! you can always just pay the pit fees and just go in them if you wanted too....its a bit more $$$ that way if you dont have your lic.


    GO CARDS!!!!! :D:D

  3. Grown men driving in a circle.... oooh....aaaah....riveting.


    Oh yeah.....






    like watchin grown men running after a ball is..lol.. :P hey i am an ex nascar racer/driver so its in my blood! :o You should come up to 99 this year and go in the infield and watch a race from that point! :laughing:

  4. The only thing the Steelers will be doing is Paying there own way into Disneyland.


    We will be caching on Sunday! May then best team win! GO CARDS......lol..Steelers all ready have a bowl wins..Hey gocacn your ready for some NASCAR!!! ONLY A FEW MORE WEEKS.....!!! :) Also 99 will start up soon....cant wait!

  5. I sure hope geo bandits has a sense of humar :huh::unsure::anibad:


    I guess I should not tell all of you I have like 30 or 40 more of them to put out. But dont worry thats not all I have..hummmm just have to wait and see...I have also tried to post a few other types however the geo gods said no :lol: and I have to work out some bugs... :unsure:

  6. Ok the Travel bug rules are posted on the Cvgoeocahers page. Lets have some fun with this.

    Here are the rules agian


    1. This Race is open to all Geocachers

    a. All Travel Bugs must be registered At the Febuary Event

    b. There is a limit of two Travel Bug Racers per Person.

    c. All Travel Bug Races must have a Groundspeak Tracking Number. All other tracking services are prohibited.

    d. All Travel Bugs must have 0 miles before the start of the race.

    e. All Travel Bugs must be present at the February Event - Note that the owners do not have to be present at the event. Please make arrangements to have your Travel bug present at the event.

    f. At the event the bug will be tagged as to being in the 2009 CVC Travel Bug Race.

    g. At the end of the event the owners will collect their own racers and place them in a cache of their choosing as quickly as possible.

    h. The race is over In November. Awards and prizes will be handed out at that time

    2. Once placed, the owner is no longer physically able to move their Travel Bug. Owners may "end their race" by retrieving their Travel Bug. Once the owner has "picked up" their bug they cannot place it in another cache.

    3. Participants of this Race may not move or impede the progress of any competitor’s bugs.

    4. Participants of this Race may not create sock puppet accounts in order to move their own bug. There are no hand-offs allowed. Movement of a racer by a participant's spouse, child, parent, brother or sister,

    5. All transportation of the Travel Bug is to occur naturally. Ideally one cacher will move the racer to a cache where another cacher will pick it up and repeat the process. Bouncing of a travel bug from cache to cache by the same cacher is strongly discouraged and will result in a disqualification if it is deemed excessive by the judges.

    6. The Travel Bug Racer is required to physically visit geocaches and be hand carried by a cacher. No snail mail. No FedEx. No UPS.

    7. Due to the difficulty in determining if a Travel Bug has gone missing, the racers are not allowed to be relaunched with a COPY tag or other copy of the tracking number.

    8. Violations of rules 1 through 7 will result in a disqualification of the offending owner’s Travel Bug Racer. When a Travel Bug is disqualified by the Judges it is out of the competition. Period. There are no appeals.

    Prizes will be awarded to the travel bug that:


    Accumulated the most miles

    Most miles and returned to owner

    Visits the most caches

    Visits the most States in the US

    Visits the most countries outside the US

    With the least amount of miles

    The People's Choice Travel Bug


    I should have the event posted this week. DO NOT DROP YOUR BUG IN THE EVENT. it needs to have zero miles on it when you drop it. So order your TB tag.


    We dont have a bug to enter so we could help out on the judge part?....more tar and feathers!! :unsure:

  7. Add me to that list! You were lucky you got those. :) I don't work so I normally would've gotten those but being sick gets in the way of that. :) CONGRATS!


    Dont worry all...I will be out and about with many more hides!!! :laughing: Thanks to Holy Macro we have a lot of micros .lol.. :laughing:

  8. Are you talking CVC Tag?


    Super Grrl still has tag. Photom, we are really sorry! My sister was here from Texas and we've been busy visiting with her. Then our dad just passed away today. I will do my best to have her get that out in the next few days. Again, very sorry and please no tar & feathers!

    Tears & Flowers this time. Besides, tar & feathers are reserved for people taller than 4 feet. So sorry to hear this. :sad:




    BTW, The CVC Camo Challenge lost it's energy I think. I haven't been able to get my works out and Red sold his GPS before hiding himself and I've only heard of one CVC Cacher planting a truly evil camo cache... Think Outside The Box I think it is called. Did I miss the other efforts? :unsure:


    Thanks for the info Bill! We where kind of looking for new caches to be posted on the 1st and we just wanted to know more about it! Sorry to hear it may not work out, however maybe it still could be pulled off with a little work? we would be game for it! :huh: Ok iam off we are hitting the Porterville area on sunday!

  9. :D:D:D just tried to post a code only cache!

    When did they get the BOOT!!?? Guess we will only have the great ones that Ron used to hide! :D

    Guess the good old days are long gone!

    Also just go put some out in bakersfield and they have no rules down there. I saw a Traveling cache there that they started in June and a number of caches that we could not do here. Obviously they have a reviewer down there that does not know the rules..


    Yeah sounds like the RA series I wanted to do..#1 was posted and the next day got the boot on that idea. :D

    Sounds like GS needs to law down the law... ;)

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