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  1. I have 31 missing tb now. Need to remake them but looking for ideas. ????
  2. I have 31 missing TB right now. I need to remake them just not sure how to do that yet?
  3. HI CVC… I wanted to see if anyone was interested in some NEW never been activated California Geo Coins. I was cleaning out an old box today and found about 20 of these guys. They were bought new in 2004. I have them up for sale on ebay here is the link: http://stores.ebay.com/G-B-Sticker-Store?_rdc=1 Please note this link is to my ebay store and I will have them posted on here in the next hour or so.
  4. ??? trout season is open year round in lakes last time i checked??? could be wrong...seson opens for streams on that weekend..however....tobad it looks like the pass will be closed with all this snow and bridgeport fishing will have to wait!
  5. well I do work on 2 race teams that will run some races at 99 and other tracks this year! have to see what we can do! you can always just pay the pit fees and just go in them if you wanted too....its a bit more $$$ that way if you dont have your lic. GO CARDS!!!!!
  6. Has any one ever found one of these? looks lke there pretty cool...not sure if I would drop 5.49 on each one? http://www.geogems.us/
  7. like watchin grown men running after a ball is..lol.. hey i am an ex nascar racer/driver so its in my blood! You should come up to 99 this year and go in the infield and watch a race from that point!
  8. Iam glad you said Harvick and not gordon!
  9. We will be caching on Sunday! May then best team win! GO CARDS......lol..Steelers all ready have a bowl wins..Hey gocacn your ready for some NASCAR!!! ONLY A FEW MORE WEEKS.....!!! Also 99 will start up soon....cant wait!
  10. with my new adobe cs4 I could do alot with that pic...lol.j/k Nice pic Bill where is that?
  11. carry on bag if you want to keep it! and if you have a window seat its cool to watch how high and fast your going~
  12. I could see parts of CA. or the hole state doing this to us! http://www.mlive.com/flintjournal/index.ss...geocaching.html Have my fingers and toes crossed it never happens but holy cow! what the heck is this country coming too!
  13. does not take me to any page fixed! sorry about that!~
  14. I HOPE THIS DONT START A TREND! have you got you permit yet? http://www.a2gov.org/government/publicserv..._2009-01-05.pdf looks like other states may be now doing the same http://www.google.com/search?num=100&h...amp;btnG=Search
  15. I guess I should not tell all of you I have like 30 or 40 more of them to put out. But dont worry thats not all I have..hummmm just have to wait and see...I have also tried to post a few other types however the geo gods said no and I have to work out some bugs...
  16. Its all good! tomany micros! dont worry thats not all we got..
  17. We dont have a bug to enter so we could help out on the judge part?....more tar and feathers!!
  18. COOL!...but dont you sleep or work! j/k theres more ftf out there...go get'em
  19. How cool is that! too bad its so far away from cvc!
  20. How cool is that! too bad its so far away from cvc!
  21. Dont worry all...I will be out and about with many more hides!!! Thanks to Holy Macro we have a lot of micros .lol..
  22. Tears & Flowers this time. Besides, tar & feathers are reserved for people taller than 4 feet. So sorry to hear this. --------- BTW, The CVC Camo Challenge lost it's energy I think. I haven't been able to get my works out and Red sold his GPS before hiding himself and I've only heard of one CVC Cacher planting a truly evil camo cache... Think Outside The Box I think it is called. Did I miss the other efforts? Thanks for the info Bill! We where kind of looking for new caches to be posted on the 1st and we just wanted to know more about it! Sorry to hear it may not work out, however maybe it still could be pulled off with a little work? we would be game for it! Ok iam off we are hitting the Porterville area on sunday!
  23. Can anyone tell us more about this cvc camo that was posted on here while back? Just wanted to know more about it and how its going to work??? We must have missed that memo.. Thanks!!! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.....CVC!!
  24. Also just go put some out in bakersfield and they have no rules down there. I saw a Traveling cache there that they started in June and a number of caches that we could not do here. Obviously they have a reviewer down there that does not know the rules.. Yeah sounds like the RA series I wanted to do..#1 was posted and the next day got the boot on that idea. Sounds like GS needs to law down the law...
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