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  1. Okay, maybe now I get your point. I'm guessing that is why the official app limits basic members to caches rated 1.5 D/T or less. As for the easy to find roadside caches, they are of no interest to me. I like an adventure where I have to park my ride and get my boots and hiking stick out. The terrain/difficulty setting has no impact. The series that I did were considered park and grabs on a dirt road with low difficukty/terrain ratings. But having to deal with ditches, evergreens full of sap, bogs, bushes, stumps, fallen trees, etcs, it became a miserable experience. Sometimes when I looked at the other side of the road saw a more suitable place to hide the cache. No ditches, no water, no bushwhacking, straight openness into the woods. I have no problems with roadside caches or any other kind of caches. I can live with poor containers too. My peeve has become their poor placement.
  2. I was reading your post and was agreeing up until the 'lack of placement'. My reason for slowing down is because of a different 'lack of placement' reason. Saturday I went to a local event to find caches and had a good time. Today I went to grab a series of caches down a road and had a miserable time doing them. Saturday it was enjoyable because the caching took place in a park and there were trails with different types of terrain to get to the cache location and once there the cache was easy to get to. Today the caches were alongside the road but to get to them I had to deal with ditches full of water, bushwhacking bushes, brushes, trees, bogs, etc, and the caches were mostly hanging on trees with all sort of branches ready to stab you or in the middle of young everygreens seeping sap all over the place. I actually turned around on one because I was so fed up with dealing with the difficulty to get to it because of the ground full of water and the bushwhacking. The cache was about 40 meters away from the road and I got to about 20meters when I decided to turn around. With the push for numbers cachers pay no particular attention to where they place their hides. To get to them its a miserable effort that I am sure will turn any newbie off after attempting to cache for a few.
  3. Is this what geocaching has become? Chasing souvenirs?
  4. It looks nice and all but $399.00 for the entry level unit is out of touch of reality nowadays. The wireless stuff is cool as ong you have data reception with your phone but then why not use your phone for that cool data anyway? And reception then becomes a problem, if theres no pocket queries on the unit and no reception on your phone then were out of luck! The big issue is the price. This should be a 200dollar unit. Theres nothing in it that justify the 399 price tag except the garmin logo which in fairness doesnt help me find caches in the wilderness.
  5. So what kind of challenge caches will be accepted with this new model? Can I have some examples?
  6. I'm somewhat saddened by the number of "I can't see what use it would be for me, therefore it can't be any use for anybody" responses this request gets I was going to say the same thing but I like yours better. We tend to forget this is a global hobby and what works for you is incovenient for someone else in the world. GC imposes a drastic limit and I think they should be more flexible.
  7. Not every hole in the world needs to have a cache.
  8. Its Halloween so I thought I should share my cache that I put out a few years ago. The hint for the cache was 'hanging'
  9. What a pain in the neck this thing is. WHy does GC like to complicate what should be simple?
  10. Altough I would welcome a version that would make an omelette's while I am on the trail, for now I would be happy if they fixed crashes and lock ups that still happen and improve battery life. The tracklog issue is pretty low on my list of problems with this unit.
  11. Do you have a filter set up in the geocache page? That filter carries over the map. Did you also fiddle with the map-advanced Setup-zoom levels in the settings? Waypoints (POI) and geocaches are separate options. I have mine set for waypoints to show up to 2km and geocaches up to 3kms.
  12. Pretty weak update if this was the highlight of the changes. Hopefully there will be more fixes soon enough.
  13. Today I went to look at my tracklog and it seems that it 'cut'/'stopped' in places and I have gaps in the tracklog. How can I make it that it tracks like the 550? This is what I got yesterday on a hike. As you can see the line to the left is not full, it should loop back to the vertical line.
  14. Salz69 I also took advantage of the REI sale and got a 600. I am also going thru the paces but I am liking it so far. It does crash too much imo and for no good reason. Last time it crashed after I clicked the LOG button... The screen is sensitive, I have set up the double tap of the power button to turn the screen off. No more inadvertent clicks on the screen that way. About the open chest in the map display, the the reason behind that is because you have the geocache filter to NOT FOUND or some other filter that hides FINDS. This is new from the 450/550 GPS. Your search filter in the geocache menus are carried over the map display. If you want to see the found caches in the map then you need to change the filter in the geocache menu to show all caches or create a filter that includes found caches. And that also explains why you find the processor to be slow. It has to reapply the filter to all your caches to figure out what is the next closest cache. I am also finding that it uses the batteries way too quickly. I havent been able to find which setting is better for nimh's in the settings, if the NIMH or PRECHARGED NIMH.
  15. If only there was some system where cache finders could leave detailed comments, or warn other geocachers of issues, or bring an issue to a reviewer's attention. They should really implement something like that. I vote these ideas be implemented asap! A negative voting thingy won't help. The main thing it will cause is more drama. The favorite system is not perfect but i honestly can't think of a way to make it better. It does help many of us find some of the good out there. The favorite system doesnt work because the voting is so subjective that most people just ignore the system. I have read logs of people giving a favorite to a cache simply because they found it when it was raining, or because they wanted to go out for a walk and this cache was the closest one, etc... Caches with negative points will have an impact. People will notice negative points.
  16. If only there was some system where cache finders could leave detailed comments, or warn other geocachers of issues, or bring an issue to a reviewer's attention. They should really implement something like that. How is that going to improve cache placements?? I rarely read logs and when I do its when I am on site looking for a cache and I am having trouble finding it, so I read the logs looking for hints.. And why are we brining the reviewers into this? Its not their job to assure that a cache meets quality standards as accepted by the community.
  17. What we need is a tool that allows the community tell cachers that there is a problem with their hides. And this is why its important, we are so diverse that a community might prefer guardrail caches so they will appreciate them more than big hikes into the woods, while another community will be the opposite. And both are correct. Both type of hides can be awesome. I think the favorite voting system needs to be overhauled. The voting should be anonymous and people should be able to either vote +1 or -1 to a cache. If someone starts seeing negative votes on their hides two things will happen. People will start avoiding those hides and the owner will understand that their hides are not interesting to the community. I think that this would be an effective method to let the community deal with their caches.
  18. I also got mine from the sale from REI and I am still getting used to it. I am curious what the owners of the 6X0 what have they assigned to the extra button besised the power button??
  19. I think one of the reasons of their decline in sales is their insane price for dedicated devices like the Oregon 6XX, Montera, Montana, etc. The days of spending $400.00, $500.00 for a Gps are gone and people are switching to 'cheaper' (as in smartphones) for their outdoor activities. Garmin needs to step down on their pricing. I will be more inclined to spend $100-$150 for a new gps unit every year than to spend $500.00 that will make me use the device for several years to recoup the investment.
  20. In the Search box of my profile there was only one link that I used, guess which one? Not anymore.... I never used the ADVANCED SEARCH that was just below the LIST NEW BY STATE/PROVINCE link. If I never used I can only assume that 95% of other people dont use it either. Shouldn't we remove that too?
  21. I get my OSM maps from here : http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ No issues with them.
  22. why cant one pocket query include all the caches inside the county/state/province whatever? How much more bandwidth would that take?
  23. I see this as a non issue. If a person has all the caches in the area then its time to work on a new area. Doesnt it get boring after awhile to go back to the same place to find the same cache type over and over again unless its for the numbers?
  24. I can only imagine the outrage that would follow if google decided without warning delete everyones drafts in their gmail accounts because it was taking room and was slowing their servers... ot Microsoft with hotmail or Yahoo, but its Groundspeak so its cool, no biggie. Just think about it, we own or control NOTHING with GC. Nice.
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