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  1. I found out about it in an Artical written in a local magazine by a friend of mine. I had a GPSr and soon went out to find the one closest to my house in Japan. With My wife navigating from the GPSr, and me driving we went on a wild adventure. I've been hooked eversince, My wife sayes she is going to find me a "Geocaching Anonymous" group.
  2. I don't know how to get a map so here is a list. I have gone Cache hunting in more Countries than I have U.S. States. Japan Thailand U.S.A. (TN,KY) Belgium France England Scotland Germany Hungary Romania Malta
  3. Who can name this airport? This is located right on the airport grounds, The next closest one is at the end of the runway. People are always excited about planes. Most Major airports that I fly into have an observation deck for spectators. I flew into an air show once, and the day of the airshow a spectator came up and told me my call sign. He had a VHF handheld radio that he was listening to at the end of a runway when we came in. At another airshow a photograper brought me some pictures of people from my crew from a previous airshow. I think alowing Caches near airports is ok. For one many TB's can get on to their goals easier if next to a major airport.
  4. Not dihydrogen monoxide again, althou I do love it even if it does kill, and do horrible things to the land.
  5. My Wife goes on many geocaching adventures with me, when I drag her out of the house. Just joking. She does go with hunting with me whenever we both have time to go.
  6. Just got a laugh out of this post. Lets go out, and take a walk in the fresh air, and then go gourge ourselves on McD. Sorry I guess I have a sick sense of Humor
  7. I usually have my GPSr with me on board. I have even used it when flying from Japan to Chicago. Most airlines are more intrested in my laptop, and Camera then my GPS.
  8. If I am having a hard time finding a cache then I will let my GPSr settle while I look for it. Most of the time once I get to the area 10-15meters off I start looking for locations that I would Hide a cache in. Most of my 100+ finds are from using common sense once I got close. I havn't hid many, but unless there is a obvious spot(ie. one tree in the middle of an open field) I will average a settled reading of 2-3 minutes taken at diffrent times of the day, or on diffrent days. Again this is if my Cache is under tree cover.
  9. 701 finds and 1024 hits. I know alot that are clo9se to each other, but it will involve a plane for you all.
  10. I use sanyo recargable 2300mAh batteries, I also use a car adapter for my gps when in the car. The best thing that I have for a gimick is I carry two alkaline batteries in a chapstick holder that I got at Walmart. It holds two batteries pretty securly. Since my GPS, D-Camera both only use two AA This works great. Cabear
  11. Living in Belgium I use Babblefish from the above links. It can sometimes be helpful. Most of the caches in my area are in French and Dutch. I have asked one owner one time for a translation when I got no other help from The internet. He was helpful. Cabear
  12. I have a US version of the Magellan Platnum. I also live in Europe, so I use MAPSENd Streets Europe. The problem I have is that I can only load certain regions onto the 64mb memorycard. I have traveled up to the UK and had to have three diffrent regions on the card. They were about the size of Scotland, then the rest of England where on the other two. Plus I like the functions that are on the US builtin database that the Mapsend doesn't have ie.. in the states I can say goto whatever city, where I can't do that on the GPSr.
  13. I sure hope you are not talking about Meals-Ready-to-Eat. One its food, and two you would proably not like them so much if that is all you ate for 30+ days strait. I started adding geo-trash bags. I can fit two plastic bags in a film canister, with a lable. Turns all caches into CITO. Cabear
  14. I found a 500yen piece in one from Japan.(thats about $5) However my very first cache I found a small cheap compass. That has proven invaluable. I guess the value of something is directly porportional to the need of the finder. Cabear
  15. I guess I am going for diffrent numbers. I've been Geocaching for just under a year. My numbers are not that high (under 100), but they are from many diffrent countries, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, and the US. I missed out on some in Austria, Hungry, and Romania, because I forgot my GPS in the car. I am a member of a team, My wife and I use the name Team Cabear for the logs, However I will log them as our even if she wasn't with me. Cabear
  16. I use the Platnum. I travel all over the world so the increase in memory card space is a plus. I am currently using the mapsend streets europe. i have converted all of europe to image file regions, and i just download them to the GPSr to where ever i am going that week. The onboard compass i can not get to calibrate that is about the only fault I have with mine.
  17. I placed my first on a spot that I saw from the air many times. It was a shrine on a small hill in the middle of a small wooded area. It was less then 3 miles from my house, and I decided I had to find out what it was. I got in the car and tried for an hour to find it. When I eventualy found it. I figured out that it was a small shrine. It was so peaceful there, that I had to share it with others. I found a spot off the shrine propeerty in a small park to place it. That is why I placed my first one. Cabear
  18. I have a palm m130, and I am a priemium member, and my GPS. I have seen other people that use their PDA's to go, but I can't figure out how to get the Downloaded info to the PDA. I down loaded mobipocket like it sayes to, but I'm lost from there, and my GPS can't get me out. Thank you, cabear
  19. My be you can help. I have a palm m130, and I am a priemiem member, and my GPS. i have seen other people that use their PDA's to go, but i can't figure out how to get the Downloaded info to the PDA. I down loaded mobipocket like it sayes to, but I'm lost from there. Thank you, cabear
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