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  1. I’m in United Arab Emirates, I would like to join in on this
  2. Here is an interesting article by Ken Rockwell It talks about taking better pictures with a $150 camera compared to a $5000 camera. To sum it up, its not the camera its the photographer. He also has some other interesting articles. Chris
  3. Just tell them that you were looking for a Box in a Bush under the bridge, and walk away with your head held high, and them contemplating the deeper meaning. Sorry that was a quote from another cacher or another page, I just modified it and thought it would be good for this thread.
  4. I've got a beagle mix, named Scooter, that loves to go out. She is ten and has been caching with me in 8-9 different Countries. I try and take her as often as possible. She even has her own TB tag for when we find another cacher on the trail.
  5. Thanks TGIZ Glad I could join in on the Find. I know that when I found out where the cache was, I had to actually touch the train, When I put the cache back both feet were on the ground, and I had to touch the train. I didn't think that violated the "No Climbing on Train" rules. When I first started caching things were a bit different. over the past 6 years I have noticed that caches that were once 3/3, are now 4 and 5 rating, Film canisters are now smalls instead of micros ( I know that is a whole different well discused thread else where) Thank you IWC for placing a truely Dif=5 Cache Thanks for hiding this one IWC, I wish I lived closer to find more of your Caches, I will hopefully place one soon that will meet you high standards. Can't we all just be friends, I'm going off to sing Kum By Ya, Drama makes my head hurt
  6. I used Magellan for most of my finds, but a couple of months ago I lost my last one. It hit the road at about 70 mph!! (Road 1-GPSr 0) I have used my iPhone to find a couple of caches since then, It works, but I need a new GPSr. The battery life in the phone is good for about one cache, if it involves a short walk.
  7. I take my 2 1/2 year old often. She has been caching with me for over two years. She is quite the little trail hiker. I do it more to bond with her,, and get her out and about from a young age. We talk about birds and trees, some times bugs and what ever other wild life we come across.
  8. Go to terracaching.com if they are still around. all caches are voted on, and scored/rated by fellow cachers. Cabear
  9. I guess I am an official Geocacher now.I was stoped twice in less then a week in two diffrent states. Both time I asked if Mr. LEO was familiar with the sport, and informed them about it, showed them my GPSr, and in one case showed them the cache, and the log. The second one was at night, my better half was in the car, and when the Po-Po drove up I steped away from the car and moved my hands away from my body. LEO is a little jumpy in the town I was in. He ran our tag# and asked for ID, from both of us, and called them in. He informed us that in KY when public stores are closed You are tresspassing on thier property. I didn't have a printed cache sheet with me to show him. The Cache owner got premission from the Store manager, it says that on the cache page. I just didn't have proof. LEO ended up letting us go. Honesty is the best option in my experience. Cabear
  10. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she has been caching for a little less then a year. Like others have said, she will find the regular ones. But the best part is just being out in the woods with her. Everyt thing amazes her, and its a fun environment for her to learn in.
  11. Is there any maping software or program that will tell me the shortest road distance between a set of points. I have a program that will tell me point to point strait line distance, but where I want to go there is a river with few bridges, so it wont take that into account. My wife also wants to use it to run errands down is Nashville. I think it would be helpful for many uses. Thanks
  12. Ok just joking Scooter is also a TB free to be discovered when you come across her.
  13. Here is a cache that I put together, Chievres then had to put up for adoption when I moved. A Gps was needed to get you to the starting area but then it wasn't needed till after the last clue was found. Another of my caches that is now arcived used a GPS for the first point, then all distance and direction, and intersections with a compass for the final parts Cabear
  14. there is a multi here that is 10+ miles as the crow flies from one point to another.
  15. If its cold no problem, winter here sucks for caching hovering just above freezing, and rain all the time. Caching in snow and/or sub zero temp no problem. 34 degrees and rain no fun. Cabear
  16. Try this cache In a "PIN"ch I have to agree an empty logbook, and flashlights
  17. I enjoy getting FTF's We had a couple of people that would hide the caches together, one would put thier name as the owner and the other would put thier name as FTF. The first time this happened to me we saw the e-mail as soon as it was published and were at the cache site 15minutes later. when my wife found it she saw she wasn't FTF. She called me and asked to research the FTF'er. This was the persons first find. She supposedly ran out by herself at 930 at night to find her first cache. I emailed her congrgulating on her FTF. The thing that bothered me was the fact that she didn't ever put a date on her FTF's. This happened a few other times, with other caches and other cachers, always the same hider and same FTF. never a date on the log. Enough people started getting suspicous, and I guess confronted them because they stoped signing as FTF. On another occassion I came across a fellow Cacher that was placing a cache. I waited for a couple of months before I logged it. It was a multi, that I knew the final location for. I helped my mother-in-law place her first cache. I logged it after all the hoopla about FTF was done. Thats my view on the topic. Cabear
  18. GSAK has a macro that will do this. I think its called cacheraid, it will pick out which ever cache you start with and go to the next closest without repeating. Cabear
  19. I don't care if they add a new size or not, it drives me nuts that the standard seems to be slipping in my area. All nanos are consdered micros.( I agree) however there are so many nanos, that a film canister is now labled as small(my opinion its a Micro) a decon container and larger is regular. Chris
  20. I like thinking more globly. My favorites are Belgium and Germany. Many of the caches have alot of thought and are not just thrown anywhere, not to many park and grabs. As far as city cahes go I would have to say London is my favorite. It is very easy to get around either by foot or tube.
  21. I use a pencil it seems to work well in 100+ degree heat, the wood stays cool to the touch. In winters I've cached in MN, it worked equaly as well in sub zero degree weather. I can write upside down, side ways and even rightside up. On wet surfaces it isn't great, but I usually carry extra note pad that I will rip a sheet off and add to/replace the log if it is in such bad shape. I hope that helps , Chris
  22. Here is one that took some time setting up. It sounds like what You are talking about. Chievres I took an arial picture of an area then circled prominate features on the picture. I went to those areas and took close up pictures of where to look. You had to find 6 points without a GPSr. The add the points into a real grid location and find the cache. I want to do this cache again for the area I am in now. Team Cabear
  23. I support the idea of a family plan, My 8 month old doesn't have her own log yet, but when she is older I am sure she will
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