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  1. I wear giant sasquatch feet over my boots...... I'll echo what DrLogik said. Anyone that's been in the woods awhile will easily be able to track in snow, so there's really not much you can do other than wait for more snow.
  2. GeoRoo

    It begins...

    Drag those snow shoes out!........Geocaching does not stop when the snow flies.......
  3. GeoRoo

    It begins...

    Snow coming down at my place near Monroe. Let it snow! Cache ahead and I were up snow shoeing 2 days ago above Stevens Pass and it was fantastic. Cold, but sunny blue skys and lots of new snow. The ski area looks to be hurting for snow though. There was anywhere from 2-10 ft on Skyline Ridge. While looking for a cache site for Skyline the Top I found a drivers license!......It was sitting sideways about 6 ft down a near verticle wall of snow. I reached down with my ski poles and plucked it from the snow. Weirdest thing I ever saw. Who's up for some snow shoe caching? Here's a pic from my newest cache looking down on the ski area Oh BTW there is a M10 coin and EGH's WA Geocoin #384.
  4. I'd agree with Criminal. Pick a zip code and you'll find dozens of great hiking trails and parks anywhere in West. WA. It's amazing the diversity of caches and locations we have to pick from. I've only scratched the surface this past year of caching. Could WA state be the nirvana of geocaching?.....Here's my pick for miles of day hiking trails not too far from Seattle with 5 caches. Lords Hill
  5. Get out your snow shoes, I dropped EGH's WA geo coin along with a M10 coin here. Skyline the Top
  6. Thanks Navigatorz, I enjoy the get out of town caches, so I'm always on the lookout for a viewpoint. My poor Honda Civic took a beating this past year with all the caching I did. I have 3 Patudle dents on one side from one of her caches, but after reading Robinego's post earlier maybe I should name them after her!..... Amazingly I did not get stuck anywhere this year and break anything, so knock on wood. I did get locked in behind a logging gate for 5 hrs, almost stepped on 6 rattle snakes, had a 1,000 plus lb rock roll over and almost pin me, but all in all a good year of geocaching with no damage done. Good thing geocaching is such a safe sport or I could be in trouble!...... If you see me on a milk carton you know what happened.
  7. Did you miss my happy face?....I was just poking some fun at you all. You and everyone do a great job at placing caches. I'd much rather cache over your way than the dark, damp, wet, west side. I'm running out of non city caches though, so it looks like a Wenatchee run might be in order soon. I still have that Bus Stop DNF that keeps glaring at me.
  8. That was the segment I remember seeing, but don't recall the first part. It's at least 2 years old I'm sure. Jeremey was named, but who were the others? I had to laugh at the end how he described replacing the cache. He did say to hide it someplace else. Maybe that's why so many caches end up migrating to other places!..... About time a new segment was filmed and updated, but I thought it was very well done.
  9. About time you EWA geo slackers put out more caches!..... I need to pick up the 25 cans I have on order and plan on putting out at least 10 in EWA.
  10. Mine comes from GEOcaching and ROOster as I raise lots of birds around here and have lots of roosters. I've often wondered how some were pronounced and the meaning behind, so good to see this thread.
  11. I saw this segment about 1.5 years ago, and that's what started my interest in geocaching. I was very surprised to receive a GPS for Christmas last year and that's what really got me going and the addiction started..... If this is the same segment Grant wanders around looking for a cache and never finds it. I have it set to record. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. EGH, you better get more than 10. 10 is hardly worth the effort. Now 25 is more like it and 50 would be even better.....
  13. Hey that sounds like a good idea. We could have a cache event at the pick-up site and log all 403 cans!.......I'm close to 500 finds, wow that would get me close to 1,000.....Then I could find them all over again when they get placed.......Sounds like a plan.
  14. I'd like 25. Did anyone bid on the 30 cal cans? Guess I should go find the other thread and check out the bidding. I thought it closed tomorrow? I have a hatchback, and can put on my roof pod, so should be able to carry at least 100 cans if anyone wants some NE of Seattle.
  15. Only if it's a number 2 lead. Anything else will be detected.
  16. I would say septic threw you a HTML curve!........
  17. The Space Between is an excellent spot, but I wouldn't recommend doing it if there is any snow or ice on the ground. When you get there you'll see why. This is a good one along the Wenatchee River even with some snow on the ground. When Midnite Falls Upon the Castle
  18. I tried it on a pencil with my metal detector and no it won't pick up. If there is a pencil eraser with a metal holder then that will trigger, but most of the pencils I see in micros are tiny broken off stubbs with no eraser.
  19. I was over that way eariler this fall and there are at least 10 in the Leavenworth area. The ones up the Icicle are nice. They had some snow, but with all this warm air and rain it might be pretty sloppy over that way. If the snow isn't too bad there are 4 up on Boundary Butte with great views. You'll need to take the Mountain Home Rd on the east side of Leavenworth. There are plenty in the area to keep you busy for several days.
  20. I've been curious about how well the hand held units work. They don't cost that much and would sure come in handy at times. I have a Bounty Hunter Sharpshooter and have only used it a few times geocaching. This DNF Youngs Creek Falls had me pulling my hair out. The metal detector was almost useless because there were so many beer cans and junk buried in the ground. This area was near the Sky River rock festival in 68. Anyone on here go to that? I was only 11 and going to a friends cabin at Cedar Ponds when we got stuck on the road in all the traffic and crowds. I did a test with my metal detector on a 30 cal ammo box and in the All Metal mode it will pick it up out to 33 inches. That surprised me. I know my detector works underwater, but have no idea what snow would do. Those hand held wands would work great on those nasty bison capsul hides.
  21. I have Atlas Series 10 coming in a few days. From what I've read they are rated well. I have a pair of Sherpa's that squirels got to, so it was time for a new pair. I'm looking forward to doing some snow caching, but know it will be a tough find. I have a metal detector, so that might be worth packing along. All the warm rain coming down out there isn't doing the snow pack any good I'm sure. I hope there's enough snow to try out my new snowshoes this week.
  22. There's a cache in Kenmore calledThe Invisible Pond My daughters live about a block from this cache, so I go by here all the time. I've found it on the ground and in pieces at least 3-4 times since this summer. I see the owner hasn't logged in since Aug 2003. I'd be willing to adopt this cache if need be. Edit, I heard back from the cache owner and he went ahead and disabled the cache. This cache isn't in any special place, but would be a shame to see another one go by the wayside with so many finding it.
  23. Thanks for the good laugh!......that has to be some of the best DNF logs I've read. If you find that cache and then go back and can't find it again does that mean you get your first find taken away?......I could feel the frustration in Bull Moose....all that time wasted on looking for it and it was never there......then finding out it is there. I could hear the screams. Having to go back again must have been agony, but what a relief when you found it. The needle in the haystack type of caches I try to stay away from, but this one I'll have to put on my list. I have a metal detector and some time tomorrow.......
  24. That really sucks you lost your car JD. I worry everytime I go out somewhere in the woods geocaching. I locked my keys in the car several weeks ago and AAA was able to get in in about 15 seconds without damaging anything. Anyone that wants in it only takes a second. I hope you get your car back.
  25. I'm GeoRoo and I log all my DNF's.....Many of my most memorable caches started out as a DNF. Long live the DNFer.....hmmmmm, that sounds dirty for some reason.....
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