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  1. Thanks for the WSDOT shot of Stevens. I'll be heading that way in about 30 mins. Looks like smooth sailing.
  2. I'm all packed and ready to roll in the morning, so I'll see what the weather looks like and where I'm at tomorrow. Can you send me your phone number and cords. if you didn't already. I'm always a last minute camper.....
  3. Hey, I didn't want to hear that EGH! I was looking forward to talking about fishing and hiking over a beer or two. You'll be missed.
  4. GeoRoo

    Road Trip

    Anyone that's done any traveling and tried to work with pocket queries (PQ's) can see how a directional option would be a huge asset to Geocaching.com I don't think anything has been worked out yet. In the past I've done a filtered search for caches of less than 2-2 and gone out 250 miles. GSAK can be used to filter further. It's a long process and the limitation of 5 PQ's a day further hampers it. Good luck
  5. How do you know you can't drive? Does it say "No Vehicle Access" or just "No Trespassing"?.....Maybe No Trespassing means something different in E.WA!.....
  6. GeoRoo


    Thanks for the info Andrew, I'm looking forward to doing that cache. I get over that way fishing/camping quite often and there's not many caches left I haven't done. Runhills, I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting a chance to compare notes. I did your "World" cache last Sept. when I raced up there to grab a M10 coin and missed out to RWW by about 30 mins. To me "doable" is any road I don't get stuck or broke down on in my low rider Honda Civic. So far that hasn't happened and I've been on some nasty roads. That road was pretty close to "undoable" with low clearance and I had to get out several times and move rocks. Patudles you would have no problem. I don't remember any brushy spots, but my car is so scratched up now I don't worry about it. I have 3 dents and dings on the right side of my Honda I call "Toodle" dents. Those were from a Patudles cache near Lake Wenatchee. Caching has been rough on my poor Honda. I have a 4x4 truck, but there hasn't been too many caches I couldn't reach with my Honda. 45 mpg is sure nice too!.... The Westbar Overlook cache by Bruce is only about 30 mins east of Wenatchee and a must stop if going that way. You can follow that road south about 1 mile to the end and access the Ancient Lakes and Quincy WRA. That area opened for fishing March 1, so everything is open now. There's a herd of buffalo just down the road from Westbar Overlook that are fun to look at. Edit: Runhills I see you logged the new Earthcache!.....That's pushing it just a bit don't you think. You'll have to phsyically go back there and take a picture or throw some garbage on the ground...... There are several cachers in the Othello area that I figured would jump on that cache today.
  7. GeoRoo


    Runhills, I see you didn't do Windy Wahatis while you were in the area. I haven't been in the south way, so I wonder if this road leads to that cache? When I was over there last year I tried to reach it from the north, but ran out of roads and didn't have a 4x4.
  8. GeoRoo


    If you go to the cache page bring up the nearest geocaches and you'll see Bruce had another one nearby and it was archived because it was on the Hanford Reach Monument area. Bruce has some excellent caches, so if you head over that way do his West Bar Overlook. I've cached in that area and it's not a quick drive from Wenatchee. Plan on at least a 2 hour plus drive from Wenatchee. I see that I was over there 1 year ago today and logged Hot Number 26 on the north side of the Saddle Mtns. That is a wild desolate area with some incredible country to see. I had a gorgeous sunset and rainbow. Here's a pic I took on the way to #26.
  9. I'm sure I'll find someplace to camp. I'm going to head over tomorrow, so I'll poke around and see what I can find. I remember a nice spot near Navs Spanish Castle cache on the river. I don't remember seeing any No Camping signs. It's not looking like any major cold spell is forcast, so I wouldn't worry too much about any of the passes unless you go very early in the morn. What snow we get will be slushy and melting on the roads by late morning. Snoqualmie is usually the best way to go if snowing. Stevens is reopening for skiing this weekend, so the road will be sanded well. This late in the year compact snow won't last long on any of the passes. I have my studded snow tires on. You're suppose to have them off by April 1st, but with the recent snow I would bet they are going to extend that date. Has anyone heard anything?
  10. I see several on my first go through on the list. #4 Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail and #8 Judes Oasis with possible problems. I've done #43 Arco Edie and it's not a stroll in the park, but doable with some scrambling. Might not be up to most though. Parking is best going W on 2 and off the road by the orchard. Go under the US 2 bridge. If someone does this in 6 mins they have a jet pack or wings!.......
  11. She's already passed you and you are coughing in her dust.....but I'll guess 5/10/05..... Edit: another guess too close, so bumped it up 3 days.
  12. I was thinking I would do a Wenatchee PQ of 200 caches and then weed the ones out that I don't need. If someone has already done that it sure would be much easier.
  13. Hey, just spotted this post and it looks like a great hike. I see some lakes along the way, so if it's done early enough hopefully the woods won't all be shut down or burned up. I've been to Slate Peak and have looked north from there and wanted to hike that area for years. Most important how is the fishing?........
  14. Thank you for the updated list and link to the article. Many of my caches are off road and it's important to always be prepared. I remember watching a film about outdoor survival when I was a teen called "Mountains Don't Care" We had an outdoor education class in my high school that was very popular. Do schools even offer that now days? I think it should be mandatory living here in the PNW. If it were I'm sure you wouldn't see so many outdoor deaths.
  15. Looking at your schedule I would double the time. You are leaving very little time to cache and drive unless you plan on caching all day and driving all night. There are just too many great areas to cache and run in the PNW. I've been thinking of doing a cache across America trip like that myself. Sounds like a wonderful trip and if you decide to go over US 2 near Monroe WA you're welcome to stop by my place for an overnite.
  16. Hey EGH where you going to camp? Robinego offered her back yard, but a mountain spot would be much preferred. Last I heard the road was closed at Eight Mile campground, but by April may be open if this summer weather holds. I haven't camped anywhere around there for about 20 years. Just too much of a zoo for me in the summer, but April could be ok. I know there is some camping at Beehive Resevoir up the road to Mission Ridge. Anyone want to comment on that area? Count on me for dinner Sat. night. I'm planning on heading over early Friday or maybe even Thursday, so I'll hook up with anyone if they want to cache on Friday or a get together Friday night. I have my "I Heart Wenatchee" bumper sticker all ready to go. RWW would you like to buy a treking pole?.....I'll bring yours along.......
  17. You are how old?......... Inquiring minds want to know.
  18. Swamps.....did I hear mention of swamps?
  19. NO!....I'm not the naked cacher from the westside, so get those scarey ideas out of your head. Hey if you have a firepit I can bring some firewood and we can have a all night fire. After looking at the start time I think I'll just stay up all night. Do people really function at that time of the morning?....... Awful nice of you to offer your backyard to someone you don't even know. I have a laptop that I can tap into your WiFi. Now that we all have a camp out spot who else will be there?.....
  20. Ha! Famous in who's eyes? We are a bunch of misfits who constantly call each other enough times our families are getting suspicious. "Yes honey, that was Xy, but he was asking about a cache...really!" or better yet, "mom, "that woman" is on the phone again". We know each other's work schedule so we know when we can skunk the others on FTF's. (assuming Xy would actually stay at work and do some) Can't tell you how excited we are to have you all come over here. I am scheduled to work that Friday night but have a back yard you are more than welcome to pitch a tent in. It's not a Spanish style, but you can't beat the view and there is a firepit. And as a bonus, the bar isn't too far! Course, the dog may take a liking to you and you would have to use the kids bathroom downstairs, but heck, you're used to wild and dangerous animals right? (i'm talking kids, not dog here) You'd be gone by the time I get home so I wouldn't be waking you up. I am scheduled to work that Friday night Ok, you just wrecked my view of all you famous geocachers. You all work? I had this image of you all sitting in your spanish villa overlooks looking down on Wenatchee. Ralph are there any new caches we can get? Fire up the Rolls lets go..... Backyard sounds fine. I might even head over early and find a place up by Beehive or there abouts. With the zero snow we have this year it would be nice to have a campfire and camp out.
  21. You mean I can't take my can of spray paint and make my smiley face?......
  22. There shoudl be more along Hy 28....hint hint. Did Tudles new one at Rocky Reach. Found dead animals bones and body parts though....hmmmmm, found dead animal bones on the Nav cache I did nearby????? Is this a resting place for all the old geocachers? I don't know how I missed it last year, but did the Rocky Reach Surprise way up that knarly road. Easy drive to cache and one that hasn't been logged since Dec. Does anyone drive up that road in the winter? Keep those hides coming, I"m going to do my darndest to head over that way and cache machine my way through all those easy ones in town.......
  23. You sure you cant bend on the hotel, my cache partner cant make it this weekend and I already booked the room. It's got two queen beds If not we could carpool and I could just drop you off somewhere and pick up in the morning Hmmmm, after reading some of the reviews of the Wenatchee motels I'd want to bring a shotgun along to ward off the creepy crawlers!...... All I really need is a mountaintop chalet with a fireplace and a hot tub. Nothing special. I see all those spanish style villas on the hill tops surrounding Wenatchee is that too much to ask for!.......
  24. I'm still looking for someone to team with. I can either drive or ride. Sounds good, drop me an e-mail. I should probably read back through the pages of posts and see what is going on. I'm a cache machine newbie, so I don't have a clue how these things work. I really have been hesitant to do a CM because I didn't really think that was a legitimate way to do caches, but I enjoy the E.WA caches and look forward to meeting all those famous Wenatchee cachers I've heard so much about.......
  25. I'd like to try and make this one. This would be my first cache machine. Is there anyone camping? I just got back from a 4 day camping/fishing/geocaching trip over your way by George, so any cold isn't a bother. Motels give me the heebee geebies, so any backyard or patch of grass is fine. Not into camping in pay campgrounds with someone 20 ft. away. I suppose this time of year they won't be too busy. I've done some of the outskirt caches around Wenatchee, but the inner city ones would all be new. Anyone need a navigator or cache partner? Any kind of food is fine as long as it doesn't make me sick.......
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