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  1. I've been out of town on a camping/fishing trip and returned home late this afternoon. Checking my e-mail I see a number of cachers were out this weekend grabbing the 3 new caches I placed in the 3 Lakes area. I noticed several DNF's on my The Hobbit Hideaway cache. Reading further I see a group of cachers were out and DNFed it and made a temporary ziplock bag cache. Another cacher was kind enough to replace the bag with a real cache. After reading all this I ran right over to check on the cache and the 50 cal ammobox is in it's original location not 12 inches away!......Hidden much better, but happily still there. What would you suggest I do? This is the first time I've had a cache replaced then multiple people find and log it. Should I delete all the logged finds? Delete only the ones that signed the ziplock bag or just let it slide? The ones that found the replacement container really had no clue as to what was going on. One did comment how the 50 cal box turned into a Lok-n-Lok. I found it funny that so many did the cache and not one found the ammobox. It was literally 12 inches away. The replacement cache I guess was too easy to find!.......LOL
  2. Well not really. The next person to find it can check the log and see that something was taken. Thanks for the cache numbers. I guess I'm doing it right then with my hides. 58 hides, with 57 rural. 100% active except for one that I had to disable till the snow melts. I've had 4 get thiefed that I replaced. I have 2 hides that haven't been found. EGH, I'm disappointed you haven't gone after my Osprey Island cache at Lake Dorothy. That sat all summer.
  3. Just so no one gets too upset, that provision has been in the statute for years - it's not new. Then why would a last minute amendment be tacked on? Darn, I was hoping I could "rent" me a nice chunk of Forks on the Sky state park!.....
  4. Read the last amendment how they are going to allow individuals and companies to lease undeveloped park lands for grazing, agriculture, or mining. Hey, I have 3 caches by Index in some undeveloped park land. Since I've established a "presense" I should be able to lease that land for the next 40 years!.....BLM rents grazing land for $1 per ac in E.WA. Sounds like a fair price!...... Would make for a great private camping spot.
  5. Not sure what you mean by end? ......... When does the cache originator decide to pull the cache, and people no longer go to look for the cache? That's what end was intended to mean. We're new enough to not know the answrer to this question Depends on the cache owner and cache type. As long as the cache is in good shape and people are finding it then most remain as is. Many do have problems with placement and muggles, so that weeds out quite a few. I'd be interested to know what the numbers show for placements and active caches over the past 6 years?????
  6. When you find it?....Not sure what you mean by end? I suppose if you really love the cache you could keep going back, but only log it once for a find. Then again, you could only do one cache and keep logging it........Some cache owners are MIA, so you could log that cache everyday and watch your cache totals rise!.....LOL I'm sure some have tried this with dire consequences. The caching cops are every where watching your every move.........
  7. You're not kidding! I can see disaster man (Jim Foreman KING 5) all serious as the bomb squad blows it up as hundreds of McD toys go flying.
  8. Wow, I wouldn't think that is possible, but then I don't log my own caches!..... I know I've had a heck of a time refinding a few that have migrated some distance away from the original hide when doing maintenance. Maybe I should rethink that.......might make a fun couple weeks......LOL Back to the original question. I wouldn't go after swag or coins in my caches. You have the advantage of knowing instantly when something drops in your cache. Also, right where the cache is, so IMHO that's not ethical. The passing around of M10 coins like candy has cheapened that coin considerably. I'm glad to see there are a few left (EGH, MA) that don't bow to the current norm. Selling one on E-bay is blasphemy!.....
  9. How about hiding one at the airport!..... No no, just kidding. Sounds like a cool container. I'd find a spot out away from any city though. Might cause some serious concern if found by noncachers. Camo the markings off too. Surprising how many 30 and 50 cal cans I've found that still have the millitary markings. That's asking for trouble.
  10. I see on KING 5 news tonight that a wolverine was captured and tagged in the Cascades. It's a juvenile female, so there's a family. I didn't know we had them in our state. Here's a good info. page on bears and cougars in our state. WDFW Cougars/Bears I've walked up on a sow bear with cubs several times and lived to tell about it. I was deer scouting near Omak at an old homestead and walked right up on a sow with 2 yearlings. They were busy pulling apples off an old apple tree and never saw or heard me. They were about 50 ft. away. I had a shotgun, so I just stood there frozen. The sow saw me and gave out a loud woof. Off she ran without even looking back for her cubs. The cubs were so busy with the apples they never even saw mom leave. I wish I would have had my video camera. Finally one cub looked around for mom and saw me. Gave out a cry and both went tearing off in the same direction mom went. I could see mom running like a horse about 300 yards across the sage brush. They can really move when they want to!....... I've had cougars on my front lawn and a family of bobcats living nearby, so I worry more about cats than bears. Many chickens, ducks and turkeys have provided meals for my visitors this past summer and fall. There's a 2 yr wait for wildlife removal unless the cats are threatening humans. The hound hunting ban is working very well!.......
  11. I did the Half Moon cache for my 500th along with cache ahead and I enjoyed it, but wish I'd done a mountain hike to cache with views. It's a worthy cache, but the WOW factor just wasn't there for me. I did this one to finish up the WA DeLorme Challenge and would highly recommend this one. What's the Point #3 You get the thrill of crossing the border twice in both directions and can grab some BC caches along the way. The views are awesome and if you catch it on a nice day then WOW!.....It cleared off when we were there and the beach and views and solitude were memorable. Two thumbs up!......
  12. I can't take your word as gospel?....I'm so dissapointed!..... You must not cache much in the woods then. How could you not avoid the wet soggy logs? The gooey wet garbage bag wrapped cache has to be a classic!......Maybe it's just the hicksville I live near that breeds the wet gooey caches. I replaced one of my caches the other day that was a Lok-N-Lok box that was suppose to be 100% waterproof, All the rain we've had the past 3-4 months if a cache is dry then it's doing well!.......
  13. I did that once. I found the top of the tupperware and underneath it was the log book and one piece of swag. I signed the log, put it back underneat the top and logged it some time later when I had access to a computer. I did call Runhills and ask him to post a note on the cache page advising the owner that the cache needed maintenance badly. I was not able to log the cache for at least a week and so I logged the find and then posted an SBA. The owner replaced the box later. I have no problem with that. I found where the box was. I signed the official logbook. Another time I found the top of the cache and nothing else. That only got the SBA since there was no log to sign. I had no problem with that either. I might add that that cache had no finders at all. It was muggled before FTF. I guess it all comes down to signing the log then. Maybe the ones that did the hanging string cache signed the string!..........I've done caches where the log was a gooey mess. There was no way in $%^ I could have signed a log. Criminal does enough hike to caches that I bet he's run across that plenty of times. Do you log a cache find?........If he does then that's cheating in my book. If the log can't be deciphered then those caches should be deleted. Yes, everyone of them!..... I retrieved a cache log from one of my caches on the Sky River near Index the other day. It got wet and many logs are unreadable. Should I go back and delete the ones I can't verify?.......The log is not God. It's just one part of the whole caching experience. I enjoy reading cache logs and most of the time I make an effort to say something with every one of my caches. I don't just scribble my name. We all do it our own way. Don't make it a black and white world. When you put demands on people to "do it your way" then it's not fun anymore.
  14. But won't that kill the Milestone Congratulations thread? I would never log a string or piece of velcro, but it's not something to get all upset about. I've done 1 cache machine and had a great time, but I had real issues with "claiming" finds when I never came close to finding the cache in a group evironment. I think a cache machine is far closer to "cheating" when you can rack up 50 or more caches and never even get out of the car if you don't want to!...... I cache with my 2 daughters on occaision and just the other day my youngest had the cache before I was even out of the car. Should I delete this find? I didn't find it. Same as caching with friends. I haven't found every single cache I've done. Yes, I probably would have found it, but I know after doing the Wenatchee CM I wouldn't have found some of those evil hides on my own. I'd say about 90% of my caches I've found solo, so I'm ok with that. We all live by our own rules. We don't need a ridgid set of rules. That will only kill the fun part of geocaching and make it too strict. I don't make my numbers a priority when I cache. Some do and that's their prerogitive. We all ultimately account to ourselves with our actions, so leave it at that and don't stress about it..... Half Canadian, now you're gonna have to go back and change all your milestone caches!.......
  15. Must be cabin fever setting in over there in E.WA! ......I would bet there are very few cachers that can claim finding 100% of the caches they've logged. What is the criteria for a find then? If you make it all black and white with a strict set of rules then you take the fun out of it for many people. I have no problem with people claiming a find on a partial cache. If they put out the effort to go to a cache site and the owner has been negligent in cache maintenance then the cache seeker shouldn't be penalized. You lost the cache in example 3! If the cache owner is MIA then it should have been disabled ASAP. I see others put in quite an effort to find it. The ones that looked for it down below should get an honary cache find just for the effort!.....
  16. Here's another one. USA PhotoMaps This is a great program that you can link your GPS and do all kinds of fun things. It's also FREE!........Helps to have a broadband connection, but works fine with dial up.
  17. I saw on another forum that the funds will come out of the large surplus we have now. I'd like to know how we end up with a 1.3 bil surplus when a few years ago all you saw in the paper and the news was how our state was going down the toilet because the vehicle tabs were reduced to a ficticious $30. Then many parks were shut down and there was no money!.....They all seem to be reopened now and we have a surplus.......makes me want to go hmmmmmm. Another good post I saw was why not make it a volunteer payment. The collection boxes are all there and the ones that feel all fuzzy about paying to use our public lands can continue to pay. The state will still get some money and everyone will be happy. I really don't mind paying if I'm going to be there for any length of time, but the run in and eat lunch or quick couple geocaches just doesn't cut it.
  18. You're only cheating yourself if you accept anything less, so who really cares. The active cache machine folks have their fun and the purists do too. I crossed checked a couple of my geocaches against the logs and found some discrepencies. I thought about e-mailing and asking for the whys, but figured if they want to claim a cache find more power too them. I have my own rules and try to live by them. I don't claim a cache unless I sign the log....well expect for that cache machine I did.....oh and the time I cached with a friend...oh and that other time I forgot my pen.......and when I was caching with my daughters!.....
  19. I did some caches at Snoq. Pass ski area last year and they were on a black nylon line. Small plastic snap lock containers. They were done in Oct. before the snow fell, so sorry I can't give you more info. You would need some kind of snow retrieval method, so it gets difficult not knowing how deep the snow will be. Many times it can be 10-15 feet deep!...... There are areas that get wind blown and can stay relatively snow free, so if you can find a spot like that a cache would be doable for a ski season. Winter conditions are severe, so you would want something that will hold up to the weather. Pelican cases are very tough. Bison capsuls are waterproof and tough, but you would drive someone nuts trying to find one in the snow. I have many mountain caches, but only a few I consider findable in winter without some effort. One is at a cell tower site that gets wind blown. I'm sure with the deep snowpack we have above 3,000 ft. it's going to be interesting if you can come up with something.
  20. My interest started sometime in 2003 when I saw a Northwest Backroads show on Geocaching. I mentioned to my lady friend how cool that sounded. Xmas came and I had a Garmin Legend under the tree. I did a Google search and found geocaching.com and ran a search. There was a cache about 4 miles down the road and many more nearby. I liked that many were hike to caches and areas that I knew nothing about. Having lived in WA all my life I'm continually amazed at the diversity and wonderful places that geocaching has opened up for me.
  21. This is interesting that I see this post here and another website. I was out today in the sun and had flashbacks to this very post from several days ago!......I think it's very informative. We don't have the grizz like Alaska, but we do have more black bears than any other state but Alaska. While doing some caches near Lake Fontal today I jumped a BIG bear about 30 ft away. I think it was sleeping. It took a quick look at me and then crashed off through the brush. I wasn't too worried and continued on to the cache. Wildlife is everywhere and if we don't learn to respect and live with them you won't be comfortable in the woods. I don't stress over it and nobody should. Enjoy caching and just know that you aren't the only animal looking for caches......
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    Hey that's the one I put in for!....... I wonder who will get it.
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    DOH!....that made sense when I read it. I'm a little slow sometimes!.... I was running through some on the WADOL site and see there are quite a few still open. FTF-YES would be a good one. How about GR8CACHE. CACHER2 is there. As you can tell I'm bored with the trounching the Hawks are giving to the kitties. GO HAWKS~!......... Ok, now tell us what you went with.....
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    Hey, I didn't know I was on here. "gas guzzlers" I run in the 40's for mpg and the boat comes in handy on those water caches!.....When I hit the rough roads my 36" tires pop down and my satelite dish deploys to navigate by...... The only identifying marks on my car are the numerous Patudle dents along the right side and the dirt encrushed scratches. Ok, I'll bite what does TPTB mean? Did anyone grab TNLNSL? I've yet to see one of the new Wildlife plates.
  25. Can a wetsider be a member and are the requirements the same..... I thought I might have made it, but with 2 on the reservation that got killed and the one I put next to blindleaders I didn't make the minimum 12. I'll do better this year I promise.
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