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    Tx Geocoin ?

    I wasn't trying to critisize. I recently found this part of the forum and have been looking for local info. so any past posts are new to me. I have spent countless hours going back through the archives on here and that gets a bit daunting. After looking at the Texas geocaching site, I was wondering if there was something like that here in WA. I see in the linked post that there is interest in that direction. I'd be very happy to volunteer what little brain cells I have to any of the projects that are forth coming if that's needed. I still consider myself a newbie to the geocaching game and any centralized info. site would have been a huge asset when I started out. I just found the Today's Cacher online magazine the other day and enjoyed that. I'm amazed everyday at the technologies we have at our fingertips and geocaching it right up there. When I got my first GPSr it was one of those "wow" kinda deals and still is. I hope I never lose that feeling.
  2. GeoRoo

    Tx Geocoin ?

    That's too bad we don't have a better outlet here. You would think with all the tech savy people we have more hasn't been done. Vds, was that a message type group? It would be great to have a live room setup on Messenger 24/7. Now that you can text message on messenger that would be cool too. I don't have a cell phone, but that has possibilities. I saw that a IRC room is setup, but IRC is so far in the dinosaur age with chat. There have been many times I'd like to ask a question and not had the time to wade through the forum or post and wait hours for an answer.
  3. GeoRoo

    Tx Geocoin ?

    What's the deal with WSGA? There doesn't look like much on the website. Is this a active group? Last night I was looking for info. on the Texas geocoin and the Texas geocaching website had a nice message board and many posts and info. Is the NW section here on Groundspeak the only outlet for local geocaching here in our state?
  4. GeoRoo

    Tx Geocoin ?

    Thanks WM for the link to that post. I read back 15 or so pages and see that the tracking idea went back and forth. What was the final decision? Nolenator you said no? I personally would like to see them tracked as that would make them more valuable to find. Even though many would "disappear" at least some would travel. I've yet to find a M10 coin, but have many on my watch list and when one of those puppies gets dropped look out!.......Sorry, I'm getting in on all of this at the tail end as I just found the NW section of this forum. I put in an order for 5....hmmm, maybe I should order 5 more.
  5. GeoRoo

    Tx Geocoin ?

    I've had a TX geocoin for months and everytime I try and log on to the TX geocoin site it won't come up. Reading some posts tonight I see that site is permanently down. Does anyone have some advice on what to do with this coin to return it to it's owner??? I was also wondering if the WA geocoins that will be coming out soon will be trackable here on GC? I should go find that thread and see if that's been answered. Thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks Tisha for the heads up on the geocoins. Ordered 5, so hope I got in under the 1,000.
  7. Wow, nice looking fish. For some reason I'm seeing the entire forum now and I see a NW section. So this is where everyone hangs out!.... If you get the time check out the BearPaw Mnts south of Havre. I was camping and fishing BearPaw Lake in early July and that was a beautiful area. I caught so many fish that I got tired of fishing. Nothing like that big one you caught though. If you like crawdads there's a large pool below the lake spillway and you can get a bucket load. Of course the camping wouldn't be complete without a cache, so One Teed off Papa is nearby. I posted a pic with my log. This is a caching desert here with only 2 caches in the Havre area. Head south up the road past the Bearpaw ski area and top out at 6,500 ft. There's a communication site up there that would make an excellent cache site. I fell in love with that part of MT, so put out some caches and I'll be back for sure.
  8. Interesting post. I've thought about carring a pistol after almost stepping on 4 rattlers in the past few months. I've hunted and fished E. WA for 30 plus years and can only recall a handfull of times when I've come across a snake. Now that I've started to geocache I've upped my odds by quite a bit. I was over near Banks Lake several months ago searching for a cache and all hell broke lose when I stepped next to a large boulder. I don't know how many rattlers there were, but it sounded like a bees nest. I was way up on a 45 degree rock slope and I nearly flew to the bottom. The other 3 I've run across did not rattle at all. While searching for my micro cache that was either tossed or blew off the bluff I nearly stepped on a coiled rattler. I froze about 1 ft from it and we had a stare off for about 15 seconds and then the snake turned tail and ran. I almost had a heart attack on the spot. I grabbed a rock and nailed it good. 7 rings and a button, so a small one. My most recent one last week was in N. Calif. As I reached for the cache about 2 ft. away a rattler headed in the oppisite direction. It was a big one about 3 ft long. That one didn't rattle either. I'm getting so parranoid when I geocache in any rocky areas now that my eyes are glued to the ground. I know a bite is rarely fatal, but I'm not ready to test those odds!.....
  9. Thanks for the good ideas. I read the first post and wow, that's more involved than I'd like. I don't have S&T, so that shoots that option. The second idea sounds good too, but I have dial up and have been playing around with the maps and that is so slowwwwwwwwwwwww. I may just take 100 mile chunks and do pocket queeries and see if I can weed through those. If my Legend held more waypoints or I had a laptop this would be easy. I can see this might turn into a long process.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier for the person that creates the cache to add a description of what you are looking for? Many do, and many don't. I enjoy looking for micros as they are the most challenging, but I do get irritated when there is no mention of size or what the heck I'm trying to find. Size is important when you're in a 100 ft. circle of stumps and trees and you have 100's of likely spots for the hide and you can't get better than 50 ft accuracy. I suppose it adds to the challenge, but there are some micros that I've done that were total dumb luck I found them. Signal was so poor my GPSr was worthless. I'd like to see some indication of size and it would be easy to add either icons or another box to fill out when you create the cache.
  11. I'm going to be driving to the San Fran. CA area from East of Seattle on Wed. I'll be on I-5 most of the way down and would like to do some close by caches along the way. Any suggestions on the easiest way to get waypoints and caches setup so I don't have to spend hours and hours searching. I have the premium membership, so I can run pocket queries. No problem holding the caches on my PDA, but my Garmin holds only 1,000 waypoints and I could easily fill that in a hurry. I don't have a cord to hookup my Garmin to the PDA and I don't have enough time to order one now. I wish I had a laptop. Are there any websites out there that you could narrow your search down to a specific major hyway? Or how about a log of someone that's made this run? I know there are geocaches in almost every rest stop along the way at least here in Wash., so I sure hope someone can come up with a good idea or two. Thanks for the help.
  12. I had an hour to kill before a Dr appointment on tuesday, so decided to grab a few nearby geocaches. Winds started to blow, but it was sunny and warm out. While walking through the heavy timber I noticed that quite a few trees had come down in a previous storm. Not thinking much about it I continued on. Branches and groans were coming from overhead as I continued further. As I reached the cache several branches came crashing down nearby. Hmmmm, I better hurry. I signed the log and started to leave. Darn, I forgot to put back the pen. I grabbed the cache and hurriedly put back the pen. I didn't walk more than 10 ft. when a big gust of wind hit and a loud crack and all hell broke loose. I looked up and the top 30-40 ft of a tree came crashing down right where I had been standing at the cache site. I got out of there on a run and didn't stop till I reached the open field above. This storm knocked out the power to 200,000 in my county and my power at home here was out for 3 days. Geocaching can be dangerous!..........Let me tell you about the rattlesnakes I've almost stepped on in the past month. That's another story or two.........
  13. I've used a Bounty Hunter for several years and even though I look like a "dork" I've found many valuable coins and rings. I've thought about taking my metal detector along on some geocaches. Many are ammo boxes and a metal detector would work great. Several weeks ago I was FTF on a geocache that was buried under leaves and sticks. It took me about 30 mins of looking at night and I almost gave up because of the poor GPSr signal. If I had my metal detector I would have found it in no time. I've recently found geocaches in E.WA that one was a former army training center in WW2, and the other was a indian trading post from the 1800's. Both sites I was kicking myself for not bringing my detector. Geocaching has takem me to many historic homesteads and lands that would be great for metal detecting too. Now I need to figure out where I'm going to get the time to combine them both......
  14. Yes, I would go also. If a cache leads to a interesting place that I find a challenge or scenic it will be something worth remembering. I'm fairly new to geocaching, but I'm finding the cookie cutter type of caches are far too common. If I can't remember a cache the next day was it really worth my time? Your cache sounds to me like a worthy site and the lack of a physical container would not matter.
  15. I've been reading through this post for over an hour and didn't realize it was so old. I see on WhereRWee's profile that this cache along with several others are still disabled. I've been reading this like a book and now I have the last page missing!..... This post peaked my interest because of a geocache my daughters and I stopped off at last week in E. WA. The pictographs were in a interpretive center and surrounded by a heavy wired in enclosure. Kids will be kids and to place pictographs unprotected along a walking trail is asking for touching. Were any policies changed after this post or signs put up near this rock?.....I was hoping for a picture of the "person" bleeding all over her prescious rock, but that would be asking too much!....
  16. I guess I picked the best way to go with a PPC. I use a Ipaq 2215 and don't bother with a cable to hook to my Ipaq and GPS. Download the Pocket Queries to my computer and then transfer to my Pocket PC. Hook up my Garmin and double click the pocket querie and Easy GPS opens up and I upload to my GPS. This takes about 30 seconds once a week and you have all the updates you need. I use GPX Sonar on my PPC. I learned the hard way with a dead battery when I lost everything on my PPC. I now move everything to the CF card and then backup every so often.
  17. GeoRoo

    Tb Question

    I remember seeing a log entry saying they dropped off the TB, but don't remember who it was from. They don't show up on the log sheet online. There is another TB listed to be there, but that wasn't in the cache either and don't see that anyone logged that one out. Geez, this looks like a messed up deal. I guess some people need to read about Travel Bugs.
  18. I found a TB today and when I ran the number it came up as unactivated. It was dropped off yesterday. At least that is the last entry in the log. Would someone start a TB off without activating it?....Or maybe they are just slow on the computer. I'll wait a few days and check back again.
  19. Oh come on!....it's the same stupidity that the airlines are saying now. You can't allow knitting needles or toenail clippers on the A/P......someone could attack the pilot. Even though they allow the lethal sharpened pencil aboard without a blink. Lets just ban all ammo boxes as geocaches then. I'm sure they would be much more usefull as a weapon than that little pen knife they found. Hey, they could throw all those little McD toys at you and choke you to death. Then your heirs could sue McDonalds for millions!......
  20. Here's my story. While in E. WA last week camping I forgot my matches. I'm not a smoker, so that happens!.....Anyway, when I was ready to start my campfire I had NOTHING to light the fire. Hmmmm, I had a waterproof match case in my fishing pack I haven't opened in years. Ok, out it comes and.......strike....strike....strike....no fire! The matches were all useless. Searching every nook and cranny, every pocket etc. did not provide that fire of warmth. Ok, now I was beginning to look for a wire that I could short a battery to to provide a spark. I searched the camping area for some slob smoker that might have tossed his matches. No luck.......It was getting dark. I just about jumped in the car and headed the 20 miles back to town to buy a lighter when a brainstorm hit me. I had a Buddy Heater that had a piezo lighter on it to light. DUH!....Ok, out it came and I lit that and used that for a campfire light. Flash forward to the next day and I'm out geocaching the wilds of the E. WA dessert. I see a geocache that hasn't been found since August. Fishing is lousy, so off I go. I climb up the nearly verticle climb as it gets dark and in short time find the cache. There in the cache is a nice looking Buffalo knife and a box of Coleman waterproof matches. What do you think I take?.....Matches of course! I used them when I got back to my campsite and started a nice hot fire. They went in my fishing pack and will stay there. I have no problem with a knife or matches in a cache. If kids don't know how to handle matches or a knife then they are too stupid to be geocaching. It's the adults you have to worry about!..... Enuf said about that!......
  21. I figured there was something out there that gave a heads up. I'll have to see it it works. Thanks for the info.
  22. Thanks for the info. I've been wondering if some of the local FTFers have a direct computer link to their brains. They sure do get jumped on in a hurry and there's a mad stampede to the cache. It makes for some interesting reading.
  23. When are new caches released?.....Do they come up at random times durring the day or is there a best time to be looking?
  24. EGH, I see you FTF on many caches in the area. When are caches released to the public? Or do you have to stay glued to your computer 24/7 to catch them as they come out? I know the competition is very fierce in this area, so I'll need more experience if I want to join the crowd. I did do some night time caching in E. WA last night and that is the only way to go. I had a entire town of Othello to myself and poked around the front yard of a home in a neighborhood to grab my first FTF. That cache had sat empty for 4 days. I guess it isn't a big hurry over there.
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